Vertelis Vision

Vertelis Vision
The first Step in your Energy Efficiency process, VERTELIS VISION is a solution composed of an industrial PC
with embedded software. It provides automatic readings of SOCOMEC metering and measuring devices via
the use of a simple internet browser. The software offers a centralized display, of all the electrical
parameters of your installation and allow you to easily evolve to the VERTELIS HYPERVIEW energy
management package.
Measurement Devices:
Current transformers, energy meters, Multi function meters, Network analyzer
• “All-in-one package” solution : Quick and easy software
installation and settings
• Auto configuration of generic reports: only the devices, the
hierarchy and energy tariffs need be specified.
• Dedicated box : the software is pre-installed in a dedicated
box for more reliability and security.
• Display load curves for multi utilities: Essential for checking
that your utility contracts are adapted to your consumption.
Main Functions
• Real-time and recorded monitoring of Socomec devices for displaying:
-statistics (min, max, average, etc.)
-multi-utility consumption per product or group of products,
-events related to energy quality,
-load curves.
• Automatic reading of energy indexes with automatic exporting of reports (xls, pdf).
• Alarm management.
Main Features
• Single site software with appropriate communication network.
• Compatible with Contis E/ECi and Diris A/N devices.
• Easy to use via simple Web browser, no additional software needed.

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