`Christian Aid` & `Islamic Relief`.

To find out more about 2
charities who work to help poor
people have more rights.
The charities do their work
because of their religious beliefs.
They are:
What are Christian Aid & Islamic Relief?
2 charities who were formed because of religious
Both part of the Disasters Emergency
Committee (The Disasters Emergency Committee
They raise money to help people in poverty
(Poverty is…)
What do they believe & why do they do the
work they do?
They are both religious charities…
Christian Aid is a Christian charity who follow
the teachings of Jesus, who said: ‘Love your
neighbour as yourself’ (The Bible, Luke 10:27)
Islamic Relief is a Muslim charity that follow
the words in the Qur’an that say: ‘Whoever saved
a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all
Where do they do their charity work?
Both charities work all over the world with lots
of different people – even though they are both
religious charities, Christian Aid does not just
work with Christians & Islamic Relief does not just
work with Muslims.
You are going to be working on the
internet to find out about the charities
‘Christian Aid’ & ‘Islamic Relief’.
You will have a worksheet to complete.
Some of the activities on the worksheet
are compulsory – you have to do them.
The rest of the activities are your
However, each activity is worth an amount
of money & you must complete enough
activities to earn £1 – This is the average
amount that it costs to feed a person for 1
When you have earned £1, you have done
all of the activities that you need to do.
From what you have
found out, what do
Christian Aid &
Islamic Relief do?
Look at Christian
Aid’s slogan – What
do you think it
Part of Islamic Relief’s
logo is a picture of a
mosque – Why?
Christian Aid & Islamic Relief are charities
that do what they do because of their
religious beliefs – What do you think of
Christian Aid & Islamic Relief help people to
have basic rights – What rights that we
looked at earlier in this topic are they
helping people to have?

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