MLS Training - Kings County Board of Realtors

MLS Rules and Regulations
Tools and information
Accessing KCBOR MLS System
 Welcome New members to our local Multiple Listing
Website : (no WWW’s)
Logon the system using your User Id and Password
Please note that all broadcasts are sent to notify you of
changes and important information involving the
membership. Please read at your leisure.
Home page contains information on board staff, Realtor®
Property Resources (RPR), MLS Connect, And Rapattoni
Emailed to you with your Welcome to KCBOR MLS Packet.
MLS Orientation- brief review
MLS Rules and Regulations
MLS policies
Harassment policy
Billing Schedule
MLS explanation of fines sheet.
All these forms are also conveniently located on Links/Links and
documents in the Rapattoni system.
Your Support Network
Kings County Board of
California Association
of Realtors®
Association of
Scope of Service
MLS Fees
Establish legal relationships with other participants
Blanket unilateral contractual offers of compensation and cooperation.
Covers the market area of Kings County
Combined database and governing committee is referred to as Kings
County Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service “KCBOR MLS”
Multiple Listing Service Committee
Governed by our local MLS Committee- comprised of approximately Five members
Reviews Issues
Makes Recommendations to the Board of Directors
Also reviews other related functions
Lockbox System
Tax database
IDX and VOW Issues
KCBOR MLS Committee members- oversee contractual relationships related to these
Participation and Authorized Access
Qualified to gain access into the MLS are ……..
Broker Participants
Salesperson Subscribers
Clerical users who access the MLS only on behalf of the MLS
participant for whom they work
Membership requirements include –
Valid California Real Estate (or Appraiser) license
Offers and/or accepts compensation (in the capacity of a real estate
Signs a written agreement to abide by the Rules
Pays all applicable MLS
Completes this required orientation program
Clerical Users
Regardless of whether licensed or unlicensed
Individual under the direct supervision of participant or
Perform only administrative, clerical tasks that do not require a
Authorized for very limited MLS access- under the direct
supervision of the participant or subscriber for whom they work
May not provide any MLS information to person other than the
MLS participant or subscriber for whom they work
Not eligible for lockbox privileges
MLS Fees and Charges
Broker Participants receive quarterly billing statements electronically
for MLS Fees
Policy regarding unpaid balances due…
Broker responsible for payment of total MLS fees billed for the whole
office which includes members and admin
Late fees assessed to Broker upon the delinquent date (always the 10th
of the month due) Late fee is 10% of total bill
Discontinuation of all Broker MLS services for non-payment of dues not
paid by the cut-off date
Reinstatement fee assessed to Broker upon the cut-off date
Payment Schedule emailed with Welcome to KCBOR Letter
Certification of Non-Use (“waiver”)
Broker participants- relieved from payment of salesperson MLS fees by certifying in
writing using the Drop of membership form and return keycard.
That the salesperson is engaged solely in activities that do not require a real estate
license such as Clerical. (drop form required as well to remove from MLS)
That they will not use nor benefit from the MLS in any way .
Found in violation of the Waiver- Broker subject to all MLS fees dating back to the
date of the waiver.
Participant and subscriber also subject to any other sanction imposed for violation
of the waiver form.
Including citation, suspension, termination of participation rights and access to the
Listing Procedures
Accept exclusive right to sell exclusive agency, open, and probate
Responsibility of the broker and subscriber-properly classify the type
of listing and
Obtain a legal opinion –correct classification
MLS shall have no affirmative responsibility to verify the listing type of
any listing
However- MLS shall have the right to have legal counsel make a
determination as to the classification
Association shall have the right to reject or remove any such listingfalsely represented.
Listings can only be listed in the MLS system under one property type.
Listing Teams and Comp listings
Scope of Service 1 of 2
Limited Service or Entry-Only Listings
Listing broker will not provide one, or more, of the following services:
Will not provide cooperating brokers with any additional information
regarding the property not already displayed in the MLS but instead gives
cooperating brokers authority to contact the seller’s ) directly for further
Will not accept and present to Seller’s) offers to purchase procured by
cooperating brokers but instead give cooperating brokers authority to
present offers to purchase directly to the sellers:
Will not advise the seller’s as to the merits of offers to purchase:
Will not assist the seller’s in developing, communicating, or presenting
counter-offers: or
Will not participate on the seller’s behalf in negotiations leading to the sale
of the listed property.
Scope of Service 2 of 2
Must be identified as such in MLS database by use of the “scope of service”
data field
Aware of the extent of the services the listing broker will or will not provide
to the seller’s
Aware of any potential for cooperating brokers being asked to provide
There is not a requirement nor an obligation on the part of the
cooperating broker to provide any or all of these services to the listing
broker’s client.
If the cooperating broker does not intend to provide any of these services
directly to the seller, it is advisable to have the seller read and sign a nonrepresentation form in order to put that seller on notice that services are
not being provided ; a relationship is not being created; and that the seller
may want to consider hiring their own representation.
RETS and FTP Data
RETS feeds require a third party
vendor contract. If the vendor is
already in contract with KCBOR it
only requires an additional form.
The third party vendor will pay a
set up fee and an annual
membership fee. Third party
Vendors can only get the forms
Directly though a member. The
forms are submitted KCBOR by
the third party vendor.
FTP requires a form submitted to
the KCBOR.. KCBOR staff will
grant access though MLS to the
member applying. The member
will copy and paste a URL from
MLS into their website to start the
data feed.
RETS and FTP Data feeds supply information to our
members websites about listings.
There is a $25.00 processing fee per member /per
Forms are located on Links /Links and documents.
Third Party Contract-- data feed using a vendor
RETS additional Feed-- Vendor already a member
IDX Smart Framing –Member wanting basic URL
Types of
/Links and
Sale Pending
a new
Public Remarks
/Wrong Area
Listings /
It’s vital to use Preview count with each change you make to a search to keep
control of the information your searching. To begin your search you are
required to add four main types on information; Property type, Sub property
type, Status, Area. Once that information is provide use the preview count
each added field until you have the information you need.
Search By Map
Types of Searches
Search By Address
Looking up listings in the MLS by
address is easy. It’s usually best to
only put in the address number in
case of spelling complications. If
you only use the address numbers it
will pull up any and all listings with
that address number alphabetically.
Searching for listings by Map can
come in handy especially if you use
the Polygon shape. The Polygon
shape allows you draw any type of
shape you want to blanket a
specific area. It’s imperative when
adding listings that the area be
correct for Polygon mapping to
work effectively.
Links/Links and
Is the library of information !
All the forms, policies, rules and
regulations, just to name a few are
located here.
Mapping Area’s
Input sheets for listings
Input Listings
Closing form
Admin Entry
Closing form
Admin Entry form
Rosters are important tools !
Hanford and
Lemoore Area
Help Section in MLS
Under “Learning Center” are videos
that will walk you step by step how to
navigate though the system.
The videos are not longer than 10
minutes each .
Some of the information covered in
the videos are:
How to make a CMA
How to add a client prospect and
email listings.
How to manage pictures.
Importing Contacts
Create a prospect record
Client Portal
Enter a New Kings County Listing in MLS
 This applies to Kings
3 Days to enter a new listing in
the system
County Listings only.
The three day rule does not
include weekends and/or
holidays. However if you
take the listing on a Friday
even if it’s after five it still
counts as your first day.
The fine for not inputting a
listing within the three day
time frame is $25.00 a day
until it’s input.
Bonding a listing with
a tax record from the
Assessors office
creates less work for
When entering a listing; once
you input the Property Type
and the county, to the right
of County, an option to
“search county records” will
pop up. By clicking on the
“search county records you
will have the option to bond
your listing with the existing
tax record and fill in data on
your listing for you.
Searching County
Records /Adding a listing
in MLS
To search tax records it’s best
to only put the Address number
and name.
The name and addresses will
appear. Select the address and
name of owner that matches your
When selection is made it will
auto populate the data on the date
you started on, including your APN
number. Click place Pin on Map.
The tax record information will
AutoMap the listing for you.
Once mapped you can continue
inputting the listing by clicking on
“continue to listing input” on top
of the map.
Listing Waiver from
the MLS
Not all listings go though the process
without a hitch.
If a listing cannot be shown or cannot
accept an offer it cannot be active in
the MLS system.
The listing waiver is helpful with
these types of situations.
The client is going on vacation and
doesn’t want the listing shown for a
The listing is occupied with tenants
that will not cooperate.
Are examples of when to use a listing
When you turn in a listing waive
please make sure you also submit the
Listing agreement with it.
You can fax, email or drop off at the
board office. A late listing waiver is a
$500.00 fine so please submit your
listing waiver within three days of the
listing date.
Expired Listings
Once a listing expires in the system
the listing will go to an “off market”
To put the listing in a different
status will require a call to the
KCBOR Office 559-584-7179.
It’s required to change the status
on a listing before it expires to
avoid a $10.00 fine per infraction.
You can enter the listing as a new
listing ONLY if you have a new
listing agreement with a new
listing date and a new expiration
Closing a listing in the MLS
 You have 48 hours (not including weekends or
holidays to close a listing in the system. Listings not
closed in 48 hours will automatically generate a $10.00
Listing with an
accepted offer must
be changed in the
system to something
other than active
within 24 hours!!
You have three choices
Taking back ups
Short Sale Taking back ups
The fine for late sale
pending is $50.00
Public Remarks and Pictures!
 Both are data fed to all the
websites . Advertizing on
other members websites
without written permission
is strictly prohibited. Public
remarks and pictures are
just for description of
property. No names,
websites, phone numbers,
or emails in public remarks.
No signs in pictures.
Avoid the wrong Info!!!
 Public Remarks
 Pictures Missing
 Is a $25.00 fine per
 The listing will not go
 Infraction.
live in the system
without the pictures
which falls under the
enter a listing within
three days $25.00 a day
fine until listing is
completely entered.
Hanford and Lemoore are divided
into 5 sections each total:
Hanford :
North West Hanford
North East Hanford
South West Hanford
South East Hanford
Kings County Rural
North West Lemoore
North East Lemoore
South West Lemoore
South East Lemoore
Kings County Rural
You are welcome to call KC MLS anytime to verify an
Wrong Area Violation
 It’s important to select the right area (from the five
designated areas) when inputting a listing.
 Using the maps on Links/Links and Documents will
assist you in making the right choice.
 You are also welcome to call the Board office to verify
your area.
 Wrong area is a $25.00 fine after one warning per
Missing Mandatory fields Or
Wrong information
 A 24 hour notice will be emailed to you. As long as you
fix any missing or wrong information within the 24
hour notice there will not be a fine.
 It’s a $25.00 a day fine for any and all missing
information that remains incorrect after the 24 hour
Lockbox Regulations
 All Kings County Listings are required to have a Kings
County Lockbox if the listing has any other lockbox on
the listing which includes keypad entry’s .
 Any listings not incompliance with this rule will be
accessed a $100.00 fine per infraction.
Lockboxes and Keycards
 Lockboxes are $93.00 plus tax $99.98 total
When purchasing a lockbox it’s important to have your keycard with you to program the box.
Please be sure to put the lockbox on the listing before you put the listing into the MLS system.
In order to have a combo box or any other type of access into a home , you are also required to have one of our lockboxes on Kings County Listings.
Please make arrangement to remove your lockbox from the listing within 48 hours of closing of escrow or termination of contract with client.
Lockboxes left on listings will be given a 24 hour notice to remove if the lockbox is not removed it will be raffled off to the membership.
Keycards are free for board members and $86.00 Annually for MLS only
members ….
Keycards have to updated every six days the card readers are available for sale at $35.00 plus tax
Keycard s can be updated at the Board office as well the computer is on Shannon’s Desk to update your card.
To update your card you use the same login and password to get into rapattoni.
If you misplace your keycard there is a form on Links/Links and documents for you and your broker to sign (please call KCBOR for replacement keycard cost).
Hanford and Lemoore Tours
We don’t like fines either!
In an effort to keep the system clean, keep our
membership from being mislead, or the general public
from runaround we have fines in place.
Please note that monies from fines goes to our “helping
hands” which is a fund set up to help children in our
community. Our association in no way benefits from
you receiving fines.
There is an assessment quiz located on
Please take a moment to take the quiz.
It is mandatory and part of your application process .
You are welcome to print out the quiz and answer the questions, or you can
open in adobe, then email.
Please make sure all the questions are answered. If you have any questions
please contact the board office 559-584-7179
Thank you 
Thank You!!!!!

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