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Course Request Tutorial
(For selecting courses for the 2014-2015 School Year)
Course Requests
Course requests for next year are to be inputted online
by February 28, 2014.
The website will be open from
February 7 to February 28, 2014.
OR click on flashing icon on SCVI homepage “Choose Courses Here”
Username: “LDSB-Student Number”
Password: Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
(ie. LDSB-123456789)
(ie. August 25, 1998 – 08251998)
Why is it important to input your
course requests?
A course for the 2014-2015 school year will run
based on the number of students that select it.
If a course does not receive enough requests, it
may be subject to cancellation.
For example: If you are interested in taking Gr. 11 Environmental
Science (SVN3M1) next year, you should include it in your course
requests. If only a few students request it, it will likely be cancelled, and
then you will be forced to choose another course to take in its place,
from what is available.
Things to Remember!
Consider all your options, and your strengths and interests.
Keep in mind post-secondary prerequisites and pathways.
Talk with your teachers, parents, counsellor, etc. if you have questions
or are uncertain about something.
Make sure you have the prerequisite course completed.
If you have been unsuccessful in a compulsory course, make sure you
include it in your course requests.
Use the chart at the bottom of the Planner Sheet to record your choices.
If you need to make a change, you must make an appointment with your
guidance counsellor.
Ontario Secondary School
Diploma Requirements (O.S.S.D.)
Credit Counselling Summary
How to Read a Course Code
Gr. 11 and 12 courses:
U = University
M = University/College
C = College
E = Workplace
O = Open
How many courses am I
requesting for next year?
Current Grade 9’s: For grade 10, you will choose six compulsory
courses and three electives.
(English, Math, Science, History, Civics, Careers)
Current Grade 10’s: For grade 11, you will choose two compulsory
courses and six electives.
(English, Math)
*Remember that if you need to repeat a compulsory course, you must
include it in your requests!!
*For elective courses, refer to the course calendar and be sure to note
if there is a prerequisite.
Current Grade 11’s: For grade 12, you will choose one compulsory
course and at least five elective courses.
*consider your Group 1, 2, 3 compulsory credits
*consider the prerequisites you may be required to take in grade 12 for
post-secondary programs and destinations
Current Grade 12’s:
 If you are not returning next year, select NRT100 and NRT200.
 If you are returning semester one only, select NRT200 plus a
minimum of three courses for semester one.
Online Course Selection
1. Log onto Career Cruising / ccPathfinder: OR
click on flashing icon “Choose Courses Here” on SCVI homepage
TIP! Watch the ccPathfinder Student Demonstration Video before you
begin!! You can find it in near the bottom of the login page
To login:
Username: “LDSB-Student Number”
Password: Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
(ie. LDSB-123456789)
(ie. August 25, 1998 – 08251998)
2. Click on “Choose My Courses” from menu on left hand
3. Select courses in column for next year (highlighted in
4. Click on the blue “SUBMIT” button once completed.
NOTE: once you have submitted your course selections,
you will be unable to change them yourself. You must
book an appointment with your guidance counsellor.
5. Print the “Sign Off Sheet”, have a parent/guardian sign
it, and return it to the secretary in Student Services.
REMINDER: Online site open for course selections
February 7 to February 28, 2014
Pathways / Prerequisite Chart
Education and Career/Life Planning
Framework: A Four-Step Inquiry Process
Source: Creating Pathways to Success (2013)
Career Cruising / My IPP
IPP = Individual Pathways Plan
Username: “LDSB-Student Number”
(ie. LDSB-123456789)
Password: Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
(ie. August 25, 1998 – 08251998)
Course Request
Planning Sheet
Record your course requests in
the chart at the bottom of your
planning sheet.
*Note : All nine slots on
the planning sheet will be
filled in with course selections
if you are taking the ½ credits of
Gr. 10 Careers and Civics.
Things to Remember!!
Do your planning before you go online.
Remember that courses run dependent on
how many students select them!!
Book an appointment with your guidance
counsellor if you have any questions or
Course selections must be entered online
by February 28, 2014.
Please book an
appointment if
you have any
Thank you for
your attention!
Superior CVI ~
Student Services

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