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Selection Criteria for Master
Trainers and Assessors
Stakeholders Meeting
Ministry of Tourism
By: Ms. SOK Sophea
Selection criteria
Skills and Knowledge
Selection Processes
High priority
 Human Resources Development in travel and tourism industry
 03 Master Trainers and 03 Master Assessors have been trained in
Housekeeping and 01 of them was validated as an Outstanding
Assessor in the 1st round in Dec, 2012
 Need 12 qualified candidates to be trained as Master Trainers and
Master Assessors for the 2nd round
 Training place: Philippine or Indonesia (TBC)
 Duration: 2weeks (full time)
 Date: TBC
 Cost: covered by ASEAN
Selection Criteria
Academic and vocational qualifications
Minimum relevant vocational qualifications in tourism and
Preferred qualification: Bachelor degree in tourism
management or hospitality
Industry experience
Minimum 5 years industry experience in tourism and/or
hospitality currently
Minimum 3 years in supervisory or managerial experience
Skills and Knowledge
 English proficiency (speaking, listening, reading and writing) plus
at least one other language
 Knowledge of ASEAN and ASEAN tourism
 Knowledge and understanding of Competency Based Training and
Competency Based Assessment
 Computer literate
 Leadership, administrative and financial skills
Other desirable qualities
 Availability to complete course and committed to long term
involvement in training program
 In good health
 Cambodian Citizenship
 Understanding of wider context and goals of ASEAN tourism
 Able to form good relationship with stakeholders
 Availability to undertake program
Selection Processes
 Announcement publicly through medias and this meeting
 Application form submitted to National Committee for Tourism Professional
 Include personal contact details, training, academic and vocational
qualifications and experience (Industry experience, special knowledge and
 The names of two referees
 Cover letter should include a statement why the applicant would like to do
the course and subsequently work as a Trainer or Assessor and why they
should be selected
 Current CV to be included with application
 NCTP will shortlist the applicants, conduct written test, conduct interviews
 Formal letter of acceptance to be signed by successful applicants with
endorsement from employer
High priority for
Ministry of Tourism officer: 6 Officers
Private is open for those who:
Has high commitment to duplicate the training
Young Tourism Professional
Has strong industry experience
Tourism Education background
English proficiency
Thank You!
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