Celia White`s presentation

Applied Research Opportunities
for Environmental Geography 101
VIU Healthy Communities Coordinator
VIU’s Campus Food Movement
• Increase access to healthy, sustainably sourced foods
• Increase food literacy
• Increase food production on campus
• Increase the celebration of food
VIU’s Healthy Communities Coordinator
Roles and Outcomes
Expand CFM efforts
Assist with RFP’s
Facilitate VIU Food Strategy
Collaborate with community food projects
• Develop curriculum
Curriculum Development - Why Bother?
• Everybody eats
• Interdisciplinary learning
• Sustainability is not black and white
• Every challenge is a project opportunity!
Developing Curriculum
Knowledge Gaps
Provide Support
Bridge silos
Applied Student Research - Why Bother?
• Learning with life
• Meaningful, iterative knowledge creation
• Tangible and locally relevant project results
• Experiential learning
ASR Opportunities
• Life Cycle Analysis
• Compostable products
• Edibles
• Reusable containers
• Disposal practices audit
Any Questions?
Thank you!

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