Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Academic Intervention Services
September 23, 2014
• MCS AIS Plan. AIS Plan 2012.docx
• AIS “Form” Letter 2014. September\AIS
• AIS “Second” Letter 2014. September\AIS letter
• ELA and Math Score Reports get mailed home
with both letters.
Purpose of AIS
• To provide extra help to students who need
help in the core subject areas, but the focus
historically is on ELA and Math. Especially
now with the Common Core shifts in ELA and
• Students historically are flagged by State test
results, but can also be identified based upon
classroom performance or other factors.
Can’t just look at test scores (in placing
students in AIS)…
• Look at past school performance.
• Teacher input from years past as well as current
teachers. Need teacher recommendations.
• State test results over the years.
• Parental input.
• Look at student’s school record also.
• All are factors in helping to identify correct
services for a student.
The goal is to help students improve!
• MCS offers the highest and most intensive
level of support to help our students.
• We provide a wide range of services to help
our students—separate pull out (small group
extra assistance), in-class monitoring by the
teacher, 3-5 program, having teachers push-in
to the classroom. Just about any means that
we can think will help a student improve.
Goal—An Action Plan for each
Plan is monitored and reported (and
documented) throughout the course
of the school year.
Good practice for AIS
• An action plan with goals, communicated to the
• Reports sent home quarterly, can be with report
card. Again, notes should correlate with the
student’s Action Plan.
• Parent contact once a semester (can be email,
phone call or meeting).
• AIS should start within the semester.
• Anecdotal records should be kept on student to
document progress, strategies tried, etc.
Test score report by itself is a little
• Proficiency level is listed.
• Cut score provided by the State.
• Students between the proficiency level and cut score
not required to receive AIS.
• Scored on a 1-4 rubric. Level 4 is the highest. Very few
students statewide receive a “4”.
• More accurate comparison is “state percentile rank”.
Comparative scoring. Compares students to all
students statewide who took the test.
• Students below cut score should receive AIS. What AIS
is, is different district to district and what they provide
is different also.
Sample score report
• 20140923072246.pdf (Actual score report)
• (Generic score
s/ccela-14/ela-understandingreport14-enw.pdf (How
to read the score report, off of the engageny website)
Thanks for your support!
• This power point will be updated continuously
and posted on the school website.
• Follow up to schedule a meeting with PTA and
Parents at a time to be determined.
• Part 2 of the presentation will be at the next
Board meeting.
• Articles of interest to be attached to this
power point.
Further resources…
• Statewide testing summaries—

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