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English Language
Learner Assessments
DAC Academy
Afternoon Breakout Session
August 23, 2012
Heather Villalobos Pavia
English Language Learner Assessment Consultant
• Introduction to the WIDA assessments
• Help DACs navigate the WIDA website to
find all WIDA created training resources
• Questions/concerns – 303-866-6118
[email protected]
Two Assessments
WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test, W-APT™
• Administered upon enrollment if a language other than
English is indicated on the home language survey.
Assessing Comprehension and Communication
in English State-to-State for English Language
Learners, ACCESS for ELLs®
• Administered annually to monitor students' progress in
acquiring academic English.
W-APT Administration Times
& General Scoring
Administration times vary according to students’ level of proficiency
Gr. 1-12
Time to Administer
How to Score
up to 15 minutes
up to 20 minutes
answer key
up to 20 minutes
answer key
up to 30 minutes
How to Use WIDA Rubrics
Look at the proficiency level for the task being administered.
Examine the expectations for each task level.
Determine whether student’s response meets all of the stated
expectations for that task level.
Do not score for content accuracy, but for the level of language
expected at that task level.
W-APT Score Information
Raw Scores - Indicates the actual number of items or tasks to which
the student responded correctly out of the total number of items or
Proficiency Level - Describes a student’s performance in terms of
the six WIDA English language proficiency levels.
Composite Proficiency Levels (CPLs) - Records a literacy,
oral, and overall, weighted score for all the language domains.
Grade Specific Composite Proficiency Level Scores - Is
the CPL scores adjusted to the test taker's grade in recognition of the
fact that the test is more difficult for test-takers in the early grades.
Based on this reasoning, test-takers in the highest grade of the
cluster do not receive any adjustment in their scores.
W-APT Score Information
Scoring Sheet includes instructions for calculating student’s
oral, literacy, and overall composite proficiency level score:
• Reading is weighted at 50%
• Writing is weighted at 50%
• Speaking is weighted at 50%
• Listening is weighted at 50%
• Literacy is weighted at 70%
• Oral is weighted at 30%
Training Resources: W-APT
Test Administration Manual
Test Administrator’s Script
Login gives access to:
WIDA webinars
 WIDA prepared training PowerPoints
 Scored Writing Samples
 Scored Speaking Samples
Training Connections
WIDA Workshops:
1. September 18, 2012
• AM and PM session
• Red Rocks Community College
2. September 27, 2012
• AM session
• Montrose School District Board Room
Characteristics of
• Test forms are available in three overlapping tiers for
each grade level cluster in grades 1-12 (1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 912)
o Tier A: Proficiency levels 1-3
o Tier B: Proficiency levels 2-4
o Tier C: Proficiency levels 3-5
• Test administrator scripts are different for each test form
• Administered in groups of up to 22 students
Administration Times for ACCESS
Listening and Reading are administered together in one
group session
• Listening Administration: 20-25 minutes
• Break in between Listening and Reading sections: 5
• Reading Administration: 35-40 minutes
• Logistics: 15 minutes (approximately)
• Total: 75 minutes (approximately)
Test Administration Times (continued)
• Writing is administered in a separate group session
o Writing Administration: 60 minutes + 5 minutes to finish up
(if necessary)
o Logistics: 10-15 minutes (approximately)
o Total: 75 minutes (approximately)
• Speaking is individually administered,
no tiers - adaptive format
o Up to 15 minutes per student
Training Resources:
Login gives
access to:
Important ACCESS for ELLs Dates
• Test Ordering: 10/10/12 – 11/10/12
• Pre-ID Ordering: 10/10/12 – 11/10/12
• Districts Receive Materials – 12/17/12
• TEST WINDOW – 01/07/13 – 02/08/13
• Districts Ship Materials to MT – 02/08/13 -02/14/13
• Reports Shipped to District – 04/20/13
Ordering from MetriTech
MetriTech is responsible for the printing, scoring, reporting,
and distributing of all ACCESS for ELLs® test materials and
• Test materials include: test booklets, picture booklets,
test administration scripts, score sheets, pre-ID labels,
and score reports.
• MetriTech's secure website http://www.metritech.com
If you have questions about these materials or functions,
please call 1-800-747-4868 and ask for WIDA Support.
Finding Trainings on the
WIDA Website
• Home page www.wida.us
• Download Library (upper right corner
under Facebook and Twitter icons)
• Wida Help Desk - [email protected] or call toll
free 1-866-276-7735
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