Substitute Orientation PowerPoint

Warm Up Activity
The FCPS Mission:
Reach, Challenge, Prepare
In three sentences, tell how you will
support the FCPS mission.
What questions do you have about
substitute teaching?
Frederick County Public Schools
Substitute Orientation
Nancy Dietz, Certificated Personnel Officer
Elizabeth Huber, Substitute Personnel
Mary Marshall, Administrative Secretary
Welcome to Substitute Teacher
Today’s Agenda
Blood Borne Pathogens
Achievement, Instruction, Classroom
SmartFind Express- using the system
Who substitutes?
Certified teachers
Career Changers
Share your response to the warm up.
Our mission:
Provide continuity of instruction.
Manage student activity.
Communicate with staff.
Reach, Challenge, Prepare!
Food for Thought:
Over the course of an average child’s
education, he/she will have a
substitute for the equivalent of one
full year of school.
Make your time with students count!
Which child matters?
No child left behind means all
students have an opportunity to
Averages don’t matter to individuals.
Every child matters every day! How
can you help make a difference?
Answer the phone and come to
On a given Friday in March, there were
392 teachers absent. 119 of those
positions were unfilled!
On the first day of school last year, there
were 31 subs and 3 unfilled jobs.
Begin the Day
Arrive on time
-call if you are late
-call if you need to cancel
Work 7.5 hour day. 30 min duty free lunch.
Check in at the office.
“…didn’t come and didn’t call. Please remove her
from my list…”
p. 7
What do I do when I get to the
Review lesson plans.
Retrieve text or attachments from
Assemble/organize materials.
Write the objectives and directions for
students-age/grade appropriate.
What if the plans are unclear or materials are
missing? To whom can you turn for help?
Character Counts!!
Model and expect the pillars of character:
 Respect
 Responsibility
 Fairness
 Trustworthiness
 Citizenship
 Caring
Professional Presentation
Attire-dress professionally
Language-speak professionally
Rapport-maintain a professional
relationship with students
Professional Communication
oDon’t share personal
oDon’t ask for students’
personal information.
oDon’t share political or
religious views.
Stop and Report!
Bullying and intimidation
Physical, emotional, or electronic
It’s against the rules and against the law!
15% of school absenteeism is because of peerrelated fear.
Ending Bullying and Harassment
What’s my job?
Monitor students at all times.
Stay with students
Stay on task
Pay attention!
Reading, surfing internet, sleeping, texting are
not appropriate activities for a teacher.
“…was reading a book in class. Please remove
from our list…”
Computer policies:
Use your own logon to the computer
An FCPS staff member must be with you
in the computer lab.
Network Security Guidelines
How can I keep students on task?
Use positive reinforcers.
Beware food allergies-Don’t give
food treats.
Ratio of positive to negative
comments should be 8 to 1.
Stay engaged and on task with
What’s the best way to correct
Avoid public power struggles.
Ignore behaviors that do not disrupt.
Don’t embarrass students.
Never use physical force! Do not touch
Speak privately, quietly, calmly whenever
possible. Keep your cool.
What should I try first?
Level 1:Ignore inconsequential behavior
Level 2:Proximity, voice, MBWA
Level 3:Address student directly
quietly and privately if possible
Level 4:Call for help when appropriate
When should I call for HELP?
If intervention strategies are not effective.
If a student or students are willfully disobedient
or fail to identify.
If common sense dictates.
In the interest of health or safety.
If you don’t know what to do.
Call the front office and request assistance if you
need it.
Which can you ignore?
Which MUST you report?
Which can be dealt with by praising more
appropriate behavior?
You overhear one student tell another
that her child care provider hits her.
During direct instruction, one girl is
communicating to another across the
A student is wearing earphones
connected to an IPOD.
A student is slouching in his seat.
When working one on one…
Keep doors open.
 Sit near the door where others can
see/hear what is going on.
 Move to a more public area such as
the Media Center.
Special Education
Teacher -Self-contained, co teach, one on
one, pull out programs-program to meet
the needs of the student
SEIA-Assigned to one student
Special Programs
Pyramid-Emotional/behavior needs
Challenges-Severe communication
Learning for Life-Very small groups
Rock Creek-self contained
Success-18 yrs to 21 yrs
SEIA Responsibilities
Travel with the student
Work with the teacher in charge
Support the process in place
SEIA responsibilities
Be aware that modifications are
prescribed for students.
Be sensitive to special needs.
Maintain confidentiality of student
Other duties as assigned…
Teacher subs may be asked to cover a class
during the teacher’s planning period.
You may be asked to change assignments.
Be as cooperative and flexible as you can. Let the
administration know if you are uncomfortable
with an assignment.
Can you talk about students outside
Student information is confidential
and should not be shared with
anyone other than appropriate
school personnel.
View the video on Sub Legal Concerns.
End the day:
Write a note to the teacher, reviewing how
the day went.
Make sure the room is in order and
materials are put away.
Make notes for yourself in your log book.
p. 7
Getting Connected
Email – FCPS Email Account
Sub System- SmartFindExpress
Email account:
Do not include www in the address.
You may need help with AOL.
For help with email, call
The password is…
[email protected]
Register in SmartFindExpress
Refer to p.15-16 in your handbook or refer to your yellow
Call the system number (301) 644 5106
Enter your FCPS Employee ID as your Access ID
followed by the *.
When asked for your PIN, again enter your FCPS
Employee followed by * .
Follow the prompts to register and voice your name.
You will be asked to change your PIN.
Remember your FCPS Employee ID and PIN for future
access to the system.
You can set:
Call back number
Periods of unavailability
We make changes to
Teacher subs email
[email protected]
SEIA subs email
[email protected]
An employee may specify you…
She needs your name (internet) or FCPS
ID # (phone).
The system will attempt to call you.
Try to pre arrange and accept early.
Rates of Pay:
AA or 60 hours
Bachelors Degree
SEIA sub
Teacher Program Sub
Long Term Sub
Getting Paid for today
Write your name and FCPS ID #
Write 3 beside the date/code in the
“regular hours” column.
Sign and date your time sheet.
Non-benefit, non-contractual
Direct Deposit
403 B
FERKO-Credit Union
p. 5
Complete your Pink Profile Sheet
Choose locations and classifications you
are comfortable with.
Refer to the map in your handbook.
Don’t forget our special locations:
Rock Creek, Heather Ridge, MVMPCS,
Before you leave turn in:
Pink Profile form for SmartFind
Express – Front and Back completed
Blue Emergency Card
Direct Deposit Form: (optional)
Time sheet- write your FCPS ID #
and sign
Access SFE via internet
Substitute Management System
Logon with your ID and PIN

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