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A seamless form of transportation via two or more modes, moving under a single
bill of lading.
Domestic service is generally door-to-door using a truck-rail-truck combination;
can also be door-to-ramp, ramp-to-door, or ramp-to-ramp.
Revised: 01/2013
Why Intermodal?
• A great source of additional capacity
• Regulatory / environmental programs impact on OTR capacity
• 150K + 53’ intermodal containers in the N.A. market
• Your competition is selling intermodal
• The railroads’ largest customers are motor carriers
• Sooner or later your customer will ask you about intermodal
• Intermodal can lower your customer’s transportation costs
• Price advantage on most intermodal lanes vs. OTR pricing
• Improved service reliability and continued transit time improvements
• SmartWay Transport Partnership/Lower carbon footprint
Landstar Intermodal Processes
• Landstar is an Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC)
• The shipper tenders the load to the IMC. The IMC does the rest!
• IMC arranges all segments of the move with service providers,
including origin drayage, rail line-haul, and destination drayage.
• IMC traces shipments and handles all service issues directly with
service providers to ensure on-time deliveries.
• IMC carries receivables.
Intermodal Service Options
• Contracts with all Class I and Shortline railroads to maximize the
network service offering
• Providers: Union Pacific, CSX, Norfolk Southern, etc..
• Containerized, carload freight, Door to Door products*
• Domestic Steamship boxes from east to west port areas
• Providers: Hanjin, Hyundai, Maersk, etc..
• Equipment sizes: 20ft, 40ft, 45ft
• Bi-Modal equipment providers: Hub, JB Hunt, Schneider, Werner,
Swift, US Xpress, COFC Logistics, APL Logistics
Intermodal Service Options cont.
Refrigerated containers/trailers with asset based carriers Clipper Express,
Marten Transport, Knights Transport, Alliance Shippers
Heavy Haul services and special projects
Specialized intermodal products – Coming Soon Raildecks, MMT, CakeBoxx
NAFTA Coverage. Service to all Intermodal Points in Canada & Mexico
Over 3,500 “approved” draymen under contract
Intermodal Service Differences
• Unit shows up like a “truck” to the shipper and consignee, with
a single bill of lading, but different service providers.
• Many intermodal service products have slower transit than
OTR, however some service is similar to single driver transit
• Blocking and Bracing is extremely important. As the train is
moving forward, it is also swaying side to side. If there are any
“voids” in the load, you run the risk of a load shift and/or
product damage. Rails are not responsible for damages due to
improper blocking and bracing
Railroad Door-to-Door (D2D) Products
LSTR has contracts with all railroad D2D programs
UPRR’s Streamline Service
Norfolk Southern’s TDIS/Modal X
CSX’s Critical Capacity
Asset Based Carriers with rail contracts
(Pacer, Schneider, JB Hunt)
*Note - Agents do not need to be “certified” for intermodal to use these programs.
services are booked as OTR brokerage and commission settlement is 50/50 of the net
Intermodal D2D Service
• Easy to use, most have web portals to pull pricing 24/7
– Excellent way for you to provide intermodal services to
your customer and become their one-stop transportation
– Real time tracking & tracing
– User friendly websites to tender loads
• Will continue to be a strong source of growth for Landstar’s
intermodal business
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 877-287-9495 Opt 1

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