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An introduction to Veyo
Veyo is a comprehensive conveyancing
portal, offering an efficient, secure,
and smart way to manage property
transactions – from client instruction
to completion.
Launching Spring 2015.
Made for desktop,
mobile and tablet.
Who is behind Veyo?
The Law Society
Mastek UK
The Law Society is the independent
professional body established for
solicitors in 1825 that works globally to
support and represent its members,
promoting the highest professional
standards and the rule of law.
Mastek is a global technology solutions
provider. It has over three decades of
extensive experience specialising in the
government, retail, insurance and
healthcare sectors. Mastek operates
across Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific and
the Middle East.
• Saves time by streamlining
businesses processes
• Best Practice hardwired into the
• Saves money by speeding up
• Is secure, providing a clear audit
trail of communications between
all parties in a transaction
• Provides transparency at every
stage with up to the minute
information on the status of the
• Enables clearer communication
with customers
• Full integration with Land Registry
• Assurance around the other party
– a trusted community
• Is the smart way to service
clients, providing a secure area to
upload and review documents
• Is designed by conveyancers for
Key Dates
9 Sep
10 Oct
21 Nov
4 Dec
Demo to CLC
Veyo Launch
Beta 2
Deal Room,
Chain View
29 Dec Beta 3
16 Feb Help
Functionality Registration
Spring 2015
Go Live!
Welcome Screen
Case View
Chain View
Deal Room
APP - Your Conveyancer
User Support
Features summary
Secure audit trail
Automatic back-ups
Best practice
Verification of the
other side
Case management
AML checks
Contract negotiation
and exchange deal
Ability to upload
HMRC information
Ability to upload
search results
Land Registry
Chain view
Case Management System integration
Veyo is designed to integrate
with existing Case Management
Systems avoiding any unnecessary
re-keying of information or
re-populating of forms.
Flexible pricing structure
Veyo is developing a flexible pricing
structure based on an annual
licence fee and per transaction
charge, which will be scalable to
meet each firms needs.
The pricing mechanism will ensure
the service is accessible to all
firms, no matter how many
transactions they do per year.
The Veyo brand
The Veyo hare symbol and name are
registered trademarks.
The hare symbol represents the speed
and efficiency delivered by the system.
The name Veyo is derived from the Latin
stem for conveyancing, veho, which
means to carry or convey.
The name is short so it is easy for clients
to remember and Google.
“The portal will offer more
transparency not only for the solicitor
but also for the client, and everyone
else in the chain. I also find it very
exciting that the system can be used
remotely. The portal will be a game
changer for conveyancers.”
Sarah Dwight
“It is going to be based on a very
secure technology, that will bring
together a trusted community. The
professionals who do this on a dayby-day basis have been involved in
developing the process.”
Michael Singleton
The team
Desmond Hudson Chairman, Veyo
Elliott Vigar CEO, Veyo
Previously Chief Executive of the Law Society of England and
Wales, Desmond now provides strategic oversight to the
organisation and our joint-venture.
Having led the Law Society’s work to establish Veyo, including
developing the business and financial case for investment, Elliott now
provides leadership and direction to the Veyo team.
Career highlights also include:
Private practice, specialising in crime and child protection
Providing in-house counsel for financial services and media
Acting as CEO of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
Career highlights also include:
Senior roles in the Home Office and British Dental Association
Leading on regulatory affairs and commercial investment for the
Law Society
Acting as Director of Riliance Software Ltd and Six Clerks
Insurance Services Ltd (Chancery PII)
The team
Paul Shipway Sales Director, Veyo
Maud Rousseau Marketing and Communications Director,
With extensive expertise in e-commerce management, digital
marketing, CRM development and social media strategy, Paul
helps future clients to understand the business benefits of
switching to Veyo.
Having defined and implemented Rightmove.co.uk’s brand
and communications strategies, Maud is responsible for
increasing awareness of Veyo and for managing our brand.
Career highlights include:
Senior roles across in travel, publishing and FMCG
Leading the successful launch of travel business luxurysafaris.co.uk.
Career highlights also include:
In-house roles for Findaproperty, Berkeley Homes, DTZ
Agency roles at Chime PLC and FutureBrand
You can pre-qualify now
Veyo will be launched in Spring 2015.
Register now at www.veyo.co.uk to prequalify.

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