The Innovation of our Energy Future
About Ecoproject
Ecoproject is an engineering company
boasting an extensive experience in the field
of alternative energy sources.
Over the past five years the company has
developed and implemented a technology for
the energy recovery of RDF.
Over these years we collaborated with a
number of international companies and
academic institutions.
At present, an industrial scale installation of our
technology is being certified by TÜV.
RDF Pyrolysis
RDF Pyrolysis
An RDF Pyrolysis plant comprises the following modules:
• Feedstock preparation and feeding into the reactor
• Pyrolysis Reactor
• Module for purification of the resulting gas
• Module for fuel storage
• Module for energy generation
• Computer-aided process control (SCADA)
Computer-aided process control
Generic Flowchart of a Pyrolysis
RDF Energy Recovery System
Mounting the RDF Energy Recovery System in
Plovdiv (BG)
Feedstock Specification
 Product
 Size
 Water Contents < 10 % (ideally) < 15 %
 Input quantity
up to 3000
End Products Specification
The plant has the capacity to generate:
Purified gases ca. 800 m3/h - used as a source of
energy in module "Co-generation" and to provide
process heat
Solid residue (char) up to 700 kg/h - used for
aggregates in the chemicals industry, production
of activated carbon and more.;
Liquid fraction
up to 1500 kg/h
up to 3000 kW/h
up to 4500kW/h
Energy and Environment
Pyrolysis either solves or minimises:
Dependence on fossil fuels
 The problem of disposal of solid waste
 CO2 emissions
 Waste treatment combined with energy
production (fossil fuel savings)
 Soil conservation by reducing percentage of
waste going to landfill
 Groundwater conservation
 Reducing air emissions (GHGs, POPs).
Government Policy
Innovative Technology
Well established in Western Europe,
Canada, USA
New Plants have recently been
commissioned in Europe
Pyrolysis Plants
A number of Pyrolysis plants have
been comsioned in Germany
Hamm Pyrolysis Plant
Pyrolysis Plant,
Pyrolysis Plants
Burgau (D) Germany
Herne (D)
Energy can be Recovered from any
of the Following Wastes
Municipal Solid Waste
Waste Water Treatment Sludge
Scrap tyres
Highly Contaminated Lubricants
Electronic Waste
Medical Waste etc.

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