FTAG Office 365 Presentation

Office 365 Presentation
February 13, 2013
J. Brice Bible
Chief Information Officer
Outlook Live to Office 365
• Microsoft is requiring all Outlook Live
customers to upgrade to Office 365
• Affects Undergrad Students, Alumni and
• Proposed upgrade date is May 18th
– First Saturday of Summer Semester
Outlook Live to Office 365
• OIT has been working with Microsoft to
understand the impact to Outlook Live users
Rolling outage
Password will change to OHIO ID/Password
May need to update password on mobile device
SkyDrive account will become a personal account,
retaining the Outlook Live password
– Quota increases from 10GB to 25GB
– Office 365 logo in the top left instead of Ohio
Employee Email Next Steps
• Current email environment
– Outlook Live (Office 365) – Outsourced email
and calendar for undergrads and alumni
– Exchange 2007 on-premise email and
calendar for employees, grad students,
retirees, emeriti and guests
• Issues with our current environment
• Options
– Office 365 – Microsoft-hosted
– Upgrade our on-premise Exchange server
OIT Recommendation
• Office 365 offers many efficiency gains and feature
enhancements as well as potential risks
• OIT hassuccessfully been running an outsourced email
system for over 200,000 students and alumni since 2008
• The decision on the future of email hosting at Ohio
University is an institutional decision
– OIT, Distributed IT, Executives, Deans, FTAG, Legal, Risk
• OIT recommends a consolidated email environment
hosted on Office 365. If the risks of moving employee
email to Office 365 outweigh the benefits, OIT
recommends upgrading our current on-premise Exchange
environment and revisiting this decision at a later point in
Office 365 – Email/Calendar
• Pros
– Office 365 is a free service from Microsoft
– 25 GB quotas
– All email accounts (employee, undergrad, grad, alumni) hosted on
a single system
• Solves email account lifecycle management issues
– Disaster recovery is part of SLA
– Enhanced communication and collaboration services – Office 365
suite (optional, possibly with additional cost)
– Office 365 is compliant with many world-class industry security
standards, and verified by 3rd parties (HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA)
– Standardize OIT infrastructure for future outsourcing /federation
– Contractual commitment to no email content mining
Office 365 – Email/Calendar
Outsourcing Risks/Concerns
Security and compliance issues (HIPAA, etc.) – BAA contract
Litigation holds
Where data is physically hosted
Who has access to data
Support – response time, escalation, etc.
We don’t have complete control over the environment as we would an onpremise system (upgrades, maintenance windows, etc.)
– Exit strategy
– Office 365 is a relatively new service from Microsoft
Technical Concerns
End to end problem management
Spam management
Compromised accounts/sending limits
Upgrade to Exchange 2010
• $500,000 estimated project cost – 10 GB quotas
• Pros
– We control outage windows, access to data, etc.
– Troubleshooting is easier
– Easier to provide customer support
• Cons
– Smaller mailbox size relative to Office 365
– Need to engineer for DR
– Staffing requirements to manage and support
Exchange environment
– Storage and backup costs are higher
– More difficult to manage two separate email systems
Office 365 References
Uptime for Office 365
– http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/mstore-uptime.aspx
Certifications and standards:
– SO-27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA-BAA and FISMA, and verified by 3rd party
– http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/independently-verified.aspx
Security Audits and Certifications:
– http://g.microsoftonline.com/0BXPS00EN/1163
Office 365 Trust Center:
– http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid=ktU5-iGjJE5
Data Use Limits
– http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid=ktU5iGjJE5 and
Geographic Boundaries:
– Where MS stores data and how they use it (refer to ‘Americas’ section)
– http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/trust-center.aspx#fbid=ktU5-iGjJE5

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