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Trading As
Retail Industry Sector
The retail industry is made up of different areas ranging from motor vehicles and
clothes through to food and consumables.
Harvey Norman stores specialise in selling
• Furniture / Bedding
• Electrical goods
• Whitegoods
• Computers
• Home entertainment
• Photo developing
And provide financing services
Retail Industry Comparison
(Based on number of stores in Australia)
Super A-mart
Clive Peeters
The Good Guys
Betta Electrical
Harvey Norman
Position on Stock Exchange
Harvey Norman is a big company on the
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
Harvey Norman Facts
• Listed as one of the top 50 companies in Australia in 2000,
participating in the S&P/ASX50 when indices were introduced.
• Currently listed as one of the top 100 companies in Australia,
participating in the S&P/ASX100.
• Currently participates in 10 indices on the ASX.
(Greene, 2000), (Commonwealth Securities)
Store Locations
195 Franchised Stores in Australia
69 Company Owned Stores Overseas
Nth. Ireland 2
Ireland 14
Slovenia 2
Malaysia 6
Singapore 14
Australia 195
New Zealand 31
(Harvey Norman, 2010a)
Activities undertaken
Segment Result $000
Share Trading,
Retail Sales,
(Harvey Norman, 2010a)
The following terms were used in the Annual Report:Covered in Accounting: an introduction 4ed textbook
Impairment (Page 4)
Dividend (Page 3, 10)
Acquisition (Page 112)
Shareholder (Page 30)
Net cash flow (Page 10)
Dividend (Page 10)
Governance (Page 29)
Gearing (Page 4)
Margin (Page 6)
Consolidate (Page 6, 8)
Revenue (Page 8)
Audit (Page 13)
Not covered in Accounting: an introduction 4ed textbook
Eliminations (Page 112)
Franchise (Page 3)
Decrement (Page 3, 4)
Remuneration (Page 13)
Directors interests (Page 13)
Code of Conduct (Page 29)
Risk Management (Page 30)
Threshold (Page 31)
Joint Venture (Page 38)
Reverse expired or realised cash
flow hedge reserves (Page 38)
Ineffective interest rate swaps (Page 38)
(Harvey Norman, 2010a) (Atrill, McLaney, Harvey, Jenner 2009)
Reliable sources of information
The Annual Report of a business is not the only reliable
source of information on a business. The Annual Report is
limiting, as it is a snapshot in time and is a general purpose
report; its main use is to provide information to other users
of the information, not for the day to day running of the
Other reliable sources include:•Other reports that are listed on ASX.
•Information from the company website (as they
are legally responsible for the information)
Harvey Norman is one of the “main players” in Australia’s furniture,
electrical and computer sales section of the retail industry.
Its business activities include franchising, retail sales, financing,
property and share trading.
Due to the size of the company it has a large and in-depth annual
report using accounting terminology.
Other reliable sources of information about the company include
reports listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and the company
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