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Lab Orientation
School Computing and Information
 JCCL (ECS 241): (Schedule posted at
Available 24 hours: Closed for University Holidays or Maintenance. Visit for the current calendar. NOTE: Will close for maintenance
on Dec 9, 2013 and reopen Jan 13, 2014.
43 Computers running MS Windows or Linux; Two 27inch iMacs; Wireless
Service and Laptop Islands; Two 42- inch LCDs available for group projects
 EXLAB (ECS 237): Quiet study lab, same hours as JCCL
 iLab (ECS 141): Instructional Lab, Scheduled class meetings only.
 Hardware Lab (ECS 256): Scheduled class meetings only
 MSDNAA: Microsoft library of software. Accounts
are created after the add/drop period, and login info
is emailed to you. Access is disabled the last day of
finals. (Tue Sep 3, 2013)
 and
 Printing: Printing is restricted to COURSE WORK.
Email [email protected] for paper, include location
 Survey: End of term Lab Survey is reviewed by Dir of
IT Services for SCIS. Your feedback is appreciated.
Policies and Guidelines
 Accounts: Automatically generated for eligible
students. See for a
list of courses.
Username = FIU username, Initial pwd = f1234567l
 Network Drive Share: U:\ is mapped automatically
and has quota of 1gb, backed-up daily
 Auto Log off: User are automatically logged out if
idle for 15 minutes.
 We reserve the right to revoke accounts if policies
are abused. See details:
 Tutoring:
Offered by student clubs, visit ECS 280
ECS 258: Face to face help from support staff, 9am-5pm.
Less urgent matters: email [email protected]
Posted schedule and other help:
JCCL webpage houses information about the lab
Email from EVENTS: Watch for schedule changes and
other announcements in email from [email protected]
Catherine Hernandez, ECS 283

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