Meeting the State`s Growing Need for Grades 6

“Taught in the Middle”
Meeting the State's
Growing Need for
Grades 6-8 Math Teachers
Carol Fry Bohlin ~ [email protected]
California State University, Fresno
CMC-South Conference • 7 November 2009
 There’s an increasing need for credentialed middle school math
teachers due to retirements, an increase in student population, and the
requirement that teachers be NCLB-compliant, not just hold a
Supplementary Authorization in mathematics.
 California doesn’t currently have a Middle School credential, which
would likely be an attractive option to many students.
 The Liberal Studies Major at Fresno State includes a 12-unit concentration
area in upper-division coursework. Math is popular and the courses are
excellent, but a Subject Matter Authorization in Mathematics requires
considerably more units of math coursework (32 total).
 Most Multiple Subject teachers who are teaching mathematics hold little
more than a Supplementary Authorization (if that); to become NCLBcompliant, they are drawn to the CSET option.
 Fortunately, MSTI can help provide quality workshops and coursework to
help teachers obtain a NCLB-compliant Single-Subject Credential in
Foundational-Level Mathematics.
A Team Effort to Meet the Challenge!
 Mathematicians co-developed and co-taught
mathematicially-rigorous 45-hour workshops for
Mathematics CSET Subtest I and II preparation.
 Math educators and talented secondary math
teachers co-developed and co-taught a new
Middle School Math Methods course this summer.
Schedule ~ Target Audience
 Academic Year
 CSET Subtest I and II Workshops (Subtest III planned for Spring)
 Target Audience: Multiple Subject candidates (all receive invitations and
information via email to attend) plus area teachers (SJVMP and CVSP +
district and county office emails)
 Free or very inexpensive ($25)
 Middle School Mathematics Teaching Methods (CI 161)-Stateside
 Target Audience: Multiple Subject Candidates and Liberal
Studies/Blended Program majors
 No extra charge for fulltime students; Open University available
 Summer
 CSET Subtest I and II Workshops
 Target: Multiple Subject candidates and (especially) teachers
 Free or inexpensive (30 teachers in each section)
 Middle School Mathematics Teaching Methods
 Target: Multiple Subject-credentialed teachers
 Free or inexpensive (60 teachers enrolled this past summer)
 Excellent courses and workshops with outstanding
mathematics teachers
Math/Science CSET and credential application fees paid
Regular email communication about upcoming events
Access to free MSTI-sponsored Science CSET Subtest
workshops in case they wish to add on a FoundationalLevel General Science credential
Invitations to join SJVMP- and CVSP-sponsored activities
(e.g., Tech Day: GeoGebra, graphing calculators, robotics,...)
Free subscription to COMET (California Online Mathematics
Education Times)
...and for the math professors, an opportunity to work with
classroom teachers, to plan and teach with their math
colleagues, and to develop potentially publishable materials
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