Lecture # 4
God’s Questions to Job
Without the Bible
You can
believe in a
For the invisible things of him from the
creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are
made, even his eternal power and
Godhead; so that they are
without excuse:
Questions to
Thanks to Wayne Jackson – The Book of Job
Job Chapters 38 -39
I taught the book of Job in Los Banos 81-84
Job was written before Abraham’s period of time
Over 60 Questions God asks Job to answer
Even today we do not have the answers to many of these questions.
All through the discussions of Jobs three friends, Job continues to question God.
God, Job says, let me just speak to you.
Let me have my two cents worth.
So God says to Job, OK. But first let me ask you a few questions.
Remember these questions were asked over 4000 years ago.
Historically we know the book of Job is the oldest book written.
Science as we know was not available at this time.
God’s Questions to Job
Who laid the foundations of the earth?
How were the dimensions determined?
Who did the surveying?
What supports its foundation?
Who laid the cornerstone?
Who decreed the boundaries of the sea?
Who clothed them with clouds and thick
God’s Questions to Job
Who barred them limiting their shores?
Have you commanded the morning to
Did you cause daylight to spread?
Did you end the night for the wicked?
Have you ever robed the dawn in red?
Have you disturbed the haunts of wicked
God’s Questions to Job
Have you stopped the arm raised to strike?
Have you explored the springs that come
from the sea?
Have you walked in the recesses of the
Do you know the location of the gates of
Do you know the extent of the earth?
God’s Questions to Job
Do you know where light comes from?
Do you know how it got there?
Do you know about darkness?
Do you know where darkness comes from?
Can you find its source?
Can you go to its source?
God’s Questions to Job
Have you visited the treasuries of snow?
Do you know where hail is made and
Where is the path to the distribution point
of light
Where is the home of the East wind?
God’s Questions to Job
Who dug gullies for the rains?
Who laid out the path for lightning?
Do you know if rain has a father?
Where does dew come from?
Who is the mother of ice and frost?
Can you hold back the stars?
Can you restrain Orion and Pleiades?
God’s Questions to Job
Can you ensure the proper sequences of
Can you guide the constellation of the
Do you know the laws of the universe?
How do the heavens influence the earth?
Can you shout to the clouds and make it
Can you make lightning appear?
God’s Questions to Job
Who gives intuition and instinct?
Who is wise enough to number the
Who can tilt the water jars of heaven?
Can you stalk prey like a lion?
Who provides for the ravens?
Do you know how mountain goats give
God’s Questions to Job
Do you know how many months of
Who makes the wild donkey wild?
Will the wild ox be your servant?
Will he stay by your feeding crib?
Can you use a wild ox to plow with?
Will he pull the harrow for you?
God’s Questions to Job
Will you let him decide where to work?
Can you send him out to bring in the
Have you deprived the ostrich of wisdom?
Did you make the ostrich swifter than a
Have you given the horse strength?
God’s Questions to Job
Have you clothed his neck with a mane?
Have you made him able to leap like a
Do you know how a hawk soars?
Is it in your command to raise eagles
“Who knew
to ask these
What do all these questions have to do about there being a designer?
How would Job or any author have known even to ask these questions?
Even if the Evolutionist or Atheist does not want to believe the Bible is inspired
They must deal with these questions
Only the creator could ask these questions
Many say, Scripture is Faith and Science is Fact.
The Bible is not a science book, but it is scientifically accurate.
Even before God asked Job these entire question in chapters 38 & 39
The writer said:
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
He stretches out the north over
the empty place, and hangs the
earth upon nothing.
The North being upward toward the empty sky
How did the writer of this book now that the earth hangs upon nothing?
What did God say to Job beginning in Chapter 38?
God’s Questions to Job
 Job 38:1-3
1 Then the Lord
answered Job out
of the whirlwind, and said,
2 Who is this that darkens counsel
by words without knowledge?
3 Gird up now thy loins like a
man; for I will demand of thee,
and answer thou me.
First Question Job
God’s Questions to Job
Job 38:4 & 6
4 Where were you when I laid the
foundations of the earth? Declare, if
you have understanding.
6 Whereupon are the foundations
thereof fastened? Or who laid the
corner stone thereof;
Vs 4 - Foundation in Hebrew word “Yasad” means “House”
Vs 6 - Foundation in Hebrew word “Eden & Taba” means
“Socket fastened – sink down”
Foundation of the earth
Scientist now know the earth has a crust about 30 miles thick.
The crust rest upon a mantle/foundation rock which extend into
the heart of the earth.
Seismic data suggest great land masses are anchored in sockets
which plunge deep into the earth.
Vs 4 & 6 are scientifically correct.
How did the writer of Job know that? Lucky guess!
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Who has laid the measures
thereof, if you know? Or who
has stretched the line upon it?
Vs 5 indicates earths measurements were precisely measured.
Question: Is our earth a “Sphere”? Perfectly round - Not actually.
At the Equator the diameter is 7,926 Miles across.
At the North and South poles the diameter is 7,899 miles across.
Just 27 miles different. Is there any design to these measurements?
If our earth were a perfect sphere, during its rotation water would pile
up around the equator.
You can prove this by experiments.
Spray a ball with water and spin in quickly.
Water will pile up around the center of the ball.
So VS 5 says: “Who determined these precise measurements?”
Could the “Big Bang” make this perfect design? I hardly think so!!!
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
When the morning stars sang
together, and all the sons of
God shouted for joy?
In 1945 scientist discovered that the stars emit sound.
Stars Sang Together
1945 ? – How did the writer know that? Lucky guess!!
Next Question Job
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
11 And said, hitherto shall you
come, but no further: and
here shall the proud waves
be stayed?
71 % of earth’s surface is water - 29 % is land.
Average land height is 2,250 feet – Just about the height of Auberry.
Average ocean depth is 13,000 feet .
Average ocean depth is 6 times deeper than land.
If all the land was smoothed out, the ocean would cover the earth over
2 miles deep.
But the ocean stays where it is and goes no furture.
How did that happen? Just by accident? I think not!
Want another question Job?
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
12 Have you commanded the
morning since the days; and
caused the dayspring (day) to
know his place;
Job, did you make the beginning of the day?
Did you cause the night to end?
Here is a good one for you Job
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Hast thou entered into the
springs of the sea
The springs of the sea?
What are you talking about God?
Are there springs in the ocean?
63 BC – 21 AD Roman geographer found off the coast of Greece, Italy,
Israel and Syria, Springs in the ocean beds.
From the coast of Australia, fresh water can be dipped in abundance from
the sea.
In 1976 a U.S. Geological survey discovered fresh water in the Atlantic
seacoast from New England to Georgia.
How many years ago did the book of Job say that? 4000 Years
Remember the Flood:
God’s Questions to Job
Genesis 7:11 (ASV)
11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's
life, in the second month, on the
seventeenth day of the month, on the
same day were all the fountains of
the great deep broken up, and the
windows of heaven were opened.
Water came from the ground as well as from the sky
How about this question about the sea
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Or hast thou walked in the
recesses of the deep?
In 1873 the Challenger Expedition discovered a canyon
5 ½ miles deep in the Pacific Ocean.
Since then numerous canyons have been found.
Near the Philippines a canyon over 7 miles deep was found.
God’s Questions to Job
Samuel 22:16
Then the channels of the sea
appeared, the foundations of
the world were laid bare, by the
rebuke of Jehovah, at the blast
of the breath of his nostrils.
Biblical authorities believe these canyons were formed by the
great biblical flood. I know, you knew that already, right Job.
How about this neat little question Job.
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Have the gates of death been
revealed unto you? Or have you
seen the gates of the shadow of
death? Have you comprehended
the earth in its breadth? Declare,
if thou knowest it all.
The Hebrew words suggest that this verse is talking about the deep
parts of the earth.
“Gates of death” where man is placed when he dies and is buried.
Job, have you been to the depths of these canyons?
Job, can you determine the dimensions of the earth?
Job, how are you qualified to judge him who created the earth.
Job - How about a question about light?
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Where is the way where light
dwells? And as for darkness,
where is the place thereof,
The Hebrew word is “Derek” – which literally means
“A traveled path or road.”
God’s Questions to Job
 Genesis
And the angel of the Lord found
her by a fountain of water in the
wilderness, by the fountain in the
way to Shur.
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Where is the way where light
dwells? And as for darkness,
where is the place thereof,
Until the 17th century light was believed to be transmitted
Sir Isaac Newton suggested light traveled in a straight line.
Today we know light travels 186,000 miles per second, 600 million miles
an hour: In a straight line.
We are 93 million miles from the Sun, thus light from the Sun will take
8 minutes.
The latest suggestion that our Solar system is 26,000 light years across.
How did the author of Job know that?
Well, the author was the designer.
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
That you should take it (light) to
the bound thereof,
Job, of course you know all this, you were around when I made it, right!
Here is a question to you Job about the weather
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Have you entered into the
treasures of the snow? Or have
you seen the treasures of the
hail, Which I have reserved
against the time of trouble,
against the day of battle and
Treasures of Snow
Joshua 10:11
And it came to pass, as they fled from
before Israel, and were in the going down
to Bethhoron, that the Lord cast down
great stones from heaven upon them
unto Azekah, and they died: they were
more which died with hailstones than
they whom the children of Israel slew
with the sword.
We in California know for sure the treasures of the snow.
But what about the treasures of hail that God stored up for battle?
God’s wrath in the destruction of Assyria
How would the writer of this book know this in advance?
Treasures of Snow
Isaiah 30:30
And the Lord shall cause his glorious
voice to be heard, and shall show the
lighting down of his arm, with the
indignation of his anger, and with the
flame of a devouring fire, with
scattering, and tempest, and hailstones.
How would Job know this would happen thousands of years later?
Job I got a question about light
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
By what way is the light parted,
which scatters the east wind upon
the earth?
Parted – Hebrew word means to divide
God’s Questions to Job
 Numbers
Unto these the land shall be
divided for an inheritance
according to the number of
“Divided” is the same Hebrew word “parted”
Light can literally be parted.
How can we demonstrate this?
When light passed through a Prism – it is literally divided into 7 colors.
Job, did you know that?
It was Sir Isaac Newton who discovered this.
Where in the Bible do we have a demonstration of this?
God’s Questions to Job
Genesis 9:12-13
And God said, This is the token of the
covenant which I make between me
and you and every living creature
that is with you, for perpetual
I do set my bow in the cloud, and it
shall be for a token of a covenant
between me and the earth.
Job here is a question about thunder and lightning
Job 38:25-30
25 Who has divided a watercourse for the
overflowing of waters, or a way for the
lightning of thunder;
26 To cause it to rain on the earth,
where no man is; on the wilderness,
wherein there is no man;
Not until the 19th century did man find out that lightning causes rain.
Who caused Lightning and Thunder
Doug Collins meteorologist on TV 47
“Fast rising air rubs water in the
clouds. Top of cloud is a negative
charge. Fast rising air splits the cloud
into two different electrical charges
and creates electrical lightening. This
then combined with water vapor
produces rain.”
All of you know that – right?
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
31 Can you bind the sweet
influences of Pleiades
Now here is a good one:
Obviously, God is questioning Job, that he does not have the power
over seasons.
But a closer study will unveil a real gem in this passage.
The Pleiades Star Cluster
Pleiades appears in the spring.
Orion appears late October to announce winter.
Pleiades has from the naked eye 7 stars clustered together.
Now we know there are over 200 stars that are clustered together.
These 200 stars are bound together and move through the sky.
Now who did the binding Job?
We only recently found that the stars go through the sky bound together.
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
31 or loose the bands of Orion?
Pleiades and Orion
Orion also has a cluster of stars that go through the sky using the naked eye.
But actually there are vast distances between these stars.
Yet they appear to be clustered together.
Remember this was written long before modern knowledge of the heavens
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
32 Canst thou bring forth
Mazzaroth in his season? Or
canst thou guide Arcturus with
his sons?
Mazzaroth is a cluster of stars also that appear in the South.
Job, can you make them appear in their proper season?
Arcturus is the keeper of the Bear.
Followed by a trail of stars known as the sons of the Bear.
I know Job, you knew that, right
Job how about some questions about the good old earth
God’s Questions to Job
 Job
Knowest thou the ordinances
of heaven? Can you set the
dominion thereof in the earth?
In what sense do the laws regulate the heavenly bodies or have
dominion in the earth?
We know the dominion of our nearest star – the Sun
Sunspots from 500 to 50,000 miles leap from the sun.
They affect the conditions on earth.
I did a research at Fresno State some 25 years ago on sunspots.
I found that sunspots bring about draughts and bad economies.
Usually every 11 years and 22 years.
And every hundred years these sunspots are really bad.
Now I’m not here to make any political statement
But from my research in the past, we are in a 100 year bad sunspot period
That’s why we have global warming.
Yes, we all need to be concerned about our environment.
But I honestly believe it is the sunspots that are causing our real problem.
Now about the MOON:
We all know what effect or dominion the Moon has on our earth.
Tides twice a day that keeps our ocean clean.
If the moon were just a few miles farther or closer our ocean would
become stagnate.
This would affect all the animals in the sea.
This would affect the rain cycle.
In a short period of time we would not exist.
Job, did you know all that?
More about our earth in a later lesson.
The Big Bang
Evolutionist say it started with a big Bang. Let’s be serious
“Who knew
to ask these
These are just a small sampling of the question God asked Job.
Today in the 21 Century, we cannot answer many of theses questions.
Without the Bible
You can
believe in a
For the invisible things of him from the
creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are
made, even his eternal power and
Godhead; so that they are
without excuse:

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