The Antiquometer
Auction Price Trends for Fine
Art & Chattels Auctioneers
• Items & prices selected from the Price Guide
• Categorised automatically
• Top and bottom 5% of items removed
• Yearly average taken from the remaining 90%
• Items were selected based on popular searches and volume
• Covers 2007 - 2013
• Changes in price indexed on the upcoming graphs
Furniture - Table
Furniture - Bureau
Furniture - Dresser
Furniture - Bookcase
Ceramics - vase
Ceramics - Jug
Ceramics - dish
Ceramics - bowl
Jewellery - ring
Jewellery - pendant
Jewellery - necklace
The latest developments at
ATG Media switches to ATG
Media’s Global Auction Platform
• GAP is ATG Media’s new online auction
management tool
• Powers, and
• Built based on auctioneer and bidder feedback
• 20 releases so far this calendar year
• due to switch to GAP on
December 14th 2014
Key features of the auctioneer’s
toolbox on GAP
• Quick and easy lotting up
• Comprehensive fraud protection
• Live webcast bidding on any device
• Timed bidding including ‘buy it now’
• Secure auction payments
• Two white label options
• All managed with GAP’s world leading toolbox
Key features of
on GAP
On launch
• New layout and easy navigation
• Lot level charges and more information
• Enhanced timed bidding and new ‘Buy It Now’ option.
• Live chat support feature
• Sophisticated monitoring
After launch
• Responsive design
• Auto-categorization allowing recommendation
services and indexing of price trends

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