(if they are well enough & can afford it) at least once in their lives to a

To find out whether Muslims go on pilgrimage.
If they do, to find out about this pilgrimage.
You are
working with
Your homework was to complete a worksheet about the Hajj, this is
the pilgrimage that Muslims must make (if they are well enough & can
afford it) at least once in their lives to a city in Saudi Arabia called
Mecca (it can also be spelt Makkah).
You had to complete the paragraph on the worksheet – swap
worksheets with your partner, did you get the answers right?
Muslims believe they are descended from Abraham. Allah (God) told
Abraham to leave his wife Hagar, and son, Ishmael in Mecca. All he
left them with was a bag of dates & a skin of water. When the water
ran out, Hagar ran seven times between the hills of Safa & Marwa to
find more water. Then the sacred well of Zamzam was revealed to her.
Much later, Abraham & Ishmael built a house which they dedicated to
Allah by circling it seven times.
Who goes on Hajj? – Muslims are told to go on the Hajj pilgrimage, to
Makkah in Saudi Arabia, at least once in their lifetime.
Where does Hajj take place? – Hajj takes place in Makkah in Saudi
Arabia. Makkah is the most important and most holy Muslim city, it is so
holy that non-Muslims cannot go there.
Why do Muslims go on Hajj? - It is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, which
are the most important things that Muslims have to do (do you remember
looking at these in our last unit of work?) Muslims have to go on the Hajj
pilgrimage, unless they are too ill to go or cannot afford to go.
What do Muslim pilgrims do on Hajj? –
Hajj is quite a complicated pilgrimage
because there are lots of things
(some of them might seem quite strange!)
that Muslims do. The next slide tells
you what Muslim pilgrims do on the 7
days of the Hajj pilgrimage.
Day 1 – Muslims arrive in Makkah & get changed into
the Ihram - a white cloth that all Muslim pilgrims wear,
to make everybody on Hajj equal. They go to the Great
Mosque, with the Ka’bah in the centre of it (the Ka’bah
is where the house that Abraham & Ishmael built was).
They walk around the Ka’bah 7 times, like Abraham &
Ishmael did. Then, they run between 2 hills 7 times,
like Hagar did & they drink from the well at Zamzam.
Day 2 – Muslims visit the plain of Arafat, which is where
the prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon. There will be
up to 2 million Muslim pilgrims there & they pray for their
sins to be forgiven – this is the most important part of Hajj.
Day 3 – Muslims go to a place called Mina, there are 3
stone pillars there. Pilgrims throw stones at these pillars
7 times, imagining these pillars are the devil. After this,
Muslims kill a sheep or goat (or have one killed for them),
as a sacrifice to Allah.
Day 4, 5 & 6 – Muslim pilgrims camp at Mina.
Day 7 – Muslims pilgrims travel back to Makkah.
They walk around the Ka’bah again & drink from
the well at Zamzam. Some Muslims return home now,
others will stay & visit other special places in the area.
There is an Ihram for you to look at & try on (if you want to!) All
Muslim pilgrims must wear the Ihram on pilgrimage, so that everybody
is the same & nobody knows if you are rich or poor. Muslim pilgrims will
often keep their Ihram after pilgrimage & some will be buried in it
when they die.
You are problem
solving …
Everybody needs a copy of the ‘Hajj Route Map’ worksheet, some
scissors & glue.
You need to cut out the phrases & pictures along the bottom of the
worksheet & stick them in the correct positions on the route map, to
show the things that Muslims do as part of the Hajj pilgrimage.
You them need to stick the worksheet into your exercise books.
Now…swap sheets with your partner to check
that you have completed them correctly.
You are problem
solving &
communicating …
We’ve been looking at the Hajj pilgrimage in
today’s lesson – how much can you remember about the Hajj
Look at the pictures below, can you explain what part of the Hajj
pilgrimage they are showing?
First of all…how would you answer the question: Do Muslims go on
Write a text message to a friend to answer these questions:
1. Do Muslims go on pilgrimage?
2. What is the pilgrimage like?

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