Role of Parliamentarians in advocating for SRHR

Parliament has an important role to play
in the advocacy for SRHR
In the past years, this role has been
facilitated by International Planned
Parenthood federation, Advance Family
Planning, Partnership for maternal,
Newborn and Child Health(PMNCH),
and the Inter Parliamentary Union, PPD
The 126th IPU assembly passed a
resolution on MNCH, “Access to health
as a basic right: The role of Parliaments in
addressing key challenges to securing
the health of women and children.
This revolves around four core functions.
 Representation
 Legislation
 Budgeting/ Appropriation
 Oversight and holding Governments
Parliamentarians can use this mandate to
ask ministers questions on the floor of
parliament and also sponsor motions on
matters related to SRHR.
We should use our legislative mandate to
develop a comprehensive legal framework
for SRHR.
Remove financial barriers that limit access
to health care
No matter how well laws and policies are
designed, they will not be effective if
there is no funding to support their
Make governments accountable for
funds put in SRHR programs
Identify gaps
Generate debate
Insufficient linkages between
Parliamentarians and other
representative groups e.g. CSOs and
Local governments.
Procedures of legislation
Lack of research
Relationship with the Executive
Late Audit reports
Identify Gaps
Give Information
Capacity building
Media engagement
Thank you.

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