IVC Scholarship Essay workshop

IVC Scholarship Essay workshop
Presented by Michelle Scharf,
IVC Counselor/Transfer Center Director
IVC Scholarship Program
Types of Scholarships:
Endowments: To honor a loved one, faculty and others will set up a
scholarship in their name and decide what type of student they want
their money to go to
Corporations: Businesses and banks sponsor scholarships to assist
students working towards specific goals
IVC Departments and Student Government (ASIVC): Money collected
from purchasing an ASIVC sticker and from departments on campus
often go toward scholarships for students in certain majors, with
specified GPAs, who show leadership and activity involvement, etc.
Foundations: Organizations that exist to collect donations and pass
them along to those in some type of need
Some scholarships are need-based, some are GPA-based, and some are
based on other characteristics
See the available scholarships here:
General Guidelines for Applying
Visit the IVC website to access the application:
Please complete the application form from the college
website. Fill in the required information and submit
by 11:59 p.m. (PST), Friday, February 10, 2015.
Fill in every space. If a question does not apply to you
write “Not Applicable"
or “n/a".
Decide whether you will be a continuing or
transferring student.
An ASIVC/ASG activity card must be purchased for
ASIVC scholarship consideration – cost is $10 from
the Bursar’s Office by the Cafeteria.
The Application – 7 parts
1. Start by creating
your account and
answering a few
questions about
2. Answer the
questionnaire – your
answers help determine
your recommended
3. Answer a few questions about
your academics like major, GPA,
whether you are transferring or
continuing, units earned, etc.
Please note:
When you are answering the questionnaire, if you are not
currently enrolled at IVC, or are not continuing in the fall and
not transferring to a 4-year school in the fall, you will get this
Part 4: Essay Questions
Compose essay in a word document and then copy and paste – otherwise you will
be timed out and lose your essay!
1. Summarize your life experiences and any hardships that have
impacted your path to higher education.
2. Please describe your interest in your intended major, how your
interest in the field developed and your educational and career
3. Discuss your educational and career aspirations as well as your
ability to complete and achieve these goals.
4. How will your educational experience be affected if selected to
receive a scholarship from the Irvine Valley College Scholarship
Tips on Writing the Essays
Create a thesis
Your time to shine!
Determine the objective of your essay and
write one sentence that expresses it Your
whole essay should revolve around that.
Highlight your accomplishments but only those
that relate to your thesis
Honesty is the best policy
Stand out from the crowd
What makes you unique or different from the
others applying?
Share a personal story that conveys who you
are, your personality, your journey to where
you are now
Tips on Writing the Essays
Make your words count
Quality, not quantity
Be clear and concise
Back up your thesis with specific examples
Proper grammar and spelling will make it easier for the
committee to follow your essay and not be distracted by
Note: The committee is instructed to not downgrade your essay for writing,
grammar, or language errors as the content is what you are ranked on
Tips on Writing the Essays
Other tips
It is ok to elaborate on challenges and
difficult circumstances, but show the
committee what you have accomplished
despite your circumstances and your
potential as a result
Proofread and have someone else
proofread it
Revise as needed
Do not plagiarize
Recycle other personal statements (if you
have one) if they seem to answer the
questions asked (UC, Common App, etc.)
Don’t miss the deadline – February 10th!
How the Committee Will Evaluate Your Essays
Know Your Audience
Your audience (the
scholarship committee)
will be made up of 30
faculty, staff,
administrators, and
community volunteers. In
some cases, the donor(s)
will also read your
Step 5: Attach Documents
Skip this step by clicking “Save and Continue”
Step 6: Letters of Recommendation
This year, two letters of recommendation are required. You will provide
recommender emails on the application and hit “send”. They will receive a
request to provide your letter.
Help your recommenders write you the best letter possible!
Ask them in advance before you email your request – at least 2 weeks before the
Provide them with a copy of your transcript, resume, and essay
Remind them of anything specific about you that they can comment on such as:
your leadership skills in your group project, your excellent performance in their
class, your initiative, problem solving skills, or any other strengths you want them
to point out with specific examples to illustrate them.
Pick those who can speak highly of you and know you well!
Letters of Recommendation
Once you send your recommendation request, your
recommender will receive an email right away:
Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation
Check to see if
have responded at
least a week before
the due date.
Don’t be afraid to
remind them!
Step 7: Choose Recommended Scholarships
Click “Apply Now” for each scholarship you want to be
considered for
You will be asked to verify your eligibility for each
scholarship like this:
Receiving Your Award
At the end of April you will receive a letter informing you if you have been selected to
receive a scholarship.
If you are receiving a scholarship, we encourage you to attend the IVC Scholarship Awards
Ceremony . Please mark your calendar for this event once invited.
After the Awards Program, you will receive a letter explaining the steps for receiving your
scholarship(s). These steps have been abbreviated below:
Please remember to send a thank-you notes to your donors.
Meet the spring unit and GPA requirements as stated in the Continuing/Transferring Section. If
transferring, provide documentation of acceptance. The IVC Financial Aid Office will verify this
information, and disbursements will be mailed to the Transfer institution. OSHER Scholarships are not
eligible for transfer to four year institutions.
Applicant agrees to allow Scholarship Information to be shared with third party donors.
Applicant agrees to have name posted in scholarship program.
If you change your address after submitting your scholarship application, you must notify
the Admissions and Records Office and the Financial Aid Office.
Remember - if you have questions about the scholarship
application, please stop by the Financial Aid Office in the
Student Services Center, call them at 949-451-5287 or email [email protected] You can also contact the
Foundation Office, Denise Sonnenberg, at 949-451-5661.

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