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Endeavour Scholarships and
Part of the Australian Government’s Australia Awards
administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation,
Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship:
 to undertake a postgraduate qualification at a Masters
or PhD level either by coursework or research in any
field of study in Australia.
 Up to 2 years for a Masters, up to 4 years for a PhD.
 Total scholarship value: up to $228,500 (approx.
€159,000) (PhD) and $118,500 (approx. €83,000)
Endeavour Research Fellowship :
 support for postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows
to undertake short-term research towards a Masters or PhD
(which they are enrolled in a participating country) or
postdoctoral research in any field of study in Australia.
 4-6 months
 Total fellowship value: Up to $23,500 (approx. €16,400)
 Applications for the 2015 round are expected to open in
April 2014.
 Website:
International Postgraduate
Research Scholarships (IPRS)
The objectives of the IPRS scheme are to:
• attract top quality international postgraduate students
to areas of research strength in Australian higher
education providers (HEP); and
• support Australia's research effort.
The scholarship covers tuition fees and health
cover costs for scholarship holders, and health
cover costs for their dependents.
Scholarships are open to international students
of all countries (except New Zealand) and are
available for a period of:
• two years for a research masters degree or
• three years for a research doctorate degree.
• Applications for an IPRS need to be made directly to
participating universities. Universities are responsible for the
management of IPRS applications, the selection process and
offers. International students and researchers need to
approach their chosen university for direction about how to
apply for an IPRS.
• A total of 330 IPRS places are awarded to HEPs each year at a
cost of around $20m (approx. €14m) per annum.
Site web:
Australian Postgraduate Awards
The objectives of the APA scheme are to:
• Support postgraduate research training in the higher
education sector; and
• Provide financial support to postgraduate students of
exceptional research promise who undertake their
higher degree by research (HDR) at an eligible
Australian higher education provider (HEP).
APAs are provided to assist with students'
general living costs. International Postgraduate
Research Scholarship recipients are eligible to
apply for an APA.
Awards are available for a period of two years
for a research masters degree or three years,
with a possible extension of six months, for a
research doctorate degree.
Award holders receive an annual stipend and
may also be eligible for other allowances.
• Applications for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) need
to be made directly to participating universities.
APA Stipend Rates (2014):
• Full-time APA stipend rate $25,392​ (approx. €18,000)
• Part-time APA stipend rate $​12,696 (approx. €9,000)
Site web:
Australian Research Council (ARC)
Applications for grants from the ARC are made via eligible
organisations, not directly by individual researchers or
research teams.
The ARC funds research and researchers under the
National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).
• Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
• Engineering Mathematics and Informatics
• Humanities and Creative Arts
• Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
• Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences
The NCGP comprises two main elements Discovery and Linkage - under which the ARC
funds a range of complementary schemes to
support researchers at different stages of their
careers, build Australia’s research capability,
expand and enhance research networks and
collaborations, and develop centres of research
• Australian Laureate Fellowships
• Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
• Discovery Indigenous
• Discovery Projects
• Future Fellowships
• Super Science Fellowships
• Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities
• Linkage Learned Academies Special Projects
• Linkage Projects
Industrial Transformation Research Program
• Industrial Transformation Research Hubs
• Industrial Transformation Training Centres
• ARC Centres of Excellence
• Co-funded Centres
Special Research Initiatives
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers’ Network
• ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security
• Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
• European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
• Research in Bionic Vision Science and Technology
• Science of Learning Research Centre
• Stem Cell Science
• Synchrotron Science
International researchers are eligible for funding
under NCGP schemes:
More about the National Competitive Grants
Program (NCGP):
Useful information
• JASON (Joint academic scholarships online network):
postgraduate scholarship search engine. Scholarships
in the database apply to Australian students wishing
to study at home or abroad, and to international
students wishing to study in Australia.
• Study in Australia: the official Australian
Government website for international students.
Search for courses, institutions and scholarships,
read about studying and living in Australia, watch
stories from other students,…

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