Big data applications in transportation and finance systems

Applications of Big Data in
Transportation and Finance
Hardeep Kumar (2014CSB2106)
Aridaman Singh (2014CSB2103)
What big data is?
● Structured and unstructured large data sets
which is difficult to process using our
traditional systems due complexity.
● High-volume, high-velocity and high-variety
The Three V’s
● Volume
● Velocity
● Variety
Big data is not only about the volume of data but
also its velocity and variety
Why so much data?
● Digitisation of Travel, Shopping, Downloading,
billing system, online transactions etc.
● Increasing of technologies like smartphones
and electronics devices which leave footprints
every time they used.
● Internet of things collects large amount data
like sensors, traffic cameras etc.
Big Data and finance
To get the right information to identify the right
markets and customers at the right time and
enable us to make the right strategic decisions.
Big data and finance system
Consumer risk models
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting using Data
Financial Analytics & Dashboards
Share market
Fraud Detection
Consumer risk models
● Better understand customers through
automated consumer facing services
● Online interaction of customers
● Redefine customer groups
● Online credit and debit purchases, direct
deposits, and detailed web browsing trails.
Personalization and
● Differentiate offerings based on a firm’s
collective intelligence
● Retain loyal customers with personalized
Fraud Detection and Antimoney Laundering
● Detection of online frauds i.e online
● Banks are increasingly turning to analytics to
predict and prevent
fraud in real-time
● Detect IP addresses
or unusual login times
● Real-Time Big Data
Financial Analytics &
Big data and Transportation
With the help of big data we use vehicles more
productively can provide the same or better
access to transportation services with 46–84
percent less driving.
Big data transport future
● The world is becoming INSTRUMENTED
Smart sensors on road, in cars, cell data, Connected cars
● The world is becoming INTERCONNECTED
Linking information on road, in cars and railways, throughout the
supply chain – “the internet of things / vehicles”
● The world is becoming INTELLIGENT
Cars talking to each other, sensors talking to each other, we can
predict where traffic jams are, before and while you drive
How are Governments using big
Traffic Controlling
Transport Planning and Modeling
Route Planning
Congestion Management
Intelligent Transport Systems
How is the Private Sector using
big data?
Travel Industry
Route Planning and Logistics
Revenue Management
Competitive Advantage
Technological Enhancements
How are Individuals using big
● Route Planning (save time/increase
● Travel (tourism)
● Navigation system
Train Signal and Control Systems
● High-tech, complex process for tracking location of
trains, estimating travel times, etc.
● From electro-mechanical to electronic-digital
● Automatic Block Signaling, Cab Signaling System,
Centralized Traffic Control, Automatic Train Control,
Communications-Based Train Control, Automatic Train
Operation, Positive Train Control, Driverless ATO
Route Planning and Scheduling
• Performs routine, tedious tasks — routing,
developing timetables, blocking into bus and train
schedules, runcutting, and other essential
component tasks such as rostering
• Allows schedulers and transit planners to quickly
develop many different scheduling scenarios
• Significantly increases operational efficiency
Automatic Vehicle Location
Uses GPS-based data + Analytics to track both buses and trains
Passenger Information System
Based on AVL or train signal/dispatching
Big hit with passengers
Automated Fare Collection (AFC)
• Uses ticket vending machines (TVMs)
• Smartcards provide access to all types of transit
services across multiple operating agencies and
• AFC Analytics provide details of how passengers
are using systems, identify trends, help improve
Automated Passenger Counting
• Informs agency as to how many passengers are boardingdeboarding each vehicle, precisely where this happens
• Data can be used to provide better service and project
evolving ridership trends
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