Presentation : On Money

Q.1 Define C-C economy .
Ans. Commodity are exchanged for commodity.
Q.2 Barter system of exchanged .
Ans. Goods are exchanged for goods.
Q.3 Double coincidence of wants.
Ans. Double coincidence of wants implies that, goods in possession of two different
individual must be useful and needed by each other.
Q.4 Is supply of money is stock or flow?
Ans. Stock
Q.5 What is the monetary system of India ?
Ans. Paper currency Standard
Q.6 What is Demand deposit?
Ans. Demand deposit are chequeble deposit. These deposits can be withdrawal from
the bank or transferred to some other person by issuing a cheque.
Q.7 Define term deposit.
Ans. Term deposit are not chequeble deposits .these deposits are always for a
specific period of time like F.D.
Q.8 Full bodied Money.
Ans. IT refers to that money whose commodity value is equal to the money value.
Q.9 Credit Money
Ans. Money value is more than commodity value.
Q10 Near money.
Ans. Near money asset are those money asset which do not function as money but which can be
converted in to money on a short notice like F.D. and term deposit with banks
Q.11 High powered money.
Ans. High powered money includes cash( coins & notes) with the people and cash reserve with
the banks.
Q12. Supply of money.
Ans. Supply of money is a stock concept . It refers to total stock of money(of all Types) held by the
people of a country at a point of time.

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