Project Presentation - Agribusiness Support fund

PROJECT (Pakistan)
Project Presentation
Project Summary
USAID’s Agribusiness Project
Coop. Agreement No. :
5 years
Date of
09th November 2011
USD 89.4 million
Private Sector Leverage :
USD 320 millions
Project Goal and Objectives
Overall Goal
To support improved conditions for broad-based economic growth,
create employment opportunities and contribute to poverty alleviation
through increase in competitiveness of horticulture and livestock value
chains in partnership with all stakeholders
Specific Objectives
 To strengthen the capacity in horticulture and livestock value chains to
increase sales to domestic and foreign markets;
 To strengthen the capacity of smallholders and farmer enterprises to
operate autonomously and effectively; and
 To increase agriculture efficiency and productivity through adoption of
new farming techniques and technological innovation among targeted
Project Approach:
Value Chain Wide Interventions
Plant Protection
Farm Production
Landless, Smallholders, Large &
Corporate Farms
engaged in
cultivation and
post harvest
Output Markets
Primary &
Constraints may occur at any point in the value chain and interventions should
identify and address all weak points to be effective
Markets /
Consumers drive
the Value Chain
Project Approach:
Sub-Sector Prioritizing and Clustering
Sub-sector prioritization
Identification of sub-sector which offer greatest potential, for;
 Income and Employment generation;
 Commercialization and export orientation;
 Women empowerment and benefiting underserved; and,
 Economic development and Poverty alleviation.
Geographical Clustering
 For focusing investment and interventions;
 Facilitating synergies; and,
 Support holistic industry development; and,
 Ease of logistics and generating critical mass.
Map of Project Regions
Map Showing Project Clusters
Project Components
Component One
Component Two
Technical Assistance & Capacity Building
Partnership Window Cost-Sharing Grants
International Technical Assistance &
Program Support (International
International Markets Linkages
Program (International subcontractor)
On-going Capacity Building, Training &
Awareness Program
(a) Participatory / Preparatory Program
(b) International Compliance Certification Program
(c) International market Access Program (IMAP)
(d) Capacity Building of BDSPs
(e) Technical & Managerial Trainings
(f ) Value Chain Platforms (VCP)
Kisan Field Schools (KFS) Program
On-Farm Production Grants - A
Farmer Enterprise Groups Formation &
Grant Support
On-Farm Production Grants - B
Agriculture Associations & Cooperatives Formation
& Grant Support
On-Farm Production Grants - C
Individual Farmers / Corporate Farming
On-Farm Production Grants - D
Private Sector Extension Services / R & D
Off-Farm / Enterprise Development Grants - A
Challenge Grants
Off-Farm / Enterprise Development Grants - B
Lead Company Grants
Project Outputs
 Farm and enterprise productivity
improved through technical assistance
programs targeting 62,500 farmers and
2,500 agribusinesses; and
 Leverage USD 320 million by the
private sector through the provision of:
 cost sharing support to 45,000
Farmer Enterprise Group members
 100 associations and cooperatives,
250 individual and corporate farmers
 40 R&D and extension providers
 140 SMEs and 8 Lead companies.
Project Outcomes/Impacts
 Competitiveness of value chains in horticulture and livestock
 Creation of 1.3 million employment opportunities
 Income enhanced by 20%, of the USG assisted
 Sales increased by 40%, of the USG assisted
Progress Update
Objective-1 (S-IR 1.1.1): Strengthened Market Linkages in Selected Value
Out-Put based Activities
Progress Update
Technical Assistance under Export,
Quality Assurance and Food- Safety
Compliance Certifications Program
Technical Assistance and Capacity
Building Support under International
Markets Access Program (IMAP)
Launch of Stakeholders Participatory
Programmatic Environmental
Development and Operation of Value
Chain Platforms (VCPs) / Sector
Working Groups / Forums
Selection & mobilization of
International Firm for International
Market Linkages Program
10 enterprises assisted
19 enterprises to get
10 enterprises assisted
Participation of 10 enterprises
planned for World Food
Moscow (17-28 Sept 2012)
PRHA/LA and baseline studies
already initiated
Public consultations for scoping
exercises completed
2 VCPs established;
2 VCP establishment in process
26 studies
2 VCPs established
Firm(s) contracted
RFP developed. Advertisement
published on11th August 2012
in Economist and Devex
Progress Update
Objective-2 (S-IR 1.1.2): Strengthened Capacity of
Smallholders & Farmer Enterprises
Out-Put based Activities
Technical & Managerial Trainings
Organization of Kisan Field Schools in
Selected Value Chains:
Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
of BDS Providers
Formation of Farmer Enterprise Groups
(FEGs) (On-Farm Grants)
Matching-Grant to Associations,
Cooperatives and Farm Service Centres
(On-Farm Grants)
Progress Update
7 international training held, 13 planned in AugOctober
Concept approved by AOR (21st May). RFPs issued
to FAO on 18th July 2012
EoIs evaluated. Application are being invited for
shortlisted BDSPs
(i) Proposal evaluation completed. Contract for 3
NGOs sent for approval to USAID
(ii) Support to 277 existing FEGs under Previous
Project being finalized
Applications received and RFPs will be issued to 20
Associations, Cooperatives and Farm Service
Centres in the month of September 2012
Progress Update
Objective-3 (S-IR 1.1.3): Improved Technological
Out-Put based Activities
Progress Update
Matching-Grant Support to Farmers &
Enterprises (On-Farm Grants)
Agriculture extension/research service
development in private sector
Grants approved by GEC for 89 milk chilling units
and 82 solar dryers
EoIs being evaluated. RFP will be issued to 3
shortlisted organizations
Matching-Grant Support to Enterprises
(Off-Farm Grants)
Signing of contract with CNFA for
provision of technical assistance
EoIs under evaluation.
Contract signed on 1st February 2012
Activities Pictures
USAID team during visit to pickles production project , supported by UAP, being implemented by women farmer enterprise group in Islamabad
Training on British Retail Consortium 3rd
Party Auditor-Food Safety Issue 6, Karachi
Project Orientation Workshop at Federation of
Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi
First dialogue of UAP and AKRSP staff with a
women FEG in Gilgit Baltistan.
Activities Pictures
Consul General Nina Fite presenting Certificates to the
participants of GlobalGAP-Livestock workshop
USAID Mission Director and other officials
during MoU being signed with Sindh
Enterprise Development Fund
Dr. William Patterson, Director, EG & A, USAID addressing at
closing ceremony of Training Workshop on GlobalGAP
Field consultation in Gadap, Karachi
US Ambassador viewing UAP-beneficiaries’ products
displayed at UAP stall at Dawn Agri Expo in karachi
Group work during Scoping Exercise for
Environmental Assessment in Gilgit Baltistan

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