Flexible Screens

Flexible Screens
Sean Ouye
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Samsung Flexible Display
• YOUM brand name.
• OLED technology
• Made of plastic
No glass involved
• The phone will not shatter if
Phone can bend back and forth
• Nicholas Sheridon
• The father of E-paper
• Gyricon
• The ability to display images onto a flexible
background and re-use that same material.
• Cost-inefficient
• Gyricon and E-paper never had much
success, but was on the right track.
OLED Technology
• Organic Light-Emitting Diode
Similar to LED, but produce more
natural light.
More energy efficient and smaller.
Can be placed on plastic.
OLED’s and Flexible Screens
• OLED’s allow for curved edges.
• More room is available for content.
• OLED’s allow for screens to be made of materials
other than glass.
• LED’s need a glass support for the backlight.
Less efficient than OLED’s.
Comparison of Flexible Screens (OLED's) vs. LCD Screens (LED)
Flex Screens (OLED)
High: Cannot mass
produce. Low cost
technology isn't
available yet.
Low: Ability to mass
LCD Screens (LED)
Durable: Mostly made
of plastic. More
susceptible to water
Lighter: Potential to be
just a thin sheet of
Faster: More responsive
to touch.
Unlimited: Can be
applied to curved or
round services.
Fragile: Screen is made
of glass and will shatter
Heavier: Requires glass
and more support
Slower: Older
Limited: Requires a flat,
straight surface.
• Technology isn’t good enough to
produce a finished product.
Melting problems
Materials are expensive
Materials are hard to find and
Need to create a demand
• LG
• Nokia
• Toshiba
• Sony
• Samsung
Vision of the Near Future
Flexible screens benefit more than
just phone technology.
Might become an essential part in our
everyday lives.
OLED’s can be placed anywhere!
Car windshields
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