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Genesis Energy Share Offer – Next Steps*
Statement available
Bookbuild size
Institutional Offer
including broker bids
Pricing and
Broker Firm and
General Offer Period
13 March – 28 March
26 March – 28 March
Friday 28 March
29 March – 11 April(1)
Thursday 17 April
Investment Statement
released and Prospectus
registered 13 March (both
available online)
Documents remain subject
to FMA consideration
period (5 to 10 days)
Share Offer not open for
applications until final
share price set
Indicative share price
range included in
Investment Statement and
Crown announces
bookbuild size afternoon of
26 March
Institutional investors &
New Zealand brokers
participate in a bookbuild
to bid for shares at varying
Bookbuild opens 10.00am
27 March
Bookbuild closes 12.00pm
28 March
Crown sets final share
price based on bookbuild
Crown announces final
Crown allocates shares to
New Zealand brokers and
institutional investors
(noting Government’s
objective of achieving 8590% New Zealand
Retail Offer (General and
Broker Firm) opens to all
New Zealanders
Applications can be
submitted and must include
payment (which is a fixed
price per share)
Applicants will need an IRD
number, New Zealand bank
account and New Zealand
Crown confirms number of
shares sold in bookbuild
and further General Offer
Demand dependent, scaling
of Retail Offer may occur
with final allocations
determined 15 April
Scaling of institutional and
broker bids may occur.
Final share allotment made
16 April (investors can find
out how many shares they
have been allocated from 17
Genesis Energy
expected to list on the
NZX Main Board – 17
April. Also expected to
list on the ASX
The offer of shares in Genesis Energy Limited (“Genesis Energy”) is made by the Crown on the terms and conditions set out in the investment statement and the prospectus dated 13 March 2014. The Offer is not yet open.
When it opens, applications for shares must be made on the application form accompanying the investment statement. The Crown does not guarantee the shares in Genesis Energy. An application has been made to NZX
Limited (“NZX”) for permission to list Genesis Energy, and to quote Genesis Energy’s shares on the NZX Main Board and all requirements of NZX relating thereto that can be complied with on or before the date of this
graphic have been duly complied with. However, NZX accepts no responsibility for any statement in this graphic. The NZX Main Board is a registered market operated by NZX, which is a registered exchange, regulated
under the Securities Markets Act 1988.
*Dates are indicative only
(1) General Offer Period. The Broker Firm Offer closes on 14 April 2014.

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