On & Off Campus:
The Do’s and Don’ts
*The rules for F-1
and J-1 employment are similar.
*J-1s need to follow directions given to you in an e-mail from
Jeff Cox.
*Sponsored J-1 students will need permission from sponsor
to seek employment(RIT, Fulbright CBIE, SACM, MESCyT,
*Do Not Work,
off-campus, unless specifically authorized by a
DSO/RO or ARO or the Immigration service.
* Authorization = new I-20 or a new DS2019
BEFORE beginning employment
Work is allowed without special permission for students in F-1 status
for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session.
J-1 students must obtain sponsor approval before being
eligible to work on campus
And up to 40 hours per week during official school
if you are maintaining status and if
SEO allows
On-Campus Employment
Steps before taking a position:
* Ensure that you are
currently registered for 12/9 credit hours or
before taking a position:
Be registered for 12/9 credit hours or more.
* Find a position on campus.
a position
on campus.
* Read the section on
Eligibility Card
Requirements before going to the SEO office
Read the section on SEO Employement Eligibility Card
going to the SEO
* J-1s fill out
the J-1 employment
J-1s fill out the J-1 employment Authorization form
To get an
SEO Employment Eligibility Card
*Get a job offer offer-letter
*I-9 Verification Process:
Complete the I-9 form. Log-on to I-9
Express by going to
Save the information
*Take your original required documents (I-20,
DS2019, Passport, I-94 Information) to the
Student Employment Office to fill out the
remaining part of the I-9 form
Social Security Number
In order to continue working on campus, you:
MUST have a social security number.
Documents you need in order to apply for SSN:
Hire Form
A completed Social Security Application form
Passport, I-20/DS2019, visa,
I-94 number Access:
When you are offered a job…
Get a Hire Form from your employer.
Bring this Hire Form to ISS
Get the hire form stamped and signed
Go downtown to apply for a social Security
number (SSN) with all your immigration documents
There will be an Enumeration Event on
September 13 from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Bus transportation will be provided
J-1 Permission to work
* J-1 Students must get permission for oncampus employment from sponsor or ISS
Go to ISS’ web site – Under ISS forms you will
find :J-1 Work Authorization Request Form
Enumeration Event
*ISS will e-mail you
with registration
information for SSN
Please note…
You will be given a Social Security Application form
to fill-out.
You MUST list your name on line 1 of the
application EXACTLY as it appears on your I-20,
visa and passport biographical page to avoid delays
in processing your application.
* Important Reminder:
Must have on-campus job to apply for a social security
Students who accept employment at RIT must be willing to
fulfill the commitment to their employer.
If circumstances change and you are no longer able to work,
Give your employer a minimum of 2 weeks notice
* Social Security Number (SSN)
If you travel downtown on your own, please
request a receipt confirming submission of your
Paychecks will be distributed through the ISS
office until you get your SSN card.
Failure to apply for a social security number
will result in termination of your employment.
And – RIT will be fined
Can I work off-campus?
There are three types of off-campus employment:
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) (AKA coop)
Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Academic Training (AT)
For all types, you must first have been enrolled full time
for a full academic year (9 months).
Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
*Some Bachelor Degrees require coop, some don’t .
*Not all departments allow CPT/AT, and each department has
different policies.
* Remember: 9 months or 1 academic year in status before you can work
off campus
*Make an appointment with International Student Services as
soon as you have registered for CPT. Bring a copy of your job
offer letter showing the company name, address, start and end
*We will then issue you a new I-20/DS2019 with CPT/AT
authorization so you can legally work for your CPT employer.
CPT Application Timeline:
*Bring your job offer letter to ISS to get authorization for
CPT as soon as you have registered for CPT.
*J-1 approval process is different
Do NOT start working until ISS issues you a new CPT I-20.
Working without authorization
is illegal
Optional Practical Training (OPT)
*OPT = 12 months work authorization in your field of
study after you graduate.
*OPT authorization is granted by USCIS
To be eligible:
*You must have used less than 12 months of full-time
*You do not need a job offer, but once you are approved
for OPT, the 12 months will begin, whether or not you
actually find work. Unemployment is limited to 90 days.
J-1 Academic Training
* Academic Training (AT) (after graduation) can be
authorized for as many months as the J-1 has been
attending school as a full time student – however never
more than 18 months – remember this is pre- and post
* Must obtain sponsor approval before beginning
* Must have a job off er before program ends
* Remember the approval process
* OPT Application Timeline
ISS offers OPT workshops for F-1 students every quarter –
a schedule of upcoming workshops will be sent via your
RIT e-mail.
Plan on attending an OPT workshop 1 or 2 semesters
before you graduate to get all your questions answered.
There will also be J-1 Academic Training workshops
stay tuned
Can I Volunteer?
*All off-campus work requires authorization.
*This includes volunteering or working for free.
*The only exception is for jobs where no one is ever paid
(example: volunteer food server at a church soup kitchen for the
*If you are doing something that another person could be doing
for pay, it is work and needs authorization/permission from ISS.
Tax Information
*NY State and Federal Taxes will/should be deducted
by your employer and sent to the government. You
must file a tax return every year.
*Social Security tax and Medicare tax should not be
deducted from your paychecks
*We offer on-line software and several work shops for
filing taxes prior to the April tax return filing deadline.
An Introduction to GLACIER
for International Student Employees
* The United States has different rules on how to tax
International Employees
* GLACIER is the tax software that RIT uses to manage the
taxation of our International Employees
* GLACIER is an online system, you can get on it from any
device that has internet access
Why do I need to use GLACIER?
* If you get a job on campus you will need use
GLACIER to be sure RIT is following the rules of
the United States government
* You could be eligible to be Tax Exempt
Certain countries have agreements with the
United States allowing their citizens to work
and NOT have taxes taken out of their pay
How do I use GLACIER?
* When you start your job on campus Keithaleen Jones
will send you 2 emails
Email #1 will have detailed instructions on how to use
Email #2 will have a temporary username and
password for you to use to login to GLACIER
It will come from [email protected]
It will come from [email protected]
Read these 2 emails very carefully - they will
include everything you need to complete GLACIER
What if I need Help?
* If you are confused about anything, need help, or have
questions PLEASE contact Keithaleen Jones!
* You are always welcome to go visit Keithaleen Jones in the
Payroll Office: Eastman Hall (building #1) – the tall building
across from the SAU
* Next door to the Registrar’s Office (where you got your ID card)
* Ask to see Keithaleen Jones
(585) 475-5984
Payroll Office
Eastman Hall
Room 1160

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