Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV)

Marine and Maritime Careers Conference
17th Sept, 2014
Vince Dobbin
Sales and Marketing Director, ASV Ltd
• Overview of ASV
• Career Examples
• Getting Involved
Who we are
Team of 40 motivated people worldwide (and growing)
Well equipped business with clear goals
Design, build and operate unmanned maritime systems
Offices in UK and US, more in the future
Unit 12, Murrills Estate
Southampton Road,
Hampshire PO16 9RD
Offices in Houston and Virginia
What we do
Marine Targets
Military and Security: MCM / ASW / ISTAR Systems
Oil and Gas
Science and Survey
Marine Target Drones
Military and Security
Oil and Gas
Science and Survey
Control Systems
ASV skill sets
Project Management
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Boat design
Electrical Engineering
Manfacturing and
Career Examples
Dan Hook – Managing Director
A-Levels then Masters Degree in Ship Science (Southampton University)
Worked as a junior Naval Architect – tank testing, performance calculations
Became a Chartered Engineer – progressed to Technical Director
Became Managing Director of ASV in 2010 – sets goals, drives business.
Tips/Comments: “The UK and Solent region in particular is a great place to base
a marine technology career. Software and electronics are becoming as important
as the raw materials we build vessels from, make sure you get some good
basic groundings in these, no matter what your maritime career plans are.”
Career Examples
Rob Clark – Unmanned Systems Developer
Marine and electronics hobbyist. Masters degree in Electronic and
Communications Engineering (University of Bristol). Spent two summers after
university working as a yacht engineer in Greece. Back in the real world worked
on software/hardware design for custom Android handsets, consumer marine
electronics (Garmin) and now unmanned control systems with ASV.
Tips/Comments: “For me, knowledge and experience outside my degree has
been key. The correct qualifications are vital to get you past the first cut but a
significant, proven, and related interest or previous work experience/internship will
really help you stand out from the crowd..”
Career Examples
Phil Clark – Head of Operations and Facilities
“I had planned to train as a mechanical engineer since I was able to lift a spanner, and
focussed on maths, sciences and technology at school. I went on to Portsmouth
University to study Mechanical Engineering at degree level. I worked briefly in the
medical industry and then moved into marine propulsion, marine deck equipment and
then on the ASV. I now run a team who deploy worldwide to operate our fleet of ASVs
within the Military, Oil and Gas and scientific theatres”.
Tips/Comments: “Remain inquisitive about everything around you. A mechanism you
came across when repairing one thing, may be the basis for solving a completely
different problem ten years later. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake when engineering,
learn from it and don’t make the same one twice!”
Getting Involved
ASV is a growing company, opportunities exist for:
- Summer placements (all ages and durations considered)
- Industry partnering to University projects (individual and group)
- KTP schemes (just starting our first)
- Apprenticeships (one complete, one starting)
- Full time employment
Backgrounds / Skills we employ
Software developers (C++)
Electronics / Embedded systems developers
Naval Architects
Mechanical Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Product/Industrial designers
Hydrographic surveyors / Oceanographers
• Boat builders
• Electro-mechanical fitters
• Coxswains / Unmanned system operators
Sales and Marketing
Ex-Forces in many roles
Ex Offshore Oil and Gas personnel
Contact Details
[email protected]

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