Housing Into Work

Background to Housing Into Work
 The Housing Into work scheme created to tackle
worklessness in line with the Government’s welfare
reforms as part of Wandsworth Borough Council’s
aspiration agenda
 Part of Wandsworth Borough’s employment and skills
 Wandsworth Borough Council’s aspiration agenda was
created as a response to the 2011 disturbances
 This pilot is a joint project with Viridian Housing and
Wandle Housing who are contributing 6 properties to
the 25 properties being offered scheme
How does it work?
 Each individual is interviewed by the Housing Into
Work Liaison Officer
 Individuals are required to provide detailed
 Interviews are designed to find out more about the
person, their aspirations, experience and circumstance
 Individuals are then sent questions about independent
living and questions about what they expect to gain
from the pilot
Action Plans and Aspirations
 Once accepted on the scheme each participant follows an
action plan detailing their actions and aspirations
supported by coaching
 Participants attend appointment fortnightly which also
revolve around a coaching method to remind them of their
 Action plans are created by the participant and involve
timescales, achievements and encourage them to take
ownership of their job search journey.
 Depending on the individuals work readiness, they may be
required to attend an employability partner such as SPEAR
or the Princes Trust
Coaching + PMA +
 Coaching
 Positive mental attitude
 Actively seeking work
 Results in employment
 The results have shown that most participants that
have secured employment have done this between 4-16
Challenges and Solutions
 One of the earliest challenges we faced was the age bracket
which was originally 18- 24. The feedback and responses
indicated that this particular cohort were unable to participate in
the pilot as a large percentage were in education. This was
overcome by increasing the age range, it is currently 18 – 30.
 Initially those that were employed part time were not eligible,
this excluded a lot of individuals that would have otherwise been
eligible. With changes to the DWP classification of part time
work it was agreed that this group would be eligible for the
 Another challenge was communication, although information
was sent by post and follow up calls were made, there was a large
percentage that were not contactable.
Success to date
 11 on pilot scheme so far
 6 have found employment in 4 month period
 1 in new home with a further 2 getting keys in next few
 Sent information to a further 400 households
Case study
 Georgia
 Aged 21
 No previous work experience
 Attended JCP
 Began scheme in June 2013
 Secured apprenticeship in September 2013
 Attended regular meetings with Housing Into Work
Liaison Officer
 Signed introductory tenancy Jan 9th January 2014
 The Housing Into Work scheme has generated a lot of
The prospect of housing is proving to be an incentive
for those on the scheme
Changes to age criteria
Coaching method effective with age group
First tenancies signed and now we are going to
monitor how sustainable jobs and tenancies.

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