Major Turning Points in Islam

The Second largest religion in the world
 The Five Pillars of Islam- Shahada
 The Shahada is the Islamic proclamation that “there is
no true God except Allah and Muhammad id the
messenger of Allah”
 This is the confession Allah is the only true God, and
that Allah will do whatever he wants with whoever he
pleases. Meaning that whatever Allah says goes!
 Muhammad is the greatest prophet of Allah. Allah used
Muhammad to convey the last and final revelation.
 The Five Pillars of Islam- Prayer
 Prayer is the confession of sins, and the purification of
the body and soul.
 Prayer is performed 5 times a day, the first being at
sunrise, and the last at sunset.
 They also have name for the prayers. The names for the
prayers are as follows: Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Isha, and
Maghrib. Maghrib is the sunset prayer, and Isha is the
prayer that is performed after sunset. Shurooq is the
prayer that is performed after Fajr. It is often overlooked
by others who are learning about Islam.
 The Five Pillars of Islam- Fasting (saum)
 The month of Ramadan is when the worshiper denies
his/her daily needs and seeks Allah
 Fasting- no drinking, eating, or sexual activities during daylight
hours the entire month of Ramadan.
 The Fives pillars of Islam- Alms
 Alms is Charity given to the poor. Not only does it
benefit the poor, but it also makes the giver look more
holy to Allah.
 The Five Pillars of Islam- Pilgrimage (Hajj)
 This pilgrimage is given to Mecca. Only if the worshiper
is able to give will it be mandatory. This includes a
Financial sacrifice and is considered an act of worship.
 It is common that most make their pilgrimage the first
half and the last month of the Lunar year.
For about nine centuries, starting in the ninth
century, the Romans crusaded into Islamic territory
attempting to convert them by force. This was the
last major event in Islam history up until the present.

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