CHS National Update

Canadian Hydrographic Service
National Update
36th USCHC Agenda Item 4
Assistant Deputy Minister –
Ecosystems and Oceans Science
Kevin Stringer
Deputy Minister
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Director-General/Dominion Hydrographer
Dr. Savi Narayanan
Senior Advisors
Sean Hinds
Doug Brunt
CHS National Offices
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Director Michel Goguen
UNCLOS Project
Steve Forbes
St. John’s, Newfoundland – Manager, Joe Manning
Intellectual Property
Office Manager
Paul Holroyd
Director Dr. Kian Fadaie
Safe and Accessible Waterways
Ocean Mapping
National Security & Natural
Boundaries & Sovereignty
Training & Standards
Mont-Joli, Quebec - Director Andrée Bolduc
Burlington, Ontario - Director Mike Hecimovich
Sidney, British Columbia - Director Denis D’Amours
Integrated Science Data
Director Sylvain de Margerie
Products & Services
Director Daniel Pelletier
National Science Data Management
CHS National Geomatics Support
Application Development
Client Services
Transformation Principles
 National approach to priority-setting and delivery of services
 Arctic pilot experience 2012-13
 Collaboration National Defence (Royal Canadian Navy) data
collection Arctic (OLEX data collection assessment)
 Noting 2012 Scotia Shelf USCHC collaboration
 Targeted efforts impacting hydrography
 Canada budget 2013
 Arctic navigational corridor strategy development
 Continuous Vertical Datum project
 Repatriation BSB server from USA temporary host
 Arctic Voyage Planning Guide
Drivers for Change
National approach to priority-setting and service delivery
Strategic Review 2011
Technology (advancements; new and
Level of Service Obligations
Emerging Demands – Nav’ Requirements &
Traffic Patterns
National Framework
Arctic Pilot
Arctic pilot experience 2012-13
Operationally Successful
•Data collection methodologies
•Launch MB
•AUV Sidescan
•Video shoreline
•Collaboration Parks Canada,
Environment Canada, Canadian
Coast Guard, Others
Arctic Voyage Planning Guide
Use of modern technology for information service delivery
http. //
Budget 2013
 World-Class Tanker Safety System.
 Modern navigation system: Options for enhancing
Canada’s current navigation system
 Spill Preparedness: Incident Command Centre;
pilotage review; research on non-conventional
petroleum products
 Pacific Coast tanker safety system pilot to be
applied nationally
 Arctic Marine Corridor Strategy
CHS – Navy Collaboration
•Collaborate with Defence Research and
Development Canada onboard CFAV
•374 Sq Km sounded
•Quest single beam; OLEX logging
software; calibration monitor R2Sonic
pole-mounted MB
•Depths (MB vs OLEX) agreed on
average within a standard deviation of
1.2m or 1% of the average depth
•OLEX track surveys can achieve
CATZOC C reconnaissance with
potential improvement for charting

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