Bradley Sykes
ENV 406
1.7 million people (21% of the population)
living under the poverty line
Average household debt = $5000
24th in labor productivity among OECD
Macroeconomic figures mask severe
inequalities among labor force.
High-profile startups are sold before massive job
creation can occur.
◦ “When these entrepreneurs sell their start- up
companies…they are denying the local economy
the opportunity to create an industrial company
that will supply jobs to a much wider segment of
the workforce than any start-up can.”
Education system does not prepare students for
high-tech industries
“Take the money and run” paradigm for business
Paradigm shift among business community
◦ “Maybe it’s time for us to think about ourselves as a
country going from a startup nation to a high-tech nation,
where startup is the first step, but companies are still built
in Israel, maintained in Israel and grow from Israel.” –
Avishai Abrahami, WIX CEO/Co-founder
Integration of key populations in the
workforce through ICT (Information and
Communications Technology)
Export Oriented Industrialization (EOI)
◦ Exploit position to become bridge between East/West and
“convert intellectual capital to industrial growth.”
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