Premarital Sex and Contraception

By: Zandra Floirendo
 Premarital
which is engaging in
any type of sexual
activity before
marriage, is one of
the most pertinent
problems in society
These acts include,
but are not limited
to, oral sex and
 Sex
is no longer a
taboo subject
 The youth of today
views sex as
pleasurable with
little or no
 This leads to
degradation and
weakening of self
Media influences almost
every aspect of life
Movies, shows and even
commercials portray sex
and teenage pregnancy
in an almost positive
Today’s society needs to
stop glorifying shows
such as “The Jersey
Shore”, “Bad Girls
Club”, and “Teen Mom”
mentality which
encourages people
to act on impulses
without thinking
about later
 Perspective which
states that sex
should be engaged
in strictly for
pleasure with
almost no
essence ethics is the
morals and virtues one has
and follows
Catholic Church states
that sexual union is to be
between a married man and
woman, so therefore
participating in premarital
sex is breaking moral laws
 Scripture
advocates only
sexual union in a
 For Example:
“God blessed them,
saying, ‘Be fertile
and multiply; fill
the earth and
subdue it’ “
(Genesis 1:28)
The Catechism states
that premarital sex
employs the exact
opposite of what the
goal of sex is supposed
to be
“Fornication is gravely
contrary to human
sexuality exists for the
good of spouses and
procreation of children.
A grave scandal exists
when the young are
corrupted in this
matter” (Six Sins
Against Chastity)
Premarital sex may not
seem to be a “big deal”
but it can cause many
types of harm
Physical, emotional, and
psychological scarring
usually occurs
 Emotions and
consequences can be
extremely difficult to
deal with
It can also lead to
pregnancy, abortion,
financial trouble, STDs
or AIDS, and many other
 Over
25% of sexually active girls (14-17)
report being depressed
A rate that is 3 times more than that of girls who
are not sexually active
 14.3%
of sexually active girls
attempt suicide
 72% of sexually active girls regret
becoming sexually active or wished
they waited longer
 8.3%
of sexually boys (14-17) report being
A rate that is 2 times greater than that of boys
who are not sexually active
 6%
of sexually active boys attempt
A rate that is 8 times greater than that of boys
who are not sexually active
 55%
of sexually active boys regret
becoming sexually active or wish they
waited longer
 Premarital
sex can lead to pregnancy which
in turn can lead to abortion, which is sinful
 It can also lead to destructive acts such as
“cutting” or even suicide attempts
 Social issues occur which affect the
 Catholic
Social Teaching states that sex is to
be engaged by married couples not only too
bear and raise children but for the
betterment of the community.
 People don’t think about it but problems
such as pregnancy can cause financial
problems throughout the community
Artificially made
barriers for preventing
Condoms, birth control
pill, hormone injections,
Since premarital sex has
become more
problematic, the use of
contraceptives has
become more of an
Contraceptives are seen
as an easy way out of
the consequences of sex
Takes away the sense of
responsibility of actions
It is also against Catholic
ethics because one of the
sole purposes of sex is to
procreate and using
contraceptives essentially
stops the couple from
achieving that goal
The Church is Pro-life and
the use of contraceptives
is stopping that natural
NFP is a contraceptive
method based on the
woman’s menstrual
cycle and ovulation
A woman is only fertile
a few days of the month
Other than
abstinence, NFP is the
only form of
contraception that is
not found sinful by
the Catholic Church
 This
method is ideal
because it creates
opportunities for
communication and
 If follows strictly,
NFP has a 95%
success rate
 It is cost free and
has no side affects
to either partner
enables growth in a marriage because it
increases shared responsibility
“While artificial methods of contraception
place the burden of responsibility primarily
on women, NFP encourages intimate
communication between spouses as they
cooperate in fertility awareness and
responsible family planning.” (Practice of
NFP Versus the use of Artificial Birth
Control: Family, Sexual, and Moral Issues)
 Premarital
sex can ultimately lead to terrible
consequences not just for the two people
engaging in it but also for their families and
the larger community
 Artificial contraception only advocate and
condone these irresponsible actions
 Waiting until you are married is the only way
to avoid the hardships of unwanted
pregnancy, the contraction of diseases, etc.

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