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Mike Riddle
Evolution is an explanation of origins
by naturalistic processes over billions
of years.
 Origin of the universe (matter)
 Origin of stars and galaxies
 Origin of earth
 Origin of life
 Origin of different species
 Origin of humans
An Important Question
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
National Center for Science Education (NCSE),
“Fact: In science, an observation that
has been repeatedly confirmed and for
all practical purposes is accepted as
Theory: In science, a wellsubstantiated explanation of some
aspect of the natural world that can
incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and
tested hypotheses.
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
National Academies of Sciences,
It is both…. The theory of evolution is
supported by so many observations
and confirming experiments that
scientists are confident that the basic
components of the theory will not be
overturned by new evidence.
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
National Center for Science Education (NCSE),
“Evolution has been subjected to
scientific testing for over a century and
has been (and continues to be)
consistently confirmed by evidence
from a wide range of fields.”
If evolution is a fact or a
theory then…
The Bible contains many errors and can no
longer be trusted as the Word of God.
Genesis 1
 God created light
 God created plants
 God created sun, moon, and stars
 God created fish and birds
 God created land animals
 God created humans
Exodus 20:11
 Nehemiah 9:6
 Isaiah 42:5
 Isaiah 44:24
 Jeremiah 27:5
 Jeremiah 32:17
 John 1:3
 Acts 14:15
 Acts 17:24-25
 Ephesians 3:9
 Colossians 1:16
 Revelation 4:11
God Created
The Bible
contains errors
Genesis 1:31
And God saw every thing that He had
made, and, behold, it was very good
If evolution is a fact or theory then God’s
“very good” includes death and decay.
Millions of
years of death
and decay
No death
Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as by one
man sin entered into the world, and
death by sin; and so death passed
upon all men, for that all have sinned:
1 Cor 15:21 For since by man came
death, by man came also the resurrection
of the dead.
The Gospel
If sin was not the cause of
death then why did Jesus have
to go to the cross?
Genesis is the
foundation for the
If evolution is a fact or a theory then the
Bible is Wrong.
We need to
Examine the Claims of Evolution
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
David Menton (Ph.D. Cell Biology and
Professor of Human Anatomy),
“A scientific theory is a careful attempt to
explain certain observable facts of nature
by means of experiments.
• Must be observable
• Must be repeatable
• Must be testable”
The Real Facts About Evolution
Origin of matter
 The big bang
 Origin of stars and galaxies
 Origin of life
 Origin of information
 One kind changing into a new kind
(dinosaur into bird, ape to human)
 Billions of fossils and fossil graveyards
 No mechanism for “macro” change
Evolution Exposed
Where did the matter come
What caused it to “explode”?
Many scientific evidences that refute the
Big Bang
 Missing antimatter
 Not enough supernovas
 Existence of comets
 Spiral galaxies
John Byl (Ph.D. Astronomy), God and
Cosmos, 2001.
“First, big-bang cosmology, even though it
is currently the most popular cosmology
and even though it is often presented as
undoubtedly true, is beset with a number of
serious observational and theoretical
Tom Van Flandern (Ph.D. Astronomy),
“Our ability to test cosmological theories
has vastly improved with modern
telescopes covering all wavelengths, some
of them in orbit. Despite the widespread
acceptance of the big bang theory as a
working model for interpreting new findings,
not a single important prediction of the
theory has yet been confirmed, and
substantial evidence has accumulated
against it.”
Evolution Exposed: Star Formation
The popular idea is that stars form from
vast clouds of gas and dust through
gravitational contraction.
Gas and dust
clouds will
expand NOT
Evolution Exposed: Star Formation
Don DeYoung (Ph.D. in Physics), Astronomy
and the Bible, 2000, p. 84.
“The complete birth of a star has
never been observed.”
Jason Lisle (Ph.D. Astrophysics), The New
Answers Book 3, 2009, p 193.
“It [star formation] has never been
observed, nor could it truly be observed
since the process is supposed to take
hundreds of thousands of years.
Gas in space is very resistant to being
compressed into a star. Compression of
gas causes an increase in magnetic field
strength, gas pressure, and angular
Charles Lada and Frank Shu (both
astronomers), “The Formation of Sunlike
Stars,” Science, 1990, p. 572.
“Despite numerous efforts, we have yet
to directly observe the process of stellar
formation…. The origin of stars
represents one of the fundamental
unsolved problems of contemporary
Evolution Exposed
The Origin of Life
The Claim
 Life must have started 3.7 billion
years ago.
 Miller created the building blocks of
life in a laboratory.
Evolution Exposed
The Origin of Life
No observable evidence
Scientists are unable to create a protein
The cell is more complex than any manmade machine
Life can’t start in an oxygen atmosphere
Life can’t start if there is no oxygen in
the atmosphere
Life can’t start in water (Hydrolysis)
Evolution Exposed: Amino Acids
Hundreds of types of amino acids
Only 20 are used in life
Evolution Exposed
Jeffrey Tomkins (Ph.D. Genetics),
“Engineered Protein ‘Evolution’ Proves
Biological Complexity”, Acts and Facts,
March 2013.
“The main problem regarding false ideas
about protein evolution is one of
perception associated with the steady
diet of academia’s evolutionary false
Evolution Exposed
Hubert Yockey (Ph.D. Physics), Information
Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life,
2005, p. 188.
“A great deal of effort has been
expended in finding theories for the
origin of life without success.”
Origin of Life
Donald Johnson (Ph.D. Chemistry,
Ph.D. Computer and Information Science),
Programming of Life, 2010, p. 23.
“As far as science knows, the law of
biogenesis, life arises from life, is
still valid.”
Evolution Exposed
Richard Dawkins (Ph.D., Professor of
Zoology), The Greatest Show on Earth: The
Evidence for Evolution, 2009, p.422.
“The theory we seek, of the origin of life
on this planet, should therefore positively
not be a plausible theory!”
Evolution Exposed
Words Have Meaning
Do you believe in evolution?
Adaptation, variety
within kind
Darwinian evolution
How Evolution Happens?
Millions of years of mutations
add new information
Selection Process
Upward progression
Requires the
addition of
new genetic
No change
that survive
James Crow (Professor of Genetics
at University of Wisconsin, chaired
Dept of Medical Genetics), 1997.
“The typical mutation is very mild. It
usually has no effect, but shows up as a
small decrease in viability or fertility…
each mutation leads ultimately to one
genetic death.”
Lane Lester (Ph.D., Genetics) and Ray Bohlin (Ph.D.
Molecular and Cell Biology), The Natural Limits to
Biological Change, 1989, p. 157.
“DNA is an information code,…The
overwhelming conclusion is that
information does not and cannot arise
spontaneously by mechanistic
processes. Intelligence is a necessity in
the origin of any informational code,
including the genetic code, no matter
how much time is given.”
Mutations and Information
Lee Spetner (Ph.D. Physics – MIT, taught
information and communications at Johns
Hopkins University), Not By Chance, 1997,
pp. 131, 138
“But in all the reading I’ve done
in the life-sciences literature, I’ve
never found a mutation that
added information.”
Royal Truman (Ph.D. chemistry), “The Problem of
Information for the Theory of Evolution,” 2002, p. 14.
“It seems fair to point out that
evolutionists have yet to provide
even a single concrete example of
a mutation leading to an increase
of information as requested.”
Jerry Bergman, Ph.D. Human Biology, (Research on
the deterioration of the genome and Darwinism: why
mutations result in the degeneration of the genome),
2004. Cited in Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the
Genome John Sanford,, 2005, p. 26.
About 4 in 10,000 of known mutations
are presumed to be beneficial. However,
these are only beneficial in a very narrow
sense since they involve a loss of
function. Not one of these mutations
unambiguously created new information.
A Mathematical Problem for
Evolution: Related Mutations
Mutations occur about every
1 in 10 million duplications
1 in 10,000,000
A Mathematical Problem for
Evolution: Related Mutations
Two related mutations:
107 x 107 = 1014 (1 in 100 Trillion)
Three related mutations: 1021
(one in a billion trillion)
Four related mutations: 1028
1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Natural Selection
What is it?
What Is Natural Selection?
Charles Darwin
“It may be said that natural selection is
daily and hourly scrutinising, throughout
the world, every variation, even the
slightest; rejecting that which is bad,
preserving and adding up all that is good;
silently and insensibly working, whenever
and wherever opportunity offers.”
Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or
the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, 1859, p. 84.
What Is Natural Selection?
“Over a long period of time, natural
selection can lead to evolution.
Helpful variations gradually
accumulate in a species, while
unfavorable ones disappear.”
Life Sciences, Prentice Hall, 2002,
p. 151. (seventh grade textbook)
Three Assumptions about
Natural Selection
1. Evolutionists assume natural selection
is responsible for appearance of design
and complexity.
2. Evolutionists assume an external
source as the source of design.
3. Evolutionists assume natural selection
has the capability to choose beneficial
mutations (intelligence).
Critical Thinking and
Natural Selection
Caused by nature
(natural processes)
A Crucial Question About
Natural Selection
Does functional power for organisms
to adapt to the environment reside
internally or externally?
Natural Selection
What Is Natural Selection?
It is an artificial mechanism devised
by man to replace the power and
intelligence of God.
Evolution Exposed
There is no mechanism for biological
change (amoeba to man).
3 Questions About Natural Selection
1. What is it that natural selection actually
does and how does it work?
2. Selection implies intelligence. Who or
what is actually doing or causing the
3. Since selection does not address the
origin of information, and mutations
are known to cause a loss of
information or function, is there any
observational evidence for where the
vast amount of information in DNA
came from?
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
Nathaniel T. Jeanson, (PhD from Harvard
Medical School in cell and developmental
biology), http://www.icr.org/article/7165/
“Do we ever observe one kind (i.e., one
family) of species change into another
kind (or family)? No. Every example of
biological change that has ever been
observed in real time has been change
within a kind.”
Is Evolution a Fact or a Theory?
David Menton (Ph.D. Cell Biology and
Professor of Human Anatomy),
In conclusion, evolution is not observable,
repeatable, or refutable and thus does not
qualify as either a scientific fact or theory.
Evolution must be accepted with faith by
its believers.”
Evolution Exposed
Origin of matter
 The big bang
 Origin of stars and galaxies
 Origin of life
 Origin of information or new information
 One kind changing into a new kind
(dinosaur into bird, ape to human)
 Billions of fossils and fossil graveyards
 No mechanism for “macro” change
2 Timothy 3:16-17
All Scripture is given by inspiration of
God, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction
in righteousness, that the man of God
may be complete, thoroughly
equipped for every good work.
John 3:12
If I have told you earthly
things, and ye believe not,
how shall ye believe, if I tell
you of heavenly things?
John 5:46-47
For had ye believed Moses, ye
would have believed me: for he
wrote of me.
But if ye believe not his
writings, how shall ye believe
my words?
Many churches believe they
can be neutral to avoid conflict
Neutrality = Surrender
The church blends in with
the world
He that is not with me is
against me; and he that
gathereth not with me
scattereth abroad.
Matthew 12:30
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