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Administrator Webinar
October 22, 2014
Working Together for Student Success!
Most information mentioned today can be located at:
A+ College Ready Staff
Mary Boehm – President
Liz Walston – Director of Training
Andrew Mitchell – Data and Communications Director
Teri Thompson – Manager of Partner Schools and Special
Jenifer Glover – Finance Manager
Frances Wilson – Office Manager
Diann Frucci – English Content Director
Kitty Morgan – Math Content Director
Robert Summers – Science Content Director
College First
• College first provides Pre-AP training during the summer for
rising AP students
• 3 Locations
– The University of Alabama
– The University of Alabama at Huntsville
– The university of Alabama at Birmingham
• Applications are live – access from A+ College Ready Website
• For more information: www.impactalabama.org
State AP Grant Award
• Award Letters
– will be sent to Superintendents from ALSDE
– Must be signed and returned to the ALSDE
– ES-2 reimbursement form is on A+ College Ready Website
• Equipment request lists
– Available on A+ College Ready Website, and open for submission
– Must be approved by A+ College Ready prior to purchasing
– Draw down funds using ES-2 Form
• Lead Teacher Stipends (if applicable) are available now
Letters of Agreement
• Teacher Letters of Agreement:
– All teachers have received 2014-2015 letters of agreement
– Signed agreements must be returned by November 7
• Administrator Letters of Agreement:
– Will go out by October 24
– Signed agreements must be returned by November 12
– Letters of Agreement lay out requirements for receiving stipends and
Upcoming Trainings Opportunities
• January 13, 2015 – Administrator Training
– Birmingham, AL
– Content specific to your Cohort
– Strategic planning time
– Best Practices round-table
Upcoming Teacher Trainings Opportunities
• AP Science 2-Day Training:
– November 7-8, 2014
– Samford University
– Registration Open
• LTF Year 1 Training:
– January 5-6 for days three and four of training
• APSI and Summer LTF Registration will go live in December
• Summer 2015 LTF Training will be regional!
Student Study Sessions
• Student Study Sessions are underway!
– English sessions have already begun
– Math sessions start on November 8
– Science sessions start on January 24
• Teachers need to be in attendance
• For a listing of your school’s location and specific dates, please
visit our website and download the SSS Calendar
– www.apluscollegeready.org/admin
Mock Exams
• Mock Exam Schedule:
English: Saturday, January 10
Math: Week of March 14, 21, or 28
Science: Anytime in the month of March (preferably Saturday)
Allow at least 3 hours for administration
• Mock Exam Readings (Birmingham)
February 10: English Literature
February 11: English Language
April 7: Calculus and Environmental Science
April 8: Biology
April 9: Statistics, Comp. Sci. and Physics
April 10: Chemistry
Laying the Foundation Pilot
• A+ College Ready is partnering with AMST and ARI
– 50 middle schools were invited to participate in a pilot program
– Implementation of LTF-infused curriculum should lead to better ASPIRE results
– Math and English teachers in the 8th grade were targeted
• These curriculum materials are available for you as well
– On Content-specific teacher pages on the A+ College Ready Website
• How are you using your data?
– College Readiness benchmarks can help you identify potential AP students
• Based on your feedback, we are streamlining the
communications you receive
– Biweekly email blast
– Important dates and reminders
– First blast will go out by the end of this week
• A+ College Ready Website and social media
– All important information can be found o our website
• Administrator survey
– Thank you to all who participated!
Action Items
• AP Course Audit Approval
– Submit now to College Board
• AP Student Data
– Detailed demographic data due in January
– Parent Consent form also due
• Develop Vertical Team Meeting Calendar
– Must schedule 4 meetings per subject
– Send calendar to [email protected]
• Course Offering
– Computer Science Principals – New Cohort Applications available soon
– Statistics
– Physics
Thank you for your time today!
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