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Execution Excellence
Webinar based on Lessons at ATK
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Oct 15th, 2014
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Execution Excellence Case Study Presentation
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Today’s Speakers
Gary Perkerwicz
Dragos Dumitriu
Jim Gawtry
Mahesh Singh
Co-founder, SVP
– Product, Digité/
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Digité, Inc. - Pioneer in Web-based Collaborative
Products/ Solutions for Geographically Distributed
Headquartered in Cupertino, CA
Over 300,000 users in the Americas, Europe, Asia/
Products that cover Lean/ Kanban, Agile ALM,
Project/ Portfolio Management
SwiftKanban is our flagship Lean/ Kanban product
Visual Management – Software Development
Visual Management – Marketing
Visual Management – Planning the Thanksgiving Party!
SwiftKanban - Analytics
Key Customers
Over to Gary and Jim ….
Jim Gawtry has worked at ATK for almost 30 years. Over that time he has been the manager or lead on a number
of mission critical systems. Everything from Manufacturing to HR systems. Currently, he leads a 4 person IT team
responsible for supporting and maintaining an Enterprise HR system.
Gary Perkerwicz has worked at ATK for over 25 years. Over that time he to has been a manager or lead on a
number of teams responsible for supporting or maintaining mission critical Enterprise systems. His latest gig’s
have included Quality Assurance work and Automated testing.
Dragos Dumitriu’s innovative work in managing software engineering processes ten years ago paved the road for
what is known today as ‘Software Kanban Systems’, a management method proven to identify and eliminate
constraints and waste while improving throughput and team dynamics for knowledge work organizations. The story
is described in chapter 4 of David Anderson’s book Kanban, Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology
Dragos’s experience includes building, leading and coaching large distributed teams both onshore and offshore.
Over the past 20 years, he has performed in almost every role critical to software development and IT operations.
He has held leadership, consulting and training roles for Siebel, Microsoft, and Lean Kanban, Inc. in over 300
customer engagements worldwide.
His consulting clients consistently realize spectacular improvements in productivity, team morale and customer
satisfaction, while also fortifying their organizational culture with a focus on continuous improvements. Currently
Dragos manages the Agile training and consulting practice for CC Pace Systems, Inc., a business and IT consulting
firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA.
Acceptance Testing
Note: HR team
does not have
direct access to
electronic board.
We do their
updates during
A new level of excellence
It is simple.
It is very visual. Everyone can see it.
It is not intimidating...
It does not take a lot of effort.
The electronic board is very effective
for remote team members.
It is clear, concise, we know where we stand.
We see improvements in quality.
Work In Progress is reduced... There is order.
Our backlog has gone down.
Handoffs between IT Dev and HR Test take less
time, we are waiting less and working more.
Our Flow Efficiency has gone up.
Our estimates are better.
Morale is good. Our team is engaged.
Why we started
Disclaimer: it is against company policy to endorse
products. So nothing we report here should be
considered an endorsement of SwiftKanban. When
we report for example, that the rapid feedback cycles
made possible with an electronic board accelerated
our improvement, we are simply reporting the facts.
2012-06 Early physical board
Situations that can benefit from a Lean Kanban System
Too much work
2012-11-28 Early wip overage. limit 8: (23)
Playing Get Kanban
Face to face is faster.
Team members understand who is working what.
Dependencies , pre-requisites, sequence visible with parent-child.
HR managers right there to help with escalations.
Quality improved failure demand down, but we need to do more to measure.
People are more comfortable raising questions or issues. More trust.
Benefits we saw as we transitioned to an electronic board:
- Collecting metrics becomes easy, affordable.
- A balanced mix of metrics is available.
- Measuring Policy changes becomes easy: 12% better at keeping promises.
- Board playback helps us see tendencies and trends.
- We are living up to the Kanban motto:
What is the next area for improvement?
• Predictability
• Failure demand
What we achieved
Orientation to the Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)
For Enhancements (less than 3 weeks)
Card Count
Over time, the cumulative number of cards:
In our backlog (Demand)
Our team is working on (WIP)
Our team has completed (Throughput)
Enhancements (less than 3 weeks)
Backlog 33
Backlog 44
WIP 10
WIP 31
Slope trending
Backlog decreased 25% (44 to 33)
WIP decreased 68% (31 to 10 includes Moved To Production)
But Throughput slowing in mid June-July… Why?
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Thank You!
Gary Perkerwicz
Jim Gawtry
Mahesh Singh
[email protected]/
Dragos Dumitriu
Visit us at –
Write to us at –
[email protected]

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