Bataan Death March Memorial Walk April 7th 2012 at the Dismal

Bataan Death March Memorial Walk
April 7th 2012 at the Dismal Swamp Trail, Chesapeake
Take a part in a walking event commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the
Bataan Death March of World War II. Honor the 90,000 US and Filipino
Servicemen who suffered and endured one of the most harrowing events in
The March is open to all
Three events (See back page for details)
06:00 walk to the NC border and back (16.6 miles)
10:00 5 mile walk
11:00 1 mile family walk
12:00 Closing remarks honoring the veterans
Participation is free, there will be an opportunity to donate to Mountain Eagles © and ANCOP © two
nonprofit charities who help poor Filipino children and wounded warriors after the event. Register
on-line at [email protected]
Rules and Safety Tips
Safety Tips
Everyone who is participating must be in the proper shape and have
on good footgear and sensible clothing.
No child under 18 is allowed to participate with out a parent
Respect other people on the trail keep to the side so bicycles and
runners may pass
Drink plenty of liquids - DRINK BOTH WATER AND SPORTS DRINKS. Do not drink
only water. Water will be available at the water points. If you march and sweat for a
long time and drink only water, you can dilute your body's electrolytes, which can
lead to weakness, nausea and confusion. Remember, by the time you are thirsty, it's
too late!
Listen to your body! See a medic if you are not feeling well.
Register NLT 30 minutes prior to an event for safety accountability
Listen to your feet! Take care of hot spots before they turn into nasty blisters.
Be safe always
Register on-line at [email protected] or on site prior to your
event, just send an email with names and intended event
Use sunscreen. Sunburn can occur within 10-to-15 minutes.
Watch your step. Beware of rough terrain.
Be respectful of wildlife along the route.
LONG MARCH- 16.6 miles
Participants can walk individually or in teams, teams are encouraged.
Military can march individually or in a group, field utility uniform
boots and ruck sacks with no more than 45 lbs can be worn for this
Children under 18 are not recommended for this march, anyone
under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
If you see a marcher who needs aid, help them. Report injured or ill marchers to
walk officials.
There are four water points along the route - make sure you drink plenty of liquids.
The greatest danger to walkers is dehydration because of the humid climate. DO
NOT drink alcoholic beverages the night prior to the march.
We encourage you to alternate between water and sports drink that will be available
at water points.
MID MARCH – 5 Miles
Participants can walk individually or as a team
Anyone who becomes injured should remain on the route until medical attention
arrives from the nearest water point to avoid further injury. Anyone who witnesses
an unsafe act or an injured marcher will immediately report the situation to the
nearest water point or roving patrol.
Anyone can partake in this event
"Keeping your feet clean and dry throughout the march will help avoid
blisters. Change sweaty socks during the walk and consider using a quality foot
powder or even antiperspirant on your feet to help control sweating. Above all, don't
try anything new (e.g., new shoes, new type of socks, new insoles or flexible
orthotics) on the day of the march. If you have not trained with it, do not use it.
"Good pace, common sense and proactive hydration will help ensure that your
participation in the Bataan Memorial Death March is a safe and memorable
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