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Welcome To American International Staffing
Our Dedication To You
 Here at American International Staffing, it is our goal to ensure that no
companies in need of high quality, highly educated, readily available
employees, have to look any further!
 We provide our clients with the resources and the tools they are looking for,
allowing them to focus on other matters, thereby allowing our clients to
increase their productivity and profitability. No request is too large or too
difficult for the trained professionals at AIS to handle. The entire process,
from sourcing and screening of potential applicants and performing
background and reference checks, to interviewing and hiring (pending
client approval) and even payroll and taxes. Here at AIS we are ready to
assist you with any hiring difficulties that your company may be having.
We handle every job order with extreme efficiency, speed and care. Call
and speak with one of our recruiters today and find out just how helpful we
can be!
Career Training and Education
Only The Best For Our Clients
Here at AIS,
we consider only the most qualified applicants for your open positions.
All of our candidates hold degrees from major universities in their chosen fields and bring vast
knowledge, training and experience to the table. Every candidate we consider undergoes rigorous
Education and Reference Verification and we also perform various aptitude tests on our candidates
to ensure that the candidate we send you is not only the most qualified candidate for the position,
but is also going to fit with the current demographics of your company.
We believe strongly in Continuing Education and the fact that EVERYONE has the potential to
expand their knowledge on a daily basis! Our candidates are strongly encouraged to pursue CEUs
and further their degrees in their chosen fields. We have several incentive programs in effect for
our contract workers that continue their education and ALL of our management and recruiting
personnel attend training classes and pursue CEUs as required in their particular departments.
At American International Staffing we truly do offer a superior caliber of candidate
for your staffing needs, compared to other firms that simply phone screen their
candidates and send them out for interviews. Eliminating the “pointless interview”
and time misspent on non-qualified applicants that squeeze through the gaps of
conventional recruiting is what we do best at AIS.
Who Is Your Company Missing?
We Have A Professional To Fit Your Needs
Whether you are in need of an Office Manager, Software Designer or you are looking for the next
generation of Petroleum Chemical Process Engineer to take your company to the next level, AIS has the
right candidate for you!
Unlock the full potential of your work staff by allowing them to focus on other internal matters within
your company. Leave the leg-work to us; after all, it’s what we’re trained to do and it’s ALL we do! We
devote all of our time and efforts on a daily basis to ensuring that your needs are met quickly and
efficiently. We thrive on a challenge; the more difficult the request is the more we want it!
So let the professionals at AIS handle your staffing needs. As an executive officer of your company you
have plenty of other things demanding your attention around the office, let AIS take this one off of your
hands. Our satisfaction comes from seeing the relief and satisfaction our clients experience when we
bring them their next star employee and all they have to do is accept that employee, knowing that
he/she has been thoroughly screened, is very well educated and has proven themselves to be extremely
Stop losing time and money because you “just can’t seem to find the right candidate”, give American
International Staffing a call today and let us start helping you today. There’s no risk involved. We only
charge you a fee if you place one of our candidates within your company.
Corporate Planning and Implementation
Stop Searching and Start Hiring
If you’ve tried all of the search engines, resume databases and other services that charge you a fee to
“take a look” and still require that you sift through all of the unqualified and misrepresented resumes
that are floating around out there, it’s time you put a dedicated plan into action.
At American International Staffing the moment your job order is received, a highly trained and highly
dedicated recruiter will begin to draft a plan for finding you the employee you need. We don’t believe in
simply viewing resumes and matching keywords. At AIS we go beyond that! We will analyze your
hiring needs and your current budget along with industry standards and the current demand for your
particular market. Once we have all of that data, we will handpick several candidates from or database
of “actively looking” candidates and we will interview and compare the one by one to your company in
EVERY ASPECT. We not only find you a qualified candidate, we find you a candidate that closely
matches the image that your company is seeking to project. We work within your budget to ensure that
the candidate we present to you is of the highest educational standards and will be a highly productive
add to your company, while saving you money, time and effort. Your success is our greatest concern and
we take pride in our ability to help ensure that success.
No other firm works harder, develops more personalized business relationships with their clients or
takes the time to truly understand the needs of both their clients and candidates than American
International Staffing does!
Your Hiring Success Begins Today
Your Next Hire Is a Phone Call Away
A smooth and hassle-free hiring process is just a simple phone call away!
We are standing by and ready to solve ALL of your staffing and Human Resources needs. We
offer a full range of services to all of our clients that includes Individualized Consulting,
Interviewing and Aptitude Testing, Employment and Reference Verification, Education
Verification, Screening for Substances of Abuse, Criminal Background Screening, Credit
Checks (if requested), Payroll Processing, And Many More Services Available Upon Request!
We pride ourselves in our ability to handle the entire hiring process for our clients, from start
to finish. We want our clients to rest assured that they can expect a worry and hassle-free
experience when choosing American International Staffing to handle their staffing needs. We
take a fully hand-on approach and get to know every candidate that we submit to our clients
on a personal level. We also pride ourselves on developing and maintaining personalized and
individualized relationships with ALL of our clients.
We look forward to the opportunity to begin a very lucrative and very satisfying partnership
with your company that will last for decades to come.
American International Staffing

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