Voccalis International Singing Repertory Company

Meet The Artistic Director and Founder of
Voccalis International Singing Repertory
Lillian Roberts,
Lirico-Spinto Soprano
Celebrated Soprano, Lillian Roberts has travelled and performed
throughout the US and Europe. Her notable performances include a
debut in the title role of Aida with Hudson Opera Theater, and
Marguerite from Gounod’s Faust with the Philadelphia Chamber
Orchestra while in residency at the prestigious Academy of Vocal
Arts. “The highlight of the performance for me involved Aida, the lead
soprano Lillian Roberts, singing a kind of conversation with the
oboist...the hauntingly beautiful “O Patria Mia.” TOM KANE, The River
Additionally, she has performed at Chautauqua Opera, and Union
Avenue Opera. Her 3rd tour with A.S.E. consisted of a solo debut
performance at the Santander Festival Internacional which was
broadcast on the Spanish National Radio in front of the King and
Queen of Spain. Other solo guest performances include: Carson City
Symphony, and the Ocean City Pops Orchestra. Awards; 1st Place,
Meistersinger Competition (Austria), Marian Anderson Classical Artist
Prize at Oprah Winfrey's Marian Anderson Humanitarian Award
Ceremony, Metropolitan Opera District and Regional Awards, and the
Mario Lanza Scholarship Competition. Lillian is well-known for her
moving and emotional KET/PBS performance of “Song To The Moon.”
Voccalis International Singing Repertory
Voccalis, Tessitura, and Vocal Pops USA are designed to aid the
emerging and professional artists through performances and through
the generation of relationships between artists, schools, and the
community. Founded and directed by Artistic Director Lillian Roberts,
an internationally renowned dramatic soprano, and General Director
Renato N. Estacio, the former director of marketing for the Las Vegas
Philharmonic, Voccalis is designed to be a nonprofit focused on the
funding of the arts through educational outreach and performances
and is actively seeking this status. As a nonprofit based in the arts,
Voccalis is in need of gracious benefactors in order to maintain its
operation and performances. We are delighted in the response and
interest generated by this company and would readily answer any
inquiries you may have regarding this organization and its season.
International Singing Repertory Company
Presents “Spirituals: The Art of African American
Song” with Tessitura
Tessitura is a resident vocal ensemble of Voccalis,
International Singing Repertory Company. This touring
ensemble is comprised of professional, classically trained
soloists who perform a variety of musical styles from
Opera to Jazz. “Spirituals: The Art of African American
Song” illustrates the diverse capabilities of the ensemble
and the healing impact music has on the world. The deep
meaning of life can be ascertained through human
struggle, which is illustrated in the African American
Spiritual; also known as the soul of American History.
Black History Outreach Proposal for Schools
Voccalis International Singing Repertory Company
Presents “Spirituals: The Art of African American Song”
The following slide presentation provides an
overview of a 45 minute Black History Concert
on the evolution of Spiritual Art Songs by African
American Composers. These beautiful, heartfelt
songs will expose students to a vital part of
American History by diverse and professionally
trained operatic voices, and introduce them to a
unique collaboration between singers, dancers,
piano, and drums through both solo and
ensemble repertoire. Spirituals are uplifting and
soulful. They provided hope and deliverance to
oppressed African American slaves and also
served as a method of escape to freedom.
A brief overview of How the Spiritual became an
Art Song
African American Composer, H.T. Burleigh (1866-1949), was a composer, arranger, and
professional singer who wrote over 300 songs. He was one of the first African American
composers to develop the idea of American music and was instrumental in providing African
American Art songs to classically-trained artists by introducing them to his own unique
arrangements of traditional spirituals. In fact, Burleigh introduced the famous Czech
composer, Antonin Dvořák (1841-1904), to Spirituals while he served as his apprentice.
Dvořák believed the Spiritual was “the only American music” and incorporated them into his
“New World Symphony” in 1893. This was the first time in history that “Negro music” was
used as a major theme. Although he began composing songs in 1890, he became one of
America’s best known composers of American art song in 1910. During this time, he also
became an editor for Italian music publisher, G. Ricordi. Burleigh is mostly known for his
arrangement of “Deep River.” However, he also wrote numerous songs and song cycles for
piano and orchestra. Additionally, his song arrangements became so popular during the
1910s and 1920s, that every major recitalist in the US made sure to program his music.
Other African American composers produced arrangements of spirituals for small ensembles,
chorus, and solo voices as well as arrangements with piano and orchestra. Our concert will
feature some of these arrangements by incorporating drums and dancers to add to the
overall celebration of African American Spirituals.
School Outreach
• Voccalis International Singing Repertory Company is dedicated to
performing a variety of music genres including spirituals and exposing
schools and the community at large to African American Music.
• This 45 minute Show will incorporate 8-12 singers; 1 pianist; and 1 djembe
drum with Dancers.
• Each soloist will perform 1 solo in addition to exciting ensemble pieces by
Moses Hogan, Hal Johnson, Undine Smith Moore, Margaret Bonds, and
• Tessitura will thrill your students with their classically trained sound which
will further emphasize the importance of utilizing good vocal technique
and performance skills. In addition, the students will be introduced to the
origin of African American Art Song and its impact on Classical Music.
• This concert will include both ensemble and solo repertoire by Moses
Hogan, Mark Hayes, Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, Hal Johnson,
and more...
Tentative Spirituals Program
Voccalis International Singing Repertory Company Presents
“Spirituals: The Art of African American Song” with Tessitura
Elijah Rock
Deep River
City Called Heaven
Hold Out Your Light
I Wanna Be Ready
Soon And Very Soon
Didn’t My Lord—from Spirit Suite
Every Time I feel the Spirit
Total Praise
How Great Thou Art
Precious Lord
He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
Jesus Is A rock
Walk Together Children
Jester Hairston
H.T. Burleigh
E. Boatner
Moses Hogan
Arr. J. Miller
Arr. A Crouch
Arr. Mark Hayes
Arr. H.T. Burleigh
Arr. R. Smallwood
Arr. Herbert Thames
R. De Cormier
T. Dorsey
Margaret Bonds
G. Burleigh
Arr. H. Smith
Tessitura Rehearsal Videos
Tessitura Performance Pictures
Concert Details and Fees
• Interactive 45 Minute Show
• Collaborative performance featuring 8-12 Soloists
from Tessitura, 2-4 Dancers, 1 Pianist, and 1 Conga or
Djembe Drum
• Students will be exposed to African American Art
Songs in the form of Spirituals
• Students will be able to participate by clapping and
singing along when prompted which will provide an
interactive experience between the singers and the
• $ 500 Initial Asking Fee

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