why are they found at this location

Remember to use
connectives to
explain your
What does the egg
have to do with
this lesson?
Challenge; how
does it link to the
previous lesson?
How did that
get there?
 To
be able to explain giving reasons how
mountains are formed
 To
be able to detail specific plate boundaries
within their formation
 To
be able to explain why mountains are
found in certain places around the world
Why are they
Why dont
they appear
What have
plates got to
do with it?
How about
Why do you
think the
ranges are
located here?
Try and answer the questions to guess the
 Watch
the clip; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVyBsUgD7Gk
 Then
annotate your two diagrams to describe
and explain how fold mountains occur!
 You
could also use the help of Miss. Howell’s
amazing hand actions!
 Using
play dough create a model for how
mountains are formed.
 Tip;
try to include a three stage diagram

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