CRM for Insurance Sales Deck

CRM for Insurance
Sales Deck
Target Audience: Client prospects
Usage Guidelines:
• As part of the Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft alliance, CRM for Insurance is
one of several “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” campaign areas to support our go-tomarket strategy.
• This sales deck is intended to be used to facilitate discussions with a client and
to answer client questions regarding the CRM for Insurance solution.
• It is designed to be used for both client discussions and for RFI/RFP responses.
Supporting notes are also provided for your reference.
• For more information please contact one of our regional sales leads or go to
Kelly Stratman, North America
David Jones, UKI, Nordics and ASG
Jorge Molina, SPAI, Gallia
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Brian Boardman, North America
Edwin Jongsma, Europe
Charlie Wood, APAC
CRM for Insurance
Powerful solutions delivering sustainable results.
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What challenges do you face in your
agency network?
• Costs of sales too high
• Overall sales effectiveness too low
• Customers harder to acquire and retain
• Aging workforce, loss of skills that are tough to replace
• Difficulty identifying market trends to balance product risk
• Agent and carrier systems not integrated resulting in fragmented view of
the customer
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Lack of integration is #1 barrier to achieving
major performance gains
Symptoms of limited integration:
Slow and costly systems and processes
Multiple logins
Manual intervention and phone calls
Lack of customer insight
Underperformance and frustration among reps and agents
Lack of integration leads to:
• Poor sales performance
• Low retention of staff and customers
• High costs
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In contrast, CRM for Insurance drives…
• Deeper insight into performance of sales efforts via efficient CRM
• Proven sales workflow, enabling agents and carriers to turn insight into
action—and action into sales
• At-a-glance managerial insight across lines of business
• Single unified view of household, maximizing cross-selling and
relationship building
• Improved experience and sales performance, boosting retention of
representatives and agents, and improved customer satisfaction–all at
lower cost
CRM for Insurance enables insurance carriers and their field agents/brokers
to manage sales activity and consolidate information from multiple systems
in one easy-to-use, familiar Microsoft-based system.
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How does CRM for Insurance deliver all this?
By resolving the challenges described earlier.
Costs of sales too high — and overall
sales effectiveness too low
Sales process automation -- from start to
finish -- reduces costs and boosts results
Customers harder to acquire and retain
Higher-quality customer experience
makes it easer to keep and win
Aging workforce, loss of skills that are
tough to replace
Greater job satisfaction helps retain staff
and attract better-quality recruits
Difficulty identifying market trends to
balance product risk
Accurate and current business
intelligence paves way for wiser productrisk decisions
Agent and carrier systems not integrated
Integrated data workflow strengthens
link between agents and carriers …
…resulting a fragmented view of the
… providing complete and consistent
customer information at all touch points.
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Built on proven Microsoft Dynamics
CRM platform
• Familiar, easy-to-use
Microsoft Outlook or browser
• Integrates with other
Microsoft tools to boost value
• Faster to deploy than
traditional enterprise
• Services-oriented platform
built on .NET
• Configure to meet the
specific needs of your
• Lower total cost of ownership
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Achieve greater results with a well integrated
customer data lifecycle
Business Intelligence
Real-time sales
information enables better
sales planning and
development of products
with greatest market
potential, while
minimizing risk.
Identify policies before
they are up for renewal,
and create an
appointment for a
simple Financial Review
Agent Client Review
Claims Processing
Repeatable sales
process enables agents
to create a consistent
client experience and
deeper trust.
Turn servicing functions
into opportunities for
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Realize the benefits for every group in the
insurance value chain
• Improved customer retention and profitability at lower cost.
• Greater mindshare and market share from agents.
• One place for client, claims, product, policy and sales data.
• Easier identification of opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell.
• Improved agent care encourages purchase of additional products.
• Consistent information and experience at call center and agent
improves satisfaction with carrier.
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Delivered with the ‘Power of 3’ alliance:
A combined strength in the marketplace
Industry experience, expertise and knowledge of
Microsoft technologies and mission-critical solutions
to meet insurers’ business requirements
Accenture and
Deep technology integration experience with
Microsoft platform and development tools, marketleading SaaS and cloud vision and technologies,
and proven delivery capability
Ubiquitous software experience
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recognized as
Microsoft Global
Enterprise Partner
of the Year for
2001, 2004, 2006,
2008, 2009 and
Avanade named
2010 Microsoft
Dynamics CRM
Solution Partner of
the Year
Part of the fabric of the insurance industry
• Serving 34 of the top 40 insurers worldwide, and 3 of the top 5
• More than 100 insurers use Accenture software solutions
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Case studies in action
• A major life and investment institution wanted to improve its control
and insight over sales, marketing and customer service. Accenture
delivered by implementing Dynamics CRM supported by BizTalk Server,
enabling integration with existing systems and flexibility to incorporate
future non-Microsoft investments.
• A market-leading insurer aimed to improve its operational CRM by
standardizing and integrating marketing processes and campaigns
across multiple channels, while maintaining real-time tracking of client
concerns. Accenture implemented a Dynamics CRM solution that
enabled integration with legacy Alnova systems and emphasized lowest
total cost of ownership.
• This substantial player in pensions, life and health insurance,
banking and asset management recognized a pressing need to
become a more customer-driven organization. Accenture assisted the
client achieved by implementing a platform based on Dynamics CRM,
thereby integrating customer insight from marketing through to sales.
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Why Choose CRM for Insurance?
• Designed to increase sales, enhance customer satisfaction and improve
employee retention
• Cost-effective solution integrates carriers with field brokers and agents
throughout the insurance lifecycle
• Easy to use and Microsoft-based
• Enables flexibility in deployment – in the cloud or on-premise – enabling
changes at any time
• Includes Productivity Platform which incorporates best practices and
rapid development techniques to speed implementations and deliver
results faster to your organization
• Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft alliance: An unparalleled
combination of deep experience and proprietary assets to rapidly
understand clients’ needs and deliver a world-class solution
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