What is the IBM Academic Initiative?

IBM Academic Initiative System z
Don Resnik – IBM Academic Initiative, Overall Program Manager
Troy D Crutcher – IBM Academic Initiative, Global Contest Project Manager
Paul Newton – IBM Academic Initiative, IT Specialist
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What is the IBM Academic Initiative?
Membership in the IBM Academic Initiative is free and open to
individual faculty members.
A skills initiative – An IBM program that partners with academic
institutions worldwide to build a pipeline of skilled students for the IT jobs
of tomorrow and skills for a smarter planet.
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Cross Organizations AI z Core Team
STG Development
(James Ground, Amy Bildzok, Maria Boonie)
• WW Program
Troy Crutcher
• Enables Schools
• Assists Clients
ISV / AI Programs
(Larry Ghearing, Kathy Bennett, Don Boulia)
Paul Newton
• Grows Ecosystem
• Enables z Growth
• Removes Skills Issues
System z Marketing & Strategy
(Mark Anzani, Mike Desens, Ross Mauri)
• Assists Sellers & BPs
• Marketing Content
Don Resnik
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IBM zEnterprise Academic Initiative
Key Milestones & Results in Our Journey
 Since its inception in 2003, the program has grown
significantly benefiting schools, students, and clients
 Market place demand for enterprise systems resources
over the last decade has remained strong
 Our clients have expressed continued interest in
expanding the program to ensure a healthy ecosystem
Job Candidates
9 Communities
360+ companies
actively recruiting
Over 4,200
Job Seekers
Over 1K Schools
in 67 countries
$10M+ over
in 10 years
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Client Skills and Academic Initiatives
FIE skills
Linux and z/OS
Ecosystem Awareness
Press, Analysts, Events,
Conferences, Awards,
(constant drumbeat)
Global Support
for community
initiatives that drive
z skills
Client Skills Service
Briefings, Training
Resumes, Professor
Introductions, Help
Desk, Resources,
Certification Coupons,
Contest system for
WW School enablement
Curriculum, Contests,
T3s, Certifications, Job Board
Website, Tech support
Loaner Systems,
Hubs, IIC Dallas,
Software, zPDT
Marketing Materials for
Clients, Educators,
Sellers, Ambassadors
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Resources for Educators
 Program membership
– 10 minutes (ibm.com/university/systemz)
 Remote access to IBM Mainframe systems
– Full software stack available on hub systems
– WW coverage and support
– System customization according to skills
 Thousands of software products available
for download
 Access to course materials
– Modules to full semester
– Foundational to advanced topics
– Applicable to multiple computing disciplines
– Presentations, textbooks, labs, exams
– Teach as is or integrate into existing curricula
 Ongoing Faculty skills development
– Seminars and workshops
– Calendar of events
 Connections with the community
– Roundtable
– Participating schools
The Academic Initiative is NOT
a predefined program.
It is designed for flexibility.
Use what you want
when you want it.
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Enterprise System Courses
Foundational Principles
An Introduction to the Mainframe Large Scale Commercial Computing
An Introduction to the Mainframe Networking*
An Introduction to the Mainframe Security*
An Introduction to the Mainframe z/OS Basics*
Operating Systems
An Introduction to the New
Mainframe - z/VSE Basics
Introduction to z/VM
Linux on System z
z/OS UNIX System Services
User Interfaces
Enterprise Server Storage
Management - VSAM
ISPF z/OS Basic Interfaces
Programming Languages
COBOL Learning Modules
Enterprise Server Assembler
Language Coding
Enterprise Server Introduction to
Programming JCL
Introduction to the COBOL
Information, Data, and Transaction Management
DB2 9 for z/OS Advanced System and Disaster
DB2 9 for z/OS Application Data Recovery
DB2 9 for z/OS Application Performance and
DB2 9 for z/OS Application Programming
DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Part 1
DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Part 2
DB2 9 for z/OS Implementation Workshop
DB2 9 for z/OS System Administration
DB2 9 for z/OS System Performance Analysis
and Tuning
DB2 9 for z/OS Utilities for Database
DB2 for z/OS Application Development
DB2 for z/OS Fundamentals
DB2 for z/OS Query Optimization and
Performance Tuning
DB2 Family Fundamentals
IMS Fundamentals
DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users
Introduction to IMS
z/OS and DB2 Basics for DB2 for z/OS DBA
Introduction to Enterprise Systems Testing
Application Development
Developing COBOL with Rational
Developer for System z V8.0
e-business with WebSphere Application
Server for z/OS
Essentials of Rational Team Concert for
System z V2.0
Rational Developer for System z Learning
Enterprise Server Data Management
Enterprise Server Transaction Management
Mini Boot Camp
z/OS Advanced Topics*
z/OS Emerging Technologies*
*available in audio version
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Student/Professor access - z/OS, z/VM, Linux on z, and z/TPF
Master the Mainframe Contests
World Championship 2013
All Countries
World Championship 2016 +
Robert Morris University
Columbus State University
West Texas A&M
Global Online Learning (Australia)
DeVry University
San Jose State University
Cegep de Thetford (Canada)
Long Island University
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
University of North Texas
Ryerson University (Canada)
Denmark Technical University
University of Redlands
Polytechnic School of Carlos III University
Notre Dame University
Fairmont State University
Illinois State University
University of Malaysia (Pahang)
Vellore Institute of Technology (India)
zSoftware and Services for Campus Resident System z
Dallas ISV Center
Access provided to many other universities
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2014 IBM Enterprise Systems Educator Conference
June 2 - 4 - Hosted at Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh, PA)
The IBM Academic Initiative; along with Robert Morris University, is excited to sponsor and invite you to
this no cost, face-to-face enterprise systems educator seminar. Introduce your students to the most
secure computing platform, most current state-of-the-art hardware - the "cloud in a box" - the IBM
System z.
 Attend engaging workshops taught by leading university professors
 Engage in hands-on workshops and lab exercises
 Meet other professors from around the country to explore new ideas
 Agenda Topics (subject to change)
 Strategies for Implementing System z into the Curriculum
 Employer Panel - Demands for Young Professionals from Fortune 500 Companies
 Enterprise Security Framework - What can you Teach your Students
 Introducing COBOL and the Mainframe
 How to Integrate DB2 Using RDz into your Curriculum
 How to Integrate zOS and RD Traveler into your Curriculum
 How to Integrate WebSphere and MQ into your Curriculum
 Introducing "Mobile to Mainframe with Worklight" into your Curriculum
 What Big Data means to you
 What can the IBM Academic Initiative Program do for you
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Academic Initiative System z – School Profiles (NEW)
© 2014 IBM Corporation
School Profiles – Connecting clients with schools
and students
Access profiles on:
 System z participating schools page
- Select the ‘Profile’ link
 IBM Connections
- Search Public folders
- Use keyword ‘Academic initiative’
- Locate profiles by geography
 Individual and Master global profile
- School classifications
- Visual mapping
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The IBM System z
Academic Initiative
Over 1000 schools
Using the z AI
Binghamton University NY
[email protected]
California State at Dominquez Hills
[email protected]
Cegep De Thetford Quebec
[email protected]
Columbus State U, GA
[email protected]
DeVry University
[email protected]
Eastern Illinois University
[email protected]
Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ
[email protected]
Fairmont State University, WV
[email protected]
Illinois State University
[email protected]
Marist College, NY
[email protected]
North Carolina A&T University
[email protected]
Northern Illinois University
[email protected]
Pace University NY
[email protected]
Southeast Community College, NE
[email protected]
Robert Morris University, PA
[email protected]
Rochester Institute of Technology
[email protected]
Ryerson University Toronto
[email protected]
New York Institute of Technology
[email protected]
These 25 schools in North America have taken Syracuse University, NY
mainframe education to the next level –
University of Arkansas
- multiple courses
[email protected]
[email protected]
University of MD Eastern Shore
[email protected]
- certificate programs
University of North Texas
[email protected]
- minors
University of South Carolina
[email protected]
- concentrations.
West Texas A&M University
[email protected]
Widener University PA
[email protected]
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Resources for Students
 Participate in IBM sponsored contests
– ibm.com/university/students/contests/
– Master the Mainframe (No experience
 Launch your career
– Job Board - SystemzJobs.com
– IBM jobs:
 Validate your skills and get recognized
– System z Mastery test
Membership is NOT
required for students.
© 2014 IBM Corporation
IBM Master the Mainframe Contest
• Runs in the fall semester
• Hands-on contest for university and
High school students
• No experience necessary
• Remote logon from dorms, apartments, labs
• Increasing difficulty, increasing prize levels
– Part 1: 1-2 hours to complete, win a T-shirt
– Part 2: 10-20 hours to complete, win IBM Prize Pack
– Part 3: Weeks to months to complete, win a tablet computer and a trip to an IBM
mainframe lab
Worldwide totals: 10 years, 38 countries, 76,000+ students!
© 2014 IBM Corporation
How the Master the Mainframe Contest Works
The IBM Master the Mainframe contest is an exciting opportunity for students to gain real-world experience using enterprise computing skills.
Hosted at high schools, colleges and universities all over the world, this unique mainframe computing contest is designed to equip students
with mainframe knowledge, and challenge their skills in a hands-on coding experience.
To compete in the Master the Mainframe contest, no experience with mainframes is necessary. In fact, the contest is designed for students
with little or no mainframe experience, increasing with difficulty as the contest progresses. Students just need to bring drive and competitive
spirit, and they will be ready to compete. With a growing demand for a new generation of enterprise computing professionals, participation in
Master the Mainframe contests could give students the career edge they need.
Part one: Breaking the ice
IBM will provide contestants with screenshots and directions to guide students on exactly what to do.
This helps acquaint each contestant with navigating the mainframe user interface, introduce them to
basic mainframe concepts, and get each student more comfortable with different aspects of the
Part two: Practical experience
Utilizing the skills each contestant learned in Part One, the students will perform extensive
programming (advanced commands, system setup, and advanced system navigation) and
application developing (C, JAVA, COBOL, assembler and REXX) tasks, as well as hands-on
experience with multiple operating systems (Linux on System z, z/VM, z/OS, z/TPF).
Part three: Real-world challenge
This is the most challenging stage and requires the contestants to work over weeks and months.
Tasks from this stage are taken from real life situations encountered by experienced systems
programmers, along with challenges designed to identify the contestants with the most drive and
© 2014 IBM Corporation
MTM Country Contests – Past and Present (As of October 22nd 2014)
Contest Dates
(If multiple, list)
Contest Dates
(If multiple, list)
2011, 2012, 2014
2008 - 2012
2011, 2012, 2014
2012, 2014
2011, 2012, 2014
2007, 2014
2012, 2013
2011, 2012, 2014
Puerto Rico
2013 - 2014
2007 - 2014
2011, 2012
2005 - 2014
2012, 2014
2011, 2012, 2014
2011 - 2014
2011, 2012, 2014
2011, 2012, 2014
2009 – 2012
2011, 2012, 2014
2011, 2012
United Kingdom
2006 -2014
2011, 2012, 2014
United States
2005 - 2014
2012, 2013
2011, 2012, 2014
2011, 2012, 2014
2010 - 2012
Since 2005 to Oct 2014.
Some contests were run with multiple countries as a bundle.
Some countries have held contests multiple times as indicated
© 2014 IBM Corporation
IBM zEnterprise Academic Initiative
Previous Master the Mainframe Winner Turns Pro
 West Texas A&M University
 Computer Science Graduate
 Professor Haiduk
([email protected]
 Master the Mainframe Contest
2010 winner, 3537 participants
549 schools
 Courses on the New Mainframe
 A career I never imagined
 2012 Hire at Fidelity
Operating Systems Programmer
© 2014 IBM Corporation
IBM MTM World Championship –March 10th - April 8th
Top students in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Business
from around the world will convene to compete in this premiere zEnterprise
programming challenge. Winning presentations will be judged by a panel of
corporate & academic leaders. Participants will have a unique opportunity
to network with executives and thought leaders across the IT industry.
Program Schedule
March 4th
Press Release
Kick Off!
March 10th to April 4th Remote Challenges
March 17th, 24th, 31st Leaderboard
April 7th
Final Competition
IBM Client Briefing Ctr
590 Madison Ave, NYC
Students, Judges, Press
Capacity: 70 Seats
April 8th
Learn More!
IBM Mainframe50 Event
583 Park Avenue
Warm Up Stretches
IBM Master the Mainframe World Championship
Inspiration: Why it All Matters
© 2014 IBM Corporation
© 2014 IBM Corporation
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Use IBM’s Job Board - SystemzJobs.com
Lets employers post detailed job requirements for job seekers of all experience levels to review and apply
Global pool of talent specializing in mainframe technology, including both students and experienced
Benefits of using SystemzJobs.com
Getting started
 Free, secure, and easy to use
 Fast access to mainframe jobs and talent
Follow these steps at SystemzJobs.com to
get started:
 Global
1. Create a secure account
2. Post or Search for jobs
3. Connects students and industry
Sponsored by the
IBM Academic Initiative, System z
Visit: ibm.com/university/systemz
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Building credentials – Entry level proficiency exams
IBM System z Mastery Exam
 Audience – Students studying enterprise
systems and industry professionals new to the
– Cost - $95
– 4,109+ students from 43 countries
 Available at Pearson VUE locations
No cost offering to
Academic Initiative
members and their
 Avenue for students to validate Enterprise
Computing knowledge and distinguish
themselves from other job candidates
 Industry feedback: Valuable measurement of
‘Entry Level Criteria’
 Resources
– Based on the Introduction to Mainframes:
z/OS Basics
 Learn more at
– ibm.com/developerworks/university/system
– ibm.com/certify/mastery_tests/ovrZ05.shtml
© 2014 IBM Corporation
University and High School Tours of IBM POK Site
 Eastern Connecticut State University
- AITP Chapter members
- Advanced topics using enterprise systems
- WebSphere/COGNOS, cloud computing, internet
applications, global collaboration, and intellectual
- Master the Mainframe Contest participation
- Tour: Manufacturing Floor, System Test tour, Cloud
computing (Frank DeGilio)
 Salesian High School, Rochelle, NY
- 20 Students
- Master the Mainframe Contest participation
- Tour: Manufacturing Floor, System Test tour
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Resources for Industry professionals
Use the Academic Initiative to build and locate skills
 Locate schools teaching enterprise systems to recruit new talent
School List
 Partner with IBM to build new skills for your business
[email protected]
 Advertise job opportunities to students and experienced professionals
 Use resources to assist with building internal employee skills
Training Materials
 Build credentials through Mastery Test
Mastery Test
 Stay connected with through communities and social media
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Partner with IBM to build new skills for your business
IBM will assist and enable a school of your choice to teach enterprise systems
Follow these steps:
1. Identify a school of your choice and ask yourself these questions:
- Where does your company recruit new talent today?
- Do you have an existing relationship with someone at a college
or university?
- Don’t limit your thinking to Computer Science.
Consider IT, MIS, IS, CSE and Business majors.
IBM has courses and modules that can be included in various majors
to expose students to enterprise systems thinking
2. Contact IBM at [email protected]
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Internal Training Resources
 http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/education/skills_coursematerials.html
© 2014 IBM Corporation
IBM zEnterprise Academic Initiative
Our Commitment to Ecosystem Vitality Post-Graduation
Community Links
z Technical University
zNextGen (900)
Enterprise Computing Community (1187)
Destination z (3489)
Enterprise Executive
z Journal (MainframeZone.com)
z/OS Hot Topics
TPF Users Group
Note: click the links when in Slide Show
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Social Media
“Like” us on Facebook to keep up with
all the latest news, offerings and
• IBM Academic
Initiative System z
• IBM Master the Mainframe Contest
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Marist College z/OS Online Classes for Clients
100% Instructor Led online
Systems programming and Application programming
- 7 Certificate programs
- 17 unique courses
Systems Programming Track
Cost effective
Study at your convenience
Developed and taught with support from IBM Clients
Active learning include labs, virtual classroom
discussion, and projects
z/OS Associate Certificate
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems
z/OS Networking
z/OS Security
z/OS Professional Certificate
z/OS Advanced Topics
z/OS Reliability, Availability, Serviceability and Problem
Determination (RAS and PD)
z/OS Emerging Technologies
z/OS Expert Certificate
z/OS Installation
DB2 Fundamentals
z/OS Performance Fundamentals
Client Testimonials
Application Programming Track
“I think these classes aren't only for system z
professionals; I believe all our IT architects
also would benefit taking this class. I wish I
got this opportunity when I started as a
system programmer 14 years ago. I guess I
would have been much more efficient from
start and also more cost efficient for the
COBOL Certificate
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems
Basic COBOL Programming
Advanced COBOL Programming
IMS Certificate
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems
IMS Fundamentals
IMS Application Programming
Assembler Certificate
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems
Basic Assembler Language Programming
Advanced Assembler Language Programming
DB2 Certificate
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems
DB2 Fundamentals
DB2 Application Programming
© 2014 IBM Corporation
IBM zEnterprise Academic Initiative
Benefits Recognized by Corporations and Schools
“Discovering IBM’s Academic
Initiative has been a critical
success factor in building a
lifeline to our future – a new
base of Systems Engineers and
Applications Developers who will
continue to evolve our mainframe
applications into flexible open
enterprise solutions while
maintaining high volume / high
availability demands. Without the
IBM Academic Initiative, perhaps
we could have found students with
aptitude – but participation in the
Academic Initiative demonstrates
a student’s interest in
mainframe technology which, to
us, translates to a wise long-term
-- Jeff Gill, Senior Business
Leader, Switching Systems – Visa
For the past 18 months, Citigroup
has actively pursued job creation
opportunities in mainframe
computing. IBM's Master the
Mainframe Contest offers a great
resource to secure candidates and
helps the company get critical
skills as quickly as possible.”
-- Martin Kennedy, Managing
Director at Citigroup
“The IBM Academic Initiative has
incredible resources to assist
your School in exposing your
students to this technology. I
currently have 30 students in my
mainframe class, and had to turn
away about 15 due to space
limitations. The placement in this
space is incredible. Ten of my
seniors (that I know of) already
have offers in hand for mainframe
jobs upon graduation, and it isn't
even October yet.
-- Dr. Cameron Seay, NC A&T
“A pioneer in mainframe education,
Tongji University hosts a
zEnterprise mainframe education
center in Shanghai China. Seven
mainframe courses were selected
by the Ministry of Education China
and IBM, promoted nationwide and
shared worldwide for free. Over
400 students per year complete
mainframe courses and
graduates earn positions with
IBM and its mainframe customers,
including Chinese banks, Morgan
Stanley, Citicorp Software, Atos
Origin, First Data, State Street and
Hi Sun etc. The students have
proved themselves very
competent in their fields and are
highly welcomed by the
-- Dr. Zhen GAO, School of
Software Engineering, Tongji
University, China
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Marist College Instructor Led Online z/OS classes
647 students from 90 businesses
Accenture S.A.
ACG - Auto Club Group
Aegon USA
Aetna, Inc.
Aformatik Trng. & Consulting GmbH & Co.
Archer Daniels Midland
ASR Nederland N.V.
Alcan Global ATI- North America
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
Auto Zone
Bank of America
Bank of Tokyo
BMC Software
Boston University
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
CIGNA Healthcare
Commonwealth Office of Technology,
State of KY
ConvergEx Group
Computer Sciences Corporation
Credit Suisse
Deere & Company (John Deere)
Department of Veterans Affairs
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Desert Sands Unified School District
Donovan Data Systems
DW Installations
Emirates Airlines
Everis Outsourcing
Fidelity Investments
Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp.
Great West Life Assurance Company
Insurance Services Offices (ISO)
Internal Revenue Service
JP Morgan Chase
Kansas City Life Ins.
Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA
Kimline Propane
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Louisiana Housing Fin Ag / Baton Rouge
M & T Bank
Marist College
Marriott Corporation
MassMutual Financial Group
Merlin International – Veterans Affairs
Mitchell Martin
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company
Nationwide Insurance Company
New York University
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Northrup Grumman
NYCE Payments Network LLC
NYS Dept of Tax & FinOCIT, Sacramento Cty.
Outsourcing deTecnica deSistemas
- Hardware
Ohio Public Employees
System Partsearch Technologies
Progressive Insurance
PSC Electrical Contracting
Referrential Systems
Rutgers University - Office of IT
Safenet Security, Inc.
Scotia Bank
Sears Holdings Corporation
Secura Insurance Company
Self Employed Consultant
State Farm Insurance
Systemware, Inc.
T. Rowe Price
Tata Consulting
Thomson Financial-Transaction
Tjornin Consulting Pty, Ltd.
University of Maryland Eastern
Shores (UMES)
Unum Group
US Treasury
Wachovia Bank
Washington State Department of
Wells Fargo
© 2014 IBM Corporation
MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses
© 2014 IBM Corporation
What’s next…..
Get detailed profiles of schools teaching z
Grow more quality education programs in schools
Scale out to help more clients with skills
Prioritize efforts based on clients and MIPS
concentration in a region
Change the perception in the market about the
complexity of deploying z - external proof points
Getting Started with Enterprise Systems (ESLMs)
- New learning content / new to platform
- Series of Mini modules
- Secondary education pilot
© 2014 IBM Corporation
Challenges we’re addressing
 How to scale the program to:
– “Care and feed” the growing # of schools to drive more quality programs
More z people to support educators
– Help more clients with skills concerns (high touch model)
More z people to do what we do every day to help our clients
 How to make it easier for our clients to see school content, connect with
educators, and hire students
 Show the market - clients that deployed z with no skills issues
© 2014 IBM Corporation
The Next Generation of Enterprise Systems Talent
Thank You
IBM Enterprise Systems
© 2014 IBM Corporation

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