Why Join AFC at Valencia?

The Association of Florida Colleges is the professional Association for Florida's 28
public community colleges, their Boards, employees, retirees, and associates. The
mission of the Association is to actively promote, democratically represent, support,
and serve the individual members and institutions in their endeavors to provide their
students and the citizens of Florida with the best possible comprehensive community
college educational system.
The Association was organized in 1949 as the Florida Association of Public Junior
Colleges by the presidents of Florida's first four public junior colleges. Its mission was
to unite the colleges for the purposes of helping the Florida Legislature understand
the junior college mission and to advocate for Florida's public junior colleges in the
development of the state's long-range plan for higher education.
Since 1949, the Association's mission and purposes have grown in scope as has the
Association itself. In 1971, the Association became the Florida Association of
Community Colleges. The Association changed its name to the Association of Florida
Colleges in 2010. It has since become the most inclusive higher education
organization serving any college system in the nation. The AFC is the only such
Association which represents all employees, presidents, and trustees associated with a
college system. Today, all 28 of the state's colleges support the work of the Association
through institutional dues as do nearly 8500 regular and retired members through the
sharing of their talents, time and energy.
Welcome to the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) web site. AFC is
the one organization that represents all faculty, staff, administrators, trustees,
presidents, and retirees from Florida's 28 public community and state colleges. The
Association consists of local campus-based Chapters, Commissions, and Regions lead by
a Board of Directors. Membership is currently over 8,000 and moving upward. The
highlight of the Association year is our annual convention held in October/November.
Please take a good look at our Web site http://myafchome.org to find out what AFC is all
about! We will continue to provide useful up-to-date information about our Association
and its members. I encourage you to contact us.
It is a Union
It is a politically affiliated group
It is just meetings and information
It is a group to join in name only
There is no way to get involved
It is not supported by the college
It is only social functions
If I join and am not an active participant
I am not an asset
Representation and Advocacy
Your membership dues support AFC’s Advocacy efforts. AFC employs an exceptional team of experienced lobbyists to ensure that
your needs come first. Our team of contract lobbyists, the Legislative Committee, the Policy & Advocacy Committee, the Trustees,
and the AFC CEO work to tell our stories with a powerful voice.
Listening Legislature
AFC’s more than 8,000 voices are heard through its one unified voice and message on issues of importance to you and the 28
community and state colleges it supports and promotes. Partnering with the Division of State Colleges, when we speak –
legislature listens.
Information Resource
AFC’s members are guaranteed access to the most up-to-date in formation related to the community and state colleges in Florida
through an intricate array of resources. COP, CSA, CIA, RDC, and COBA all work with AFC
Through your membership, you demonstrate that you support and are involved in the future of the community and state college
system. You also demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning as you continue to develop your career and professional
The AFC network is priceless! The value of the relationships you will develop and foster throughout your career can not be
measured. More than anything else, this benefit will last you a lifetime.
Professional Growth
Knowledge gained through understanding, exposure, and shared information is beneficial to each individual member. Chapter,
Region, and Commission involvement enhances leadership skills, provide for promotional opportunities, and increases the
knowledge base of the individual, institution, department, and division.
The quarterly newsletter Current and the weekly legislative update Perception are available to members. Each highlights current
and upcoming events while providing members with current news and other significant information.
Member Discount Programs
AFC negotiates many discounts on products and services. Educational, theme park, promotional items, rental cars, and other
discounted tickets and specials.
Professional Development
Awards and Recognition
Networking and Resource sharing
Region & Chapter meetings
Commissions –17 specialty groups
Conferences and Conventions
Community Service
AFC Website
Commission Exemplary Practices
Professor of the Year
Chapter of the Year
Leroy Collins Outstanding Alumni
James L. Wattenbarger Award
Distinguished Service Awards
Trustee of the Year
Outstanding AFC Board member
Membership level Awards
Unsung Hero Award
Commission of the Year
Honorary Life Award
Council of Presidents
College and Contract Lobbyists
Policy and Advocacy
Committee Annual Legislative Planning Summit
Trustees and Presidents
AFC provides a launching point for lobbying during Legislative
Just in time info to members – publication of Perception
Key contact network –member advocates
Mileage reimbursement from $0.29 to $0.445 per mile a $0.155 increase
Daily meal per diem from $21.00 per day to $36.00 per day
3% instead of 5% pension contribution
Insurance for part time employees and their family
Faculty tenure issue
Legislative updates - http://www.myafchome.org/legislative-session
The Certified College Professional (CCP) Program will provide AFC member with the opportunity
to earn a designation related to their work as a college professional, and expose them to
content and experience they may not be able to obtain elsewhere. The CCP program provides
significant value-added benefits for membership in the AFC and enhances the AFC's role as the
primary professional development provider for the Florida College System.
If you are considering earning the Association of Florida Colleges Certified College Professional
(CCP) designation, please keep in mind the following initial criteria that you must meet before
You have been a member of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) for at least one year
You have been employed full-time by a Florida College System institution for at least 3 years,
and you have at least one year of experience in your current position at the college
You are committed to upholding the AFC Certified College Professional "Standards of Conduct"
Your college president will support your effort to earn the CCP
Regardless of your academic background and professional experience, the CCP designation can
set you apart from the rest of your colleagues and go a long way to advancing your career in the
Florida College System. If the above criteria applies to you, then earning the CCP designation
may be a good decision.
This week – Chapter/Campus meetings
May 8th - Mother’s Day Drawings
May 10th – Black Hammock Airboat Rides and meal, 2pm
May 14 – 16th - Student Development Commission Conference (PHCC)
May 16 – 17th - Joint Commission Conference (Sarasota)
July 11 – 12th - Membership Development Conference (Cape Coral)
September 12 -13th – First Annual Trustees Commission Conference (Disney)
November 14 -16th – 64th Annual Convention, Destin, FL
October 29 – 31st , 2014 – 65th Annual Convention, Orlando, FL
There is no better time to be a member of the AFC than right now. With the current state of
the national and state economy, it is crucial to be on the front lines in regards to legislative
issues, professional development, and personal growth.
By joining AFC, you will be kept abreast of the current happenings both locally and
statewide as it relates to higher education and the Florida State College System. Our mission
is simple – to promote actively and represent, support, and serve democratically members
and institutions in their endeavors to provide their students and the citizens of Florida the
best possible comprehensive community college educational system.
As a member, you are now a part of a unique organization. AFC is the organization to define
critical public policy and legislative issues while enhancing the public awareness and
understanding of the mission of the state’s community and state colleges.
You are encouraged to utilize all of our resources from networks with colleagues at other
institutions, meetings and conferences, publications, advocacy efforts, and the AFC partner
benefits like the college tuition discounts. It is our sincere hope that you will take advantage
of the opportunities to grow your career, expand your leadership skills, increase your
network, and make good use of Your Association! Remember your AFC membership opens
the door to a variety of opportunities for you to make new friends and contacts statewide!
Access to individuals with experience, connections, answers and solutions to problems you
may face is a priceless value. As the professional association for community college
employees, the AFC brings together all the major players in the Florida State College system
to benefit you and your institution. This is Your Association!
Shelby Fiorentino – Chapter President
VP of Regions & Chapters
[email protected] or x1619
Damion Hammock – Chapter President – Elect
[email protected] or x6917

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