All religions: What makes some books sacred?

Wiltshire RE Starter Stimulus
Starter ideas for the following key question from the 2011 Agreed
KS2.3 What makes some books sacred, how are they used and why
do they matter to believers?
This resource aims to provide some stimulus images and ideas to help
pupils begin to address the above question.
It links to the following learning outcomes from p51 of the syllabus:
Pupils can:
• describe how and why sacred texts are important to believers
• ask questions and suggest answers about how and why the Bible
influences Christians (and other texts influence other believers) and
identify what influences them
Many of the slides have notes to give suggestions for use. Look at the
slide show in Normal mode and look for the notes at the bottom of the
Who needs what, when? Why?
Tom is trying to make
a model
Sarah is baking a
Recipe book
Sam is feeling ill
Abi is lost
Christians believe that the Bible is great
It is inspired
by God
It gives
instructions on
how to live
It offers a
recipe for a
good life
Like a map, it
shows Christians
the way they
should go to be
close to God
It reminds Christians
about how God loves
people. This can
help them to feel
better when they are
Bible similes
For a Christian, the Bible might be like…
…a map because
…it can give you the strength to
face the day
…a police officer
…it can make you feel safe when
you’re in danger
…breakfast cereal
…a football manager
…a comfort blanket
…it can tell you what you are
doing wrong, and help you do
…it can show you the right path to
…it can challenge you to do your
very best
Some Christians were asked a
“How has the
Bible changed
your life?”
What do you think they said?
Now I know
more about
Now I have a
guide and
for daily living
Now I see
things more
Now I can
know God
and find
Now I am caring,
listening and
Now I see
how God
loves me!!!
Now I want to
share the bible
with others
Now God is
priority for
Now I know that
God is passionate
about people who
are suffering
Additional suggestions
1. This unit is about sacred books. It would be possible to use some of
the strategies here for the Bible with other sacred texts. For example, the
similes exercise would apply to the Holy Qur’an.
2. Bring in something precious to you, talking about how and why it is
special, and how you treat it. Ask children to think about something that is
precious to them. Use this as an introduction to how important the Bible
or Qur’an, Torah or Guru Granth Sahib are to believers.
The Bible is not always treated physically differently to other books, but
the Qur’an, Torah and Guru Granth Sahib are all treated with care and
respect, especially in the context of worship.
Make sure you point out the difference between something being
special/precious and something being holy/sacred. Mention that “sacred”
is a word that means something like “precious”, but that it is used for
things that are set apart or dedicated in religions – usually things that
come from God or are used in worship of God. “Holy” is a similar term,
often applied to things that are regarded with awe.

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