Migrating from Capwiz to Engage - Michael Dowling

Engage- The New Capwiz, and
What Your Chapter Needs to Do
Michael Dowling
Director, ALA International Relations Office
and Chapter Relations Office
Current ALA/Chapter
Capwiz Affiliate Program
- Shared online advocacy network for state and
federal grassroots advocacy
-Action alerts disseminate message targeting specific
elected officials, issues or legislation
-Allows advocates to contact elected officials easily
- State Chapters/DC (46) have their own state
website to educate stakeholders, empower them to
take action, and influence the legislative process
(Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Vermont)
-Supported by ALA (50K per year) since 2007
Empowers national & state organizations
with automatic sharing of:
• Alerts
• User / Activist Lists
• Reporting
Capwiz Messages Have
• Helped save/retain state funding for libraries in
FL, NJ, NY, PA ….
• Helped save Georgia Archives from being closed to the
public due to funding reductions
• Helped defeat Louisiana State Elementary Education
Board effort to could have eliminate school
libraries/media centers in grades K-8 and diminish the
number of professional librarians serving in
grades 9-12.
Over 137,000 Advocacy Email Messages
Through State Library Associations in last 4 years
Capwiz to Engage
Why Engage?
• Educate your audience with user-generated and
premium content filtered to your issues;
• Engage your audience with integrated social tools
(greater than those of Capwiz); and
• Micro target and mobilize your members to advocate
when, where, and how you want.
Time Line for Migration
• June 2014 – ALA migrates from Capwiz to Engage
Chapter Relations Office (CRO) notifies Chapters about
migration to Engage
• July 2014 – September – CRO assists Chapters with their
migration to Engage; Chapters send CRO names of their
Engage administrators
• End of October 2014 – All Chapters will have migrated from
Capwiz to Engage
ALA’s New Engage Site
ALA Site (below fold)
ALA Page Template
Steps to Migrate from Capwiz to Engage
Step 1. Chapters send CRO the name(s) of their Engage administrator(s).
• Send the name(s) of your association’s administrator(s) in a note to Don Wood
at [email protected]; include in the subject line the word Engage.
• Don will compile a list of administrators for our Engage representative.
Step 2. Chapters and Engage administrators:
• Decide what Capwiz data, if any, Chapters want to migrate
• Decide how your site will look like and what Public Face you want to present
to your members
Three Engage Templates
Engagement Theme
Association Theme
Advocacy Theme
Links to Advocacy Theme (incl. ALA)
Links to Engagement Theme
Links to Association Theme
Comments? Questions?
• We have subscribed current Capwiz administrators to
[email protected]
• If you wish to be subscribed, send a message to
[email protected]
• If you have comments or questions after conference,
please contact either [email protected] or
[email protected]

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