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College Application Guide for High School Students
College Application Guide for High School Students
Selecting a College that’s Right for You.
Start Early! College applications are normally due in the middle of your Senior year of high
school, but should be completed in the fall of your senior year to be more competitive.
Therefore you should be researching colleges during your Junior year.
Research different universities and colleges. All colleges have
websites where you can look at the application process, explore
their programs, and even take virtual tours or chat with current
students. Often schools have Facebook and other social
networking accounts as well. Other websites have general
information about schools like , or check out US News and World Report’s
college rankings.
Look at academic programs and majors that interest you or that are applicable to a career
that you would like to pursue. For example, if you want to pursue a career in the foreign
service, a school with a good International Relations program may be right for you.
Look at the location of schools and how that would affect you and your family.
College Application Guide for High School Students
Selecting a College that’s Right for You.
Look at a school’s tuition rates and examine whether it is affordable to you. But don’t close the door
on an expensive school right away! Look into scholarship and financial aid opportunities that are
available. Various colleges and universities, programs, the federal government and private
organizations offer financial aid and scholarships. The US Army even offers scholarships to highly
qualified students ( There is money out there for many students but you have
to research it!
If you are concerned that you will not be accepted to a four
year school you may be able to attend community college and
transfer to a four year institution.
Visit Schools! You can arrange online for a tour of a school.
Again, this should be done in your Junior year so that you know
where you would like to go by the time you are actually
Standardized testing: Do not put standardized testing off to the last minute! You should start taking
SATs/ACTs your junior year and take them several times to maximize your score. You can improve your
scores by taking preparatory classes ranging from CDs to classes given by local learning centers.
Registration is usually one month before the test. Look at the SAT calendar at . The Army even offers a free online
service to help prepare for the SATs/ACTs and military entrance tests at .
College Application Guide for High School Students
Applying to College.
Narrow down your colleges to a few that you would like to attend and rank them. Make a
list of colleges that you are interested in and fill out applications for them. Even if you do
not think you will get in to a hard school, you can still apply and see what happens. This is
called a reach school. You should also apply to schools that you know you are qualified for
in case you don’t get accepted into the reach school.
Applying: You should have taken the SATs and have researched and explored colleges
before Senior year so that by the time you apply you know what is out there and what
schools you would like to attend. Concurrently, you should be filling out applications for
scholarships and keep track of when they are due. It is better to get all of your applications
in early! Typically, college applications are due in January through March of your senior
year, but you should get yours in much earlier than that, in the October or November
Many schools offer an Early Decision Application. If you are sure where you want to go
you can apply under Early Decision. Early decision applications are usually due in
November of your senior year, but if you are selected for early decision by a college then
you have committed to attending that particular school.
College Application Guide for High School Students
Application Timeline
Early decision
applications are
typically due in the
Fall. Schools vary.
This is the ideal
time to get your
application in,
especially if you
want to do early
typically due
between January
and March.
Schools vary. You
should already
have applied
before the due
High School
You should begin standardized testing your Junior year to maximize your
opportunities to take it and prepare. During this time your should also be
researching colleges, researching scholarships, and visiting colleges.
Junior Year
If you are interested in a career in
the Army, you can apply for an
ROTC scholarship between
February 1st of your Junior year to
January 10th of your Senior year.
Apply at:
Senior Year
College Application Guide for High School Students
Opportunities in ROTC
ROTC stands for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. It is a program in college that teaches students leadership skills and
commissions students as officers in the United States Army after graduation. ROTC classes are offered on many college
campuses and often count for credit. If you are a good student with a background in athletics and leadership, then ROTC
is a program that you should consider. ROTC participants take classes through their school’s ROTC department just as they
would normal college classes. Additionally, they participate in weekend and summer training events to prepare them for
life as an officer. After they complete their degrees they serve as officers in the Army, normally for at least a four year
active-duty commitment.
Careers as an Army Officer vary. You could become an artillery officer, a signal
(communications) officer, a helicopter pilot, or a nurse just to name a few of the
fields available. Great travel opportunities are another benefit of being a Soldier.
The ROTC program at the University of Richmond consists of students from six
colleges, including the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University,
Longwood University, Hampden-Sydney College, Randolph-Macon College, and
Virginia Union University. If you are interested in ROTC and one of these colleges, fill
out an application from the ROTC website (at the bottom of the page). Don’t forget
to apply to these schools. Our website is Feel free to
contact us if you have any questions.
Our Facebook name is “U.S. Army ROTC Spider BN”.
Scholarships through ROTC are available to pay for college! Go to for an application.
ROTC begins accepting applications February 1st of your Junior year and stops accepting them after January 10th of
your Senior year.
College Application Guide for High School Students
University of Richmond
Virginia Commonwealth University
Hampden-Sydney College
Longwood University
Randolph-Macon College
Virginia Union University
US Army Cadet Command
(ROTC Scholarship)
Prepare for the SAT for free! and both offer a wealth of
information on colleges and the application process.

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