Ski Box - Guardian Angel Program

State Representative
Marlene Anielski
Ohio’s 6th House District
Ski Box and Guardian Angel Program
These locked boxes are designed for students to anonymously place
written notes in the box when there is a concern about themselves or
others. An employee checks the box daily for notes and seeks
appropriate guidance.
HB 543-The Jason
Flatt Act, In Honor of
Joseph Anielski
Requires school districts, community schools, STEM schools, and educational
service centers to train teachers and certain other staff in youth suicide awareness
and prevention. All programs are offered FREE of cost.
Ohio is the 11th State to pass the Jason Flatt Act.
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for those ages 15-24 years old.
Went into effect March 22, 2013.
HB 149- Ohio
Suicide Prevention
Designates September 10th as “Ohio Suicide Prevention Day.”
This corresponds with the National and Worldwide Prevention Days.
In 2010, the CDC indicated nationally an attempted suicide takes places
every 29 seconds.
Nationally, a suicide is completed every 13.7 minutes.
Ohio is higher than the national average.
Ski Box Program- Please email
[email protected]
For more information on House Bill 543 or House
Bill 149, please contact my office at:
[email protected] or (614) 644-6041

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