Lincoln Hubbard After School Activities Fall 2013

Lincoln Hubbard
After School Activities
Fall 2014
Dear Parents,
On behalf of the Lincoln Hubbard PTO, we are pleased to announce the Fall 2014 After
School Activities!
These activities are a great way for your child/children to explore something new, make
new friends and have fun!
The Fall schedule consists of some old favorites, as well as a couple of new ones. Once
again, teacher involvement helps to make these programs a success and we are so grateful
for their time and support.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Diana Moran
[email protected]
Melissa Sartorius
[email protected]
Registration Forms due: Friday, September 12th
Lincoln-Hubbard After School Activities
Fall 2014 - 3:05-4:05PM
September 23, 30
October 7, 14, 21, 28
Snow date: 11/11
Grades 1 and 2
Lego Architects
Little Bakers
Grades 1 - 3
Grades 3-5
Creative Art
Gym After Hours
October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November 13
Snow date: No snow date*
Grades 1 and 2
Little Scientists
Grades 2 and 3
Grades 3-5
Behind the Scenes
Junior Bakers
*Money will be reimbursed if a snow date is needed.
Tuesday Classes
Lego Architects
Instructor: Mrs. Rosaly Kovach
Grade 1-2
Cost: $85
Do you love working with Legos? Use your imagination to create and construct original scenes
and structures out of Legos and make new friends in the process!
Little Bakers
Instructor: Smartycat Kids
Grades 1-2
Cost: $100
During this class, students will learn how to measure, mix, and bake as they follow fun recipes,
and also how to use a variety of decorating tools and techniques that transform our cupcakes and
mini cakes into edible works of art!
Instructor: Loft of Yoga
Grades 1-3
Cost: $100
Taught by two of Summit’s own moms, Rita Murti and Grier Hynes, owners of Loft of Yoga, and
one of their best instructors Nancie Byrnes! Experience a great way to relax and take a deep
breath after a long day at school. Classes will focus on the benefits of positive energy, fun and
sense of calm.
Creative Art Lab
Instructor: Smartycat Kids
Grades 1-2
Cost: $100
This is the ultimate class for fostering creativity and allowing children complete freedom to
express themselves through their art! We show examples and techniques for each project, but
then encourage children to use their own ideas and techniques as they experiment with a wide
variety of materials and have a chance to discover their own artistic style!
Gym After Hours
Instructor: Mr. Nick Murray
Grades 3-5
Cost: $85
Can't get enough of gym class? Need to burn off some extra steam? Come join the fun and
excitement with an extra hour of games including Crab Soccer, Star Wars, GaGa and many more.
There is no such thing as too much exercise!
Instructor: Smartycat Kids
Grades 3-5
Cost: $100
This program is all about having fun tinkering with technology and designing and constructing
engineering projects. Each week we rotate between engineering challenges and technology
lessons. Students will work on a wide range of projects that include everything from constructing
structures and machines from scrap materials, to creating circuit boards, or programming robots.
Thursday Classes
Little Scientists
Instructor: Smartycat Kids
Grades 1- 2
Cost: $100
Using fully hands-on activities and experiments, we make learning science fun! We will explore the
basics of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and technology in this lively and interactive class.
Instructor: Mr. Pierre Agbadou
Grades 1-2
Cost $100
Dribble, charge, shoot and score! Don't pass up this opportunity to improve your soccer skills with
Mr. Agbadou who was named the 2011 National U.S. Youth Soccer Region 1 Recreation Coach of
the Year (Region 1 encompasses 15 states on the East Coast). Develop new techniques and a love for
the game while practicing teamwork and good sportsmanship.
Instructor: Miss Deborah Yendrick
Grades 2-3
Cost $85
Come and have fun with your L-H classmates while using games to train your brain, and boost logic
and learning skills all through the power of play. Solitaire Chess, Perplexus, Gobblet and more, join us
to see what's in store and most of all, the thinking your brain can do!!!
Behind the Scenes – Seussical Set Design
Instructor: Mrs. Ashley Yospin
Grades 3-5
Cost $85
Work behind the scenes with Mrs. Yospin and help create the sets for LH’s upcoming play, Seussical.
Interview the director, Ms. Vu, to determine her vision, let your creative juices flow as you
brainstorm ways to create the set, then roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty while you help create
Junior Bakers
Instructor: Smartycat Kids
Grades 3-5
Cost: $100
During this class, students will learn how to measure, mix, and bake as they follow fun recipes, and
also how to use a variety of decorating tools and techniques that transform our cupcakes and mini
cakes into edible works of art!
General Information
Classes will run on either Tuesdays or Thursdays for six weeks. Please check your calendar
and make note of the specific days. Dates are not consecutive.
Confirmation and Room Assignments
Confirmation and room assignments will be emailed prior to the start of the program.
During the first week of the session escorts will be available to take the 1 s t graders
to their classes. If you ever have any concerns feel free to escort your child to his/her class
throughout the session. If you wish to do so, please call Yvonne Travers in the main office
prior to arrival and remember to sign in/out at the main office.
Pick-up Procedure
After School Activities are PTO sponsored programs. They are not a Lincoln-Hubbard
program. It’s the responsibility of the parent to ensure his/her child is picked up on time.
ASA’s end promptly at 4:05PM. Children will be dismissed from the Upper Crescent Avenue
doors by Yvonne Travers. Only those listed as approved people on your registration form
may pick-up your child.
Class Cancellations
There is one make-up class scheduled for the session due to a class being cancelled for
weather or a last minute emergency. Due to scheduling conflicts, there is no make-up for
the Thursday ASAs this session. $15 will be reimbursed if a snow date is needed for the
Thursday ASAs.
PTO scholarships are available. Mr. Carlin will review all need-based scholarships. Please
call him in the office at 273-1333. If you’re applying for a scholarship, please send in your
registration form with a note indicating that Mr. Carlin is reviewing for a scholarship. Do not
wait for his approval before signing up.
Snacks will not be provided. Please feel free to send one in for your child. Time will be
provided before entering the ASA classroom for the provided snack.
Food Allergy Policy
Many of the rooms are nut-free during the school day. Please respect this rule. It’s for the
safety of our children. The ingredients used in the Little Bakers class are tree-nut and
peanut free. We are unable to accommodate gluten allergies.
Registration Procedures
Complete a separate registration form for each child and each course. Forms may
be copied if needed.
Return the form to your child’s teacher on or before September 12th.
All checks should be made out to Lincoln-Hubbard PTO. Please attach a separate
check for each class.
Registration will not be done on a first come first serve basis. There will be a
lottery for classes that are over-subscribed. If you have previously been bumped
from a class, you will be placed in the class of your choice prior to the lottery.
If needed, the lottery will be held on September 15th or 16th.
If we don’t meet the minimum numbers of students per class, we will need to
cancel the class.
You will be notified of the classes your child is in the week of September 15th. If
you do not get into your first choice class you will be given the opportunity to
sign up for another class or will be issued a refund.
We will be offering one make-up for classes that are cancelled due to weather.
***Please note, each ASA registration requires a separate form and
check. Feel free to photocopy this form or print from
Lincoln-Hubbard ASA Registration Form
Please submit a separate registration form for each course and each child. All
checks should be payable to Lincoln-Hubbard PTO.
Child’s Name:_________________________________________________
Child’s Grade and Class:_________________________________________
ASA Class:__________________________________________________
ASA Class Cost:______________________________________________
Contact Information:__________________________________________
Parent Name:________________________________________________
Home Phone:________________________________________________
Work Phone:_________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name:______________________________________
Emergency Contact Phone:_____________________________________
Pick-up Information
___ My child will be picked up by:_____________________________
___ My child has permission to walk home if it is before 4:15pm
___ My child has permission to return to the after school Connection
program at the end of class
Registration Forms due: Friday, September 12th
***Please note, each ASA registration requires a separate form
and check. Feel free to photocopy this form or print from

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