BOG3 Test Training - Catawba County Schools

Assessment Guide Training
August 23, 2013
CCS Accountability Services
Article 8 of Chapter 115C of the General Statutes includes Part
1A, the North Carolina Read to Achieve Program. The goal of
this program, “is to ensure that every student read at or above
grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in
reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend,
integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary
education and career success.”
NCBOG3 English Language Arts/Reading Test is linked to the
Read to Achieve Program. This test serves two objectives:
1. to establish a baseline measure of beginning third grade
students’ ELA/Reading skills and
2. to serve as a teacher growth tool for determining
teachers’ eligibility to teach the transitional third and fourth
grade classes or accelerated reading classes and/or summer
reading camps that begin in school year 2014-15 and as
described in G.S. 115C-83.1C.
All Students in membership at grade 3 (according to
PowerSchool) are expected to participate with or
without accommodations in the standard administration
of the BOG 3 Test.
Exceptions Include;
1. Students with disabilities who, according to their
IEP documentation, are instructed on the Extended
Content Standards.
2. LEP students scoring below Level 4.0 Expanding
on the reading subtest of the W-APT and are in their
first year in US schools.
3. Students deemed medically fragile because of a
significant medical emergency and/or condition.
Test Administrators must administer the BOG
3 during the first 11-15 instructional days of
the school year. CCS administration date:
September 10, 2013.
Any student absent from the test
administration must make up the test.
The make up test window runs through
Tuesday, September 24th, 2013.
Any student enrolled prior to Tuesday,
September 17th, 2013 should be tested during
the make up window.
The BOG 3 is administered in one day.
The test is to be administered as early in the
school day as the schedule permits.
All students at grade 3 within a school must be
administered the test at the same time on the
same day.
Multiple-test-sessions must begin on the same
day at the same time as the general
administration but may continue beyond the
school’s testing schedule for the regular
administration if the IEP, Section 504 Plan, or
limited English proficiency (LEP) plan designates
the sessions are to stretch across multiple days.
The estimated administration time of the BOG 3 test is
90 minutes.
Students are to be given 2 three-minute breaks during
the administration of the test.
The maximum testing time for the test is 180 minutes
(3 hours). The maximum testing time allowed does not
include time for general instructions or breaks.
Provisions at the school level must be made for
students who need time beyond that scheduled to
complete the test.
Students who need more than the estimated time to
complete the test should be provided a three-minute
break every 30 minutes.
The BOG 3 is a paper-pencil test.
It includes all English Language Arts/Reading
Test items.
There are 42 multiple choice items.
NCDPI Strongly recommends (CCS requires) that
every student participating in the BOG 3
complete the practice activity before test day.
The purpose of the BOG 3 practice activity is to
provide students with an opportunity to become
familiar with a standardized testing format.
Designed to simulate the test administration.
Teachers should help students understand
testing procedures to minimize student anxiety
and mistakes during the actual test. Hopefully,
this will help cut down on possible
The practice activity is not a test. It allows
students the opportunity to practice (1)
answering multiple choice questions, (2)
transferring answers from a test book to a
separate answer sheet, and (3) coding
responses on an answer sheet.
Given in one day.
No time limit.
Practice activity answer sheets are nonscannable and may be hand-scored by the
Read and study the Testing Code of Ethics
and Training Manual
Train Staff (sign the Testing Code of Ethics)
Train Proctors (sign the Testing Code of Ethics)
Follow Test Security Procedures
Prepare Testing Environment
Prepare Students for Testing
Prohibited Items in Testing Rooms
Monitoring Students during Testing
There is only one form of the test.
If a misadministration is declared, affected
students must be re-administered the secure
form of the BOG 3 test no earlier than five
consecutive calendar days following the
conclusion of the prior administration.
If a student is observed marking a number on the answer sheet that does not
match the number of test question, the test administrator must use his/her best
judgment to determine whether the error can be corrected during the testing
session. If so:
◦ 1) It may be appropriate to determine where the misalignment occurred,
guide the student to move/recode responses so the coded bubbles are in
alignment, and allow the student to continue the test
◦ 2) It may be appropriate to guide the student in correcting alignment and
direct the student to continue answering questions for the test. The
student should be told they will receive help after finishing the rest of the
questions to be coded.
◦ 3) In rare cases, the test administrator may elect to tell the student to
begin responding to test questions by circling the correct response in the
test book. After the test administration ends, the test administrator or
other designated school official guides the student, under secure group
setting (3 or more school personnel), to correct the errors coded on the
answer sheet as well as to transfer circled responses from the test book to
the answer sheet. At no time does the test administrator or designee
recode for the student.
◦ 4) In some cases, it may be appropriate to end the test session for the
student and complete a Report of Testing Irregularity so the students can
be rescheduled to take the test at a later date.
Recommend all students have an opportunity
to use the restroom prior to beginning the
If a student must leave the room during
testing, all test materials must remain in the
Test Administrator must note the time the
student left the room to ensure the student
has the allotted amount of time to complete
the test upon return.
On a case-by-case basis where appropriate documentation exists, students
administered the BOG 3 assessment who are identified as LEP, have
disabilities, have a Section 504, and/or have a transitory impairment
documentation are eligible for testing accommodations.
The BOG 3 has been added to CECAS and PowerSchool in order to document
students’ testing accommodations for this test.
If IEP, Section 504, or LEP teams have already met and documented
accommodations for the EOG 3 ELA/Reading assessment for a student, the
team does not need to reconvene to document accommodations for the BOG
3. Students may use the accommodations specified for the EOG 3
assessment when they take the BOG 3 in the fall.
If the team has already conducted a student’s annual review and did not
include accommodations for the EOG, the team must either reconvene or the
LEA and parent can agree to amend the student’s IEP and/or Section 504/LEP
documentation without meeting in order to record any necessary
accommodations for the BOG 3.
Documented testing accommodations must be routinely used during
instruction and similar classroom assessments.
However, for the BOG 3, schools have the flexibility in allowing students to
use testing accommodations less than 30 days before testing.
Special testing accommodations request other
than those specified in the Testing Students with
Disabilities and Guidelines for Testing Students
Identified as Limited English Proficient
publications must be submitted via an
Accommodation Notification form.
On days before the test administration, the
Review of Accommodations Used During Testing
form must be used to record the required testing
accommodations documented on a student’s IEP,
Section 504 Plan, LEP documentation or
transitory impairment documentation. One form
is to be completed per test per student.
Eligibility Issues
Accommodations Issues
Security Issues
Monitoring Issues
Procedural Issues
What will be precoded on student answer
Answer sheets must be precoded before
Do not change, alter or erase precoding on
student answer sheets
School level (local) testing procedures
In rare cases, may have to paper clip student
test books
The teacher needs to verify exact number of
test materials upon receipt
Review Checklist of Required Test Materials
Approved Supplemental Materials
Uniform Process for Administration
The test administrator distributes No. 2
pencils and answer sheets to students.
Students are told that the computer filled in
some of the responses on the front of the
answer sheet. They are also told to check
that their first and last name is coded
Students are instructed not to write or draw
on the back (SIDE 2) of the answer sheet.
The test administrator distributes blank
paper, then a test book to each student.
Directions for Test Administration
Students are instructed to print their name on
the test book.
The test administrator directs students to
look at the front of their answer sheet and
find the box that says BEGIN TEST HERE.
Students are asked to complete two sample
Students are directed to begin the test.
Record Start Time
Add 30 minutes to start time
Record the time for first break
After exactly 30 minutes, the test administrator
announces the first break
At the end of the first break… testing resumes
and the test administrator repeats the steps
At the conclusion of the second break the test
administrator records the following on the
Record the start time after second break
Add 30 minutes
Record the end of the test administration
Test administrators must monitor to ensure
students are following test directions and
those eligible have access to required
Students take two three-minute breaks
during the test.
Students complete the test and materials are
For test administrations requiring
accommodations, the test administrator must
complete the Review of Accommodations
Used During Testing form for each student
who received accommodations.
The test administrator must count and return
all test materials.
The test administrator or principal’s designee
must code the student answer sheet after
testing under secure conditions in a group
setting. (pg 44)
Special Codes Section for Answer Sheets
General Purpose Header Sheet
Review the Test Materials
Pack and Return Test Materials
Pick up the following materials as you leave today:
1) Practice Activity materials
2) Proctor Guides
3) Assessment Guides
School Testing plans are due in the Accountability Office no
later than Thursday, August 29th, 2013. Test materials can
not be picked up until a testing plan is on file in our office.
BOG 3 Tests may be picked up at the office beginning
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013. Materials must be signed out.
Call and schedule a pick up time.
Upon returning to school, materials must be inventoried and
a verified count faxed back to Mark Norton (466-7100) within
48 hours (No later than Thursday, September 5th, 2013)
Due to PowerSchool conversion, answer sheets for BOG 3 will
be precoded in alphabetical order, not by class lists. You will
have to sort answer documents by tested groups (i.e. 3rd
Grade Teacher Class Rosters) You will need a header sheet
per class roster.
At the completion of the BOG 3 test administration, call the
office and schedule a time to scan answer sheets. All
completed answer documents must be returned to the
Accountability Office by 5:00pm Wednesday, September 11th,
Results/Reports for the BOG 3 will not be available until
approximately three weeks after the administration.
All BOG 3 test materials are due back in the Accountability
Office by Wednesday, September 25th, 2013.

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